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Blue Owl

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13. K&R
Sun Oct 8, 2023, 02:59 PM
Oct 2023

And don't forget that Diarrhea Donny spewed more national security secrets about our subs to an Australian who then spread the classified information far and wide

By the way we shouldn't be helping RW talking points by calling it an Bev54 Oct 2023 #1
shd always b in quotes. mopinko Oct 2023 #9
Isn't there a difference between Impeachment Hearing, and Impeachment "Inquiry" Hearing? JoseBalow Oct 2023 #17
No difference, needs a full vote of the house. Bev54 Oct 2023 #22
I'm fond of ye olde "kangaroo court," myself. ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #23
Truth. Bev54 Oct 2023 #27
It was only 7 days ago? TSExile Oct 2023 #2
Right? AwakeAtLast Oct 2023 #4
That last point about the media -- it's all about those ad dollars, baby! Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2023 #3
I'd love for a spokes from the M$M to deny our suspicions! erronis Oct 2023 #16
FOIA doesn't apply to them ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #24
Not govt institutions? Hmmm... Whiskeytide Oct 2023 #26
The media: "Here's how Biden's amazing job numbers and great economy are bad for you..." chouchou Oct 2023 #5
"Trump is like a lousy meal that is forced upon you every day" orleans Oct 2023 #7
When we contrast the coverage with how The Groper's was... Pluvious Oct 2023 #10
hem. im better off now than i was 4 years ago. AllaN01Bear Oct 2023 #6
i like the blackknight & follow him on twitter or whatever the hell it is called these days nt orleans Oct 2023 #8
I'm seeing more people call it Xitter now (pronounced "sheeter" perhaps?) nt. Pluvious Oct 2023 #11
Works for me. Iggo Oct 2023 #12
K&R Blue Owl Oct 2023 #13
TY! Cha Oct 2023 #14
Should that include the republicans presenting fabricated 'evidence' during the hearing? keithbvadu2 Oct 2023 #15
I'll add another beaut... BumRushDaShow Oct 2023 #18
Great OP malaise Oct 2023 #19
That about wraps it up, give or take some. republianmushroom Oct 2023 #20
Put your hand up if you thought . . . Aussie105 Oct 2023 #21
I've called them traitors for decades now ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #25
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