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20. Betsy DeVos ... Politico ... Nightline ... Republican office! WOW!!
Fri Sep 29, 2023, 11:03 PM
Sep 2023

He was a narcissist who scared women to death literally while he gained increasing prominence for it.

Speaking to a crowd at George Mason University in Virginia on Sept. 7, 2017, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos spoke of a young Navy veteran who’d nearly lost everything after being accused of sexual harassment.

Two months before the George Mason speech, DeVos had met with Roberts and other men accused of campus assault and harassment. She singled out Roberts in her speech as particularly aggrieved.

Roberts was featured in a sympathetic story on ABC News’ “Nightline” that said Savannah State had “derailed his dream of graduating.”

… May 1, 2018, he said, Golden Gate University School of Law in downtown San Francisco offered him a Presidential Scholarship covering all of his tuition.

He said he was endorsed by the San Francisco GOP, Republican Women of San Francisco and the San Francisco Log Cabin Republicans. He won the seat in the March 3, 2020 election, garnering nearly 2,000 votes and finishing fifth in voting for 11 seats. As a delegate, he continued pushing his Title IX grievances, sitting for two interviews on The Exceptional Conservative Show, a YouTube program hosted by Kenneth McClenton. In his first interview on April 17, 2020, Roberts called his Savannah State accusers “total liars.” He compared his activism to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His opportunity to sit across from DeVos was akin to King meeting with President Lyndon Johnson to discuss the Civil Rights Movement, he said.
Wow. louis-t Sep 2023 #1
Toxic males with bent minds. Somehow thinking they possess God given superiority over females. magicarpet Sep 2023 #2
"God given" Sky Jewels Sep 2023 #6
And of course the murderous coward pretended to be a victim canuckledragger Sep 2023 #3
Rachel Imani Buckner. chowder66 Sep 2023 #4
Ditto: 70sEraVet Sep 2023 #5
✔️ live love laugh Sep 2023 #18
+ 1,000 okaawhatever Sep 2023 #21
Absolutely sickening. Sky Jewels Sep 2023 #7
MAGA men..... MAGAt men.... DemocraticPatriot Sep 2023 #12
K&R Solly Mack Sep 2023 #8
abc -- nightline orleans Sep 2023 #9
Now the state of California... AZ8theist Sep 2023 #11
California does not execute anyone anymore--- for the time being.... DemocraticPatriot Sep 2023 #13
Yeah, I wasn't sure about the DP. AZ8theist Sep 2023 #22
Betsy DeVos ... Politico ... Nightline ... Republican office! WOW!! live love laugh Sep 2023 #20
Such a gruesome story swong19104 Sep 2023 #10
"Once elected by San Francisco Republicans to represent their party, struggle4progress Sep 2023 #14
omg -- what a story. that guy is a fucking monster orleans Sep 2023 #15
Once you cross that line of becoming maga, Habitation Sep 2023 #19
The entire article is well worth reading. NBachers Sep 2023 #16
These MAGAT weirdos are F'ing bizarre SouthernDem4ever Sep 2023 #17
POS should have controlled his penchant for dismemberment and run for public office as a MAGA loon dalton99a Sep 2023 #23
Sounds like he fit right in with the rest of the Republicans. leftyladyfrommo Sep 2023 #24
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