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Thu Oct 12, 2023, 10:20 AM Oct 2023

I have never seen the boards here on Du more divided against one another. [View all]

I ask only one question be pondered when we consider everything going on in the world as a whole:
the mess in Congress
The menace of Donald J. Trump

The question is this: Who does it serve to divide Democrats?
Who does it serve when there is a third-party challenge to Democrats?
Who does it serve to divide our attention away from Ukraine?
Who does it serve if our Congress is stalled and non-functional?
Who does it serve that Donald Trump is again in the wings?

There is a larger geopolitical attack going on here and we must not let Democrats be divided against ourselves.
It cannot tear us apart and cannot let us take our eyes off the ball.

We MUST BE UNITED AGAINST FASCISM, or we will pay the price. We must not let the 2024 election be imperiled by the forces that would divide us by using the distress of other populations as their cats' paw.

I beg you.

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2008 election was a pretty dividing event here. (edited - I had 2016) NewHendoLib Oct 2023 #1
the divisions were sharp but short-lived NCIndie Oct 2023 #4
That's what it looked like. hay rick Oct 2023 #10
I stayed away from GD for a couple of years after the 2008 primaries (nt) William Seger Oct 2023 #15
Stayed mostly away after the 2016 primaries. intheflow Oct 2023 #23
I scrammed for years from here. Swede Oct 2023 #43
As was most of Obama's first term. NYC Liberal Oct 2023 #25
Wow. Before my time. Obama was a magnificent president Joinfortmill Oct 2023 #41
Before my time, too. ShazzieB Oct 2023 #90
Truth The Mouth Oct 2023 #86
Not all of us were here in 2008. ShazzieB Oct 2023 #88
Yes! Bluethroughu Oct 2023 #2
Will Rogers said.... Postal Grunt Oct 2023 #44
"We have more in common than that which are differences." Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2023 #46
Oh, sweet member since 2008, maxsolomon Oct 2023 #3
Of course, you must be right. I wasn't here to see this. FalloutShelter Oct 2023 #8
there's a reason why Israel/Palestine has it's own forum. maxsolomon Oct 2023 #9
LIHOP v. MIHOP. progressoid Oct 2023 #30
What are LIHOP and MIHOP? wnylib Oct 2023 #40
Regarding the Bush administration and 9/11... progressoid Oct 2023 #45
Thanks for the explanation. I was not wnylib Oct 2023 #54
Same here. ShazzieB Oct 2023 #89
Glad I missed that debate. Would've thought either theory was questionable given that W allegorical oracle Oct 2023 #66
Both were questionable. maxsolomon Oct 2023 #81
What was the group called. Something about a New Century? EarnestPutz Oct 2023 #97
PNAC maxsolomon Oct 2023 #99
Lol. Good times. I remember them well... ms liberty Oct 2023 #73
I don't see that we're divided -- not any more than usual SYFROYH Oct 2023 #5
Agreed mysteryowl Oct 2023 #70
I saw several "no mercy" or "lost my sympathy" comments by DU members Tetrachloride Oct 2023 #74
I made a post like that, but it wasn't because I "support" violence for its own sake. ShazzieB Oct 2023 #91
That's more than one question Fiendish Thingy Oct 2023 #6
"Our chief weapon is surprise!... Surprise and fear... " muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #24
"Who does it serve...?" is the important part of each question. pandr32 Oct 2023 #27
DU and Democrats have always been divided over Israel and the Palestinians. This is just a ratchiweenie Oct 2023 #7
Yes. hay rick Oct 2023 #13
I don't think we're divided at all in our support for Democrats and the need to prevent the Lonestarblue Oct 2023 #11
My DIL and my granddaughters are Jews. FalloutShelter Oct 2023 #16
Democrats with a shred of sense about the threat from the right will not fall for it LymphocyteLover Oct 2023 #75
I sincerely hope you are right. FalloutShelter Oct 2023 #76
Me too! LymphocyteLover Oct 2023 #79
K & R ratchiweenie Oct 2023 #31
I am against Fascists in all it's forms in every country it exists. onecaliberal Oct 2023 #12
++ We are facing Fascism now, here and in too many places. Incredibly appalachiablue Oct 2023 #96
I can relate to that. Also devastated by people who thinks it's okay because it's not here. 😳 onecaliberal Oct 2023 #98
I agree... Think. Again. Oct 2023 #14
"if the Democratic Party becomes just another "with us or against us" thing, all hope is lost." redqueen Oct 2023 #17
This is my point. FalloutShelter Oct 2023 #19
There seems to be some here who are happy to push people out of the party SunImp Oct 2023 #47
That Overton window thing, I suspect. redqueen Oct 2023 #50
I get a lot of what you are saying, however this "both parties are the same" stuff you just posted emulatorloo Oct 2023 #56
Except I didn't say that. Far from it. nt redqueen Oct 2023 #58
Except you did. " Rich people control both parties, after all." emulatorloo Oct 2023 #64
Of course the billionaires backing the right are worse. redqueen Oct 2023 #77
I try to stay out of this argument on DU because I am a Theodor Herzl follower AZLD4Candidate Oct 2023 #18
Thank you. n/t Mister Ed Oct 2023 #20
2016 [cough] speak easy Oct 2023 #21
When there comes division it shows people are thinking, republianmushroom Oct 2023 #22
What I'm seeing are people with differing opinions Mr.Bill Oct 2023 #26
Hey, I've noticed that, too. calimary Oct 2023 #109
I agree. K and R duhneece Oct 2023 #28
It seems to me that there is a handful of people purposely trying to cause discord here. n/t demmiblue Oct 2023 #29
I see one of them has been ffr'd. Cool. n/t demmiblue Oct 2023 #32
What does that mean? ffr'd efhmc Oct 2023 #34
Flagged for review (5 hides... cannot post any longer). n/t demmiblue Oct 2023 #37
Where can you see who has been ousted? nt. druidity33 Oct 2023 #35
You have to look at their profile. n/t demmiblue Oct 2023 #38
Thanks! I saw your post and checked my personal most likely suspect ms liberty Oct 2023 #83
About damned time too. nt Carlitos Brigante Oct 2023 #95
War fucks up everthing. Expect it. twodogsbarking Oct 2023 #33
Contemporary left wing sentiments castigate Israel as occupiers & see Palestinian people as victims elias7 Oct 2023 #36
That is the biggest problem that I see in wnylib Oct 2023 #51
Omg, yes! ShazzieB Oct 2023 #92
In a way, I think it's healthy. BlueCheeseAgain Oct 2023 #39
There is a reason why Israel/Palestine discussion used to happen on a separate JCMach1 Oct 2023 #42
You lost me... brooklynite Oct 2023 #48
Considering how contentious the Israel/Palestine issue always is here, Crunchy Frog Oct 2023 #49
United we stand Ohioboy Oct 2023 #52
Guess we should change the name of this forum, then. Act_of_Reparation Oct 2023 #53
Oh yeah.. I have. Cha Oct 2023 #55
I agree. People are throwing around accusations, and it's so sad mainer Oct 2023 #57
hmmm..."divide and conquer, but how?..." familiar territory, no?🤨 bringthePaine Oct 2023 #59
It's good to know we don't all think alike. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #60
It helps DownriverDem Oct 2023 #61
Timely recognition and reaction to trolls is our biggest challenge. jaxexpat Oct 2023 #62
LOL... FalloutShelter Oct 2023 #63
I joined DU in April of 2001 WENSTJDON Oct 2023 #65
2016 was worse. This will pass more quickly than that. emulatorloo Oct 2023 #67
I'm with you, 2016 was worse. Paladin Oct 2023 #69
I think currently the discussions are in good faith, people just trying to understand. emulatorloo Oct 2023 #72
Debate is good. SleeplessinSoCal Oct 2023 #68
We are divided because we consider both sides of issues. Nothing of importance, in this world, are Chainfire Oct 2023 #71
A valuable point that I have not seen made in these discussions before now ms liberty Oct 2023 #100
I essentially see the world as I did when I was fourteen years old. DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2023 #78
Yes, it really is the most divided and hostile I've ever seen SpankMe Oct 2023 #80
AS a fellow asshole Lib... FalloutShelter Oct 2023 #82
I know exactly what you're talking about. ShazzieB Oct 2023 #93
I guess you missed the Bernie Bunch. JohnnyRingo Oct 2023 #84
Can we agree to disagree without being disagreeable? Martin Eden Oct 2023 #85
Russkie trolls are at it again meow2u3 Oct 2023 #87
I hear you, and I pledge to do so! ShazzieB Oct 2023 #94
The important thing about DU is . . . Aussie105 Oct 2023 #101
I think my question has been misunderstood. FalloutShelter Oct 2023 #102
No true democrat can ever be not pro-Israel AlexSFCA Oct 2023 #103
I agree. FalloutShelter Oct 2023 #104
I'm pro humanity AntivaxHunters Oct 2023 #105
I have strong feelings, but I'm not against anyone here Just_Vote_Dem Oct 2023 #106
Let's not act/behave like what passes for the "r" party these days raising2moredems Oct 2023 #107
If you have to give away your whole thought processes Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2023 #108
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