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Response to Earth_First (Reply #49)

Sat Nov 17, 2012, 04:23 AM

55. Yep:


Everything that the Bush Administration is doing is pointing toward turning the U.S. into a DICTATORSHIP. And I believe it could very well happen in the next two years. There are several indicators pointing toward this theory:

- Bush has been testing public reaction, especially among opposition, against atrocities committed by his Administration: unlawful seizure, prisoner torture, silencing any form of opposition in the executive branch, violating 1st amendment rights (limiting free speech), violating separation of church and state, violating 4th amendment rights (warrentless wire-taps, domestic spying), plundering of the treasury to divide it among select corporations and the wealthy, the list goes on and on. How has the public reacted to his dictator-like behavior? A few protests, but no serious inquiries or investigations (save one) into his unlawful behavior. The public has been amazingly silent. The two people who have caused him the most political damage: Cindy Sheehan (who survived a terrible swift-boating attempt, but they are still trying) and ironically, Ashcroft and Comey who appointed Patrick Fitzgerald as an independent prosecutor with the power equal to the Attorney General (i.e. he can't be fired).

- Probably the most egregious actions by this administration has been the dismantling of our national defense. This is one of the biggest changes that has slipped under the radar without notice until Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. An administration who appears completely hawkish would seem to want to build the military up to its greatest strengths and be the most daunting, powerful military on the history of the planet. This would seem to be unquestionably true, especially given the attacks on the U.S. on 9/11. However, what has really happened has the dismantling of our defense that will be replaced primarily by Private Military Corporations that Bush can control. Don't believe it? Here are some facts:
* The Reserve Forces ARE DEPLETED. We have no reservists remaining to fight wars with. This number was exhausted in 2004. This is why the military started calling up soldiers (retired, civilians) in the Ready Reserve back in 2004.
* The National Guard in many states ARE DEPLETED. These soldiers who signed up for NATIONAL DEFENSE, have been abused and forced to serve MULTIPLE TOURS in Iraq, a war that has NOTHING TO DO WITH DEFENSE of this nation. This point was made painfully apparent in the Katrina response... the Louisiana N.G. could not handle the response because the majority of them were either over in Iraq, wounded disabled or dead.
* The improper equipping of our troops has caused an unnecessarily LARGE NUMBER OF CASUALTIES, further depleting the capabilities of our troops.
* The Military has been UNABLE TO FULFILL its recruiting needs since 2003.
* Money allocated to our soldiers has been redirected (ILLEGALLY) toward military contractors.
* The severing of the head of our military (firing of generals like General Shinsheki) in order to get a "YES-MAN" mentality going... the military chiefs will no longer question the desired actions of the president, even if it means disaster
* Defense programs like the missile shield, while properly funded, have lacked CRITICAL OVERSIGHT, and so they have wasted BILLIONS of taxpayer money for inadequate defense.
* Mismanagement, and I would say INTENTIONAL mismanagement, of Defense Programs such as FEMA. Astronomical (and unknown) amounts of money flowed into Homeland Security to secure our homeland. FEMA, being part of the new H.S. Department, has shown just how badly that money has been abused. Complete lack of management by CRONIES who are managing VAST AMOUNTS of taxpayer money. Many in the GOP and Administration have talked in the past of dismantling such programs... is it any surprise that they have succeeded while robbing the treasury? This was all laid bare in Katrina. What has been done in response to this?
* The lack of execution to secure our borders and ports, control illegal immigration, protect our Nuclear and Chemical Facilities and to aid in the protection of those cities with highest need is a clear demonstration that Bush wants our national defense to fail so people will no longer trust the ability of our military or defense departments to protect us. The mass cry-out will be to cut spending instead of the proper solution which is removal of the administration and proper oversight. Bush will be one step away from privatizing the military.

- Using Abramoff, he controlled own members of his party who might object to his unlawful behavior and side with the opposition against him to actually block the movement and direction of our government toward a dictatorship. Those who are involved have money and promises of power, be sure. They are tightly controlling the weaker members of their party through money and blackmail. This is now coming to light.

- The Patriot Act 2 will silence opposition completely and finally complete the removal of several fundamental civil rights. If this law is passed, this will be one of the keystones by which Bush becomes dictator.

- The current tracking of personal information by our government, domestic spying and warehousing of communications, financial transactions, purchasing patterns, a clear violation of the 4th Amendment, will be used against those who might appear to HAVE THOUGHTS about speaking out against the administration. Preemptive silencing will occur. Individuals will be made into examples (the M.O. of the Bush administration).

- The use of controllable e-Voting and voter disenfranchisement will ensure that those the Bush administration controls, REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL PARTY, will obtain the seats to the Congress in 2006, locking in the final steps required to coronate Bush as King.

- The expansion of presidential power has gone unchallenged. Until those he controls are no longer in a position to block serious challenges and impeachment, he will continue to expand his power. To further secure his position, just in case 2006 elections do not go as he plans, he has instilled a Chief Justice and an Associate Justice on the supreme court who will support his claims to expanded executive power.

- The administration continues to use fear as a way to control the public. They make slanderous, libel statements such as "Democrats want to provide therapy to the terrorists", "Democratic criticism is aiding and giving comfort (treason) to the enemy", and finally "Democrat talking points are terrorist messages". They make claims that Democrats in power will lead to a terrorist attack (which is actually a threat by the administration). The administration is the real terrorist organization: by definition, controlling the public through fear IS TERRORISM.

The question has been raised before, that Bush may try to stay president for a third term. Many have dismissed it due to the un-Constitutional aspects of it. But when has that stopped this administration? Is anyone in his own party going to stop him? If you think so, you missed a couple of points above. Bush has a tight leash on the Congress. He is power-crazy, and he's proved that. He is actively expanding the powers of the presidency and he is going unchallenged for doing so. Bush is on record at least 6 times as saying that the U.S. would be much better as a dictatorship (so long as he is the dictator). Does anyone really think Bush would be installing all this power into the executive branch and then let someone else, let alone a Democrat, take control? Hell no, he intends to play for keeps. And so far, he's way ahead of the public, who is still drowsy from 9/11 and won't be able to wake up until it is far too late.

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