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79. Ridiculous. Hunter Biden has never been a part of the Biden admin. Who doesn't understand?
Thu Sep 14, 2023, 05:42 PM
Sep 14

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Why mention Kushner no longer being a part of a sitting admin, and adding "relative" to include Hunter Biden,as if that means anything? Joe Biden is not being charged. That case has dragged on for five years, now suddenly a special counsel is required, a trump-appointed one at that who requested SC status for himself? He has now charged Hunter Biden with 3 repetitious, felony charges that have rarely ever been bought.

I sense an agenda.

You clearly don't understand republican appeasement and what can result when you see it.

And as far as calling the WH, again, don't be ridiculous. This is a discussion board where we express out views. Have you called Garland to express your support?

And see post 77.

In support of this criticism... Pluvious Sep 14 #1
Whose administration is he a member of? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author edisdead Sep 14 #4
Does the AG serve at the pleasure of the admin? edisdead Sep 14 #11
So now we're criticizing Biden for not firing Garland? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #21
I am certainly not criticizing Biden edisdead Sep 14 #24
So what are you saying then AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #25
Exactly what I was saying. edisdead Sep 14 #27
Fair eonugh AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #29
BS. He's speaking the truth. Firestorm49 Sep 14 #37
who is? edisdead Sep 14 #92
I agree. MarineCombatEngineer Sep 14 #58
Biden does NOT have an AG. dchill Sep 14 #53
Someone else who doesn't understand how government works AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #54
You confessing? dchill Sep 14 #56
I didn't say that Garland was serving Congress AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #57
Post removed Post removed Sep 14 #59
Judging by some of the posts in this thread MarineCombatEngineer Sep 14 #61
It still is, despite what a lot of people claim AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #67
100+. nt MarineCombatEngineer Sep 14 #71
Players aside for a moment, can we agree this is another example of a multi tiered justice system? Magoo48 Sep 14 #88
not true. he is part of our Dem administration Recycle_Guru Sep 14 #5
I never seen Garland name on my ballot. Emile Sep 14 #48
Did you ever vote for Hillary to be Obama's Secretary of State? Beastly Boy Sep 14 #76
Nicely Done.. I appreciate Cha Sep 14 #93
I don't know that you are the minority AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #96
Oh right! Just as far as Cha Sep 14 #106
You too btw, AZSkiffyGeek Cha Sep 14 #107
and it is not incumbent upon Merrick Garland agingdem Sep 14 #10
If we have no idea if Jared kacekwl Sep 14 #23
because Hunter was/is Trump's obsession... agingdem Sep 14 #31
Because MAGAs shout it from the rooftop. wnylib Sep 14 #32
If he was being investigated... usedtobedemgurl Sep 15 #152
I agree with you, however... Sky Jewels Sep 14 #82
Have you been warned about factually based and well articulated criticism of Garland or Beastly Boy Sep 14 #85
It's a fact that he took no action on the big kahunas Sky Jewels Sep 14 #95
That's not a fact, it's actually a lie. Beastly Boy Sep 14 #101
Just thinking the same thing. True Blue American Sep 15 #122
Yeah. Some think Democratic actions can be safely attacked here Hortensis Sep 14 #105
Agree! True Blue American Sep 15 #123
ahhh..another Garland hater. Duly noted Recycle_Guru Sep 14 #3
Post removed Post removed Sep 14 #8
you are entitled to your bad opinion Recycle_Guru Sep 14 #9
Post removed Post removed Sep 14 #15
througjout his judicial career he was seen as thoughtful impartial judge Recycle_Guru Sep 14 #18
Agreed with Eli Mystal. brush Sep 14 #6
Agreed, garland has failed to bring a single case not involving getagrip_already Sep 14 #14
Same ol', same ol'. wnylib Sep 14 #33
All ya gotta do is prove me wrong getagrip_already Sep 14 #45
You don't feel like proving yourself right? Beastly Boy Sep 14 #86
How many of the 13,923 criminal cases filed in 2022 have you examined to reach this conclusion? Beastly Boy Sep 14 #83
That Garland is way too political? just need one... we have more than that uponit7771 Sep 15 #141
Can you cite the one that you need? Beastly Boy Sep 15 #150
That setting up a special counsel for a rare stand alone gun charge was unnecessary at best uponit7771 Sep 15 #151
Once again, the special counsel was not set up for any particular charges. Beastly Boy Sep 15 #153
Which is even worse, there wasn't enough probable cause to convene a SC in the first place uponit7771 Sep 15 #154
There wasn't enough probable cause according to whom? Beastly Boy Sep 15 #155
Precedent is the overt hackery involved with HB uponit7771 Sep 15 #157
I don't see how this statement has any more standing under the law than the previous one. Beastly Boy Sep 15 #158
It is NOT Garland's job to bring a single case, dude. It's Jack Smith's. Garland DID begin DOJ in- ancianita Sep 14 #89
Thank you! True Blue American Sep 15 #131
Post removed Post removed Sep 14 #50
Ah Jeez. not this shit again. MarineCombatEngineer Sep 14 #7
It seems it will never end......... Bev54 Sep 14 #13
Agreed. I grew tired of Eli a long time ago. CaptainTruth Sep 14 #41
Same here. GoCubsGo Sep 15 #127
Thank you Lulu KC Sep 14 #87
It's the timing for me ecstatic Sep 14 #12
Aw gee, it's just a coincidence. (Sarcasm) triron Sep 14 #20
You DO know that these indictments have been coming for a couple weeks? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #22
Right. So why today? edisdead Sep 14 #26
So people like you can pretend there is some seekrit conspiracy with Garland going after Biden? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #74
I don't think nefarious intent is behind it, but the doj as an institution is biased ecstatic Sep 14 #108
I admit to not being a Garland fan for AG. Lonestarblue Sep 14 #16
I do remember AG Garland being recommended (for SCOTUS) to President Obama by Orrin Hatch. rubbersole Sep 14 #28
Ditto! BigmanPigman Sep 14 #30
Yep. There's a reason Obama picked him as his SCOTUS nominee. Sky Jewels Sep 14 #69
"...all to avoid looking partisan..." and failing at both uponit7771 Sep 15 #144
Hey, here's an opinion, MarineCombatEngineer Sep 14 #17
Lotta armchair AGs here. wnylib Sep 14 #35
Ain't that the truth. MarineCombatEngineer Sep 14 #43
Seems like a lot of AG assistants here, LOL! msfiddlestix Sep 14 #116
Assistants? No, just informed people who respect wnylib Sep 14 #118
So is that how it works? Just go apply for the job? Bongo Prophet Sep 14 #51
My whole point here is that there are certain DU members who are MarineCombatEngineer Sep 14 #52
I get the point of your post, and just pointed out the humor of it. Bongo Prophet Sep 14 #64
Sometimes I'm humor deficit, MarineCombatEngineer Sep 14 #66
Post-moshpit beer? Cheers! n/t Bongo Prophet Sep 14 #94
Garland is fighting in the fifth circuit to have 18 USC 922 (g ) (3 ) upheld onenote Sep 14 #117
Ditto. ancianita Sep 14 #98
I like it republianmushroom Sep 14 #19
The DOJ is strenuously arguing in the fifth circuit that this law is constitutional onenote Sep 14 #34
Makes me think Hunter agreed to fall on his sword in support of the DOJ's efforts in that regard. msfiddlestix Sep 14 #114
Garland is a Moderate-Conservative 3825-87867 Sep 14 #36
thank you for that rousing endorsement Recycle_Guru Sep 14 #39
Amazing how Eli can read the minds of others & divine their inner motivations... CaptainTruth Sep 14 #38
The uear is 2025; Trymp has been convicted in 3 of the 4 cases Recycle_Guru Sep 14 #42
Ditto. ancianita Sep 14 #99
It's like the whiners don't believe "no one is above the law." CaptainTruth Sep 14 #109
truth Recycle_Guru Sep 14 #110
What is the DOJ doing about people threatening investigators? LiberalFighter Sep 14 #40
Ummm, MarineCombatEngineer Sep 14 #44
Since 20 months ago. ancianita Sep 14 #100
Biden should just pardon Hunter and get it over with. Mr.Bill Sep 14 #46
+1 Emile Sep 14 #49
So you believe that P01135809 was correct in his pardons AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #60
I said no such thing. Mr.Bill Sep 14 #62
You said you want Biden to use P01135809 as an excuse for abusing power AZSkiffyGeek Sep 14 #72
Biden will not lower True Blue American Sep 15 #128
You make too much sense. usonian Sep 14 #75
No, he should not and he won't. sheshe2 Sep 14 #97
No, wrong thing to do. True Blue American Sep 15 #124
The problem is Mr.Bill Sep 15 #129
Garland doesn't GAF what Mystal thinks and neither do I Fiendish Thingy Sep 14 #47
+1 -- if I was on DU4 I'd rec tour comment Recycle_Guru Sep 14 #55
The case was near completion just a few weeks ago with the gun charge agreement... brush Sep 14 #68
Have you called the WH to demand Garland be fired? Fiendish Thingy Sep 14 #73
Ridiculous. Hunter Biden has never been a part of the Biden admin. Who doesn't understand? brush Sep 14 #79
Garland is trying hard to not look political. Mr.Bill Sep 14 #77
Absolutely, and entirely unnecessary. brush Sep 14 #80
Bingo! happy feet Sep 15 #132
He appointed a special counsel, as per Code of Federal Regulation and his job description. Beastly Boy Sep 15 #135
How many times has a Special Counsel Mr.Bill Sep 15 #136
How many firearm related suspects had been related to the currently serving POTUS? Beastly Boy Sep 15 #137
So the president's family gets different treatment than everyone else? Mr.Bill Sep 15 #138
You didn't read 28 CFR 600.1, did you? Beastly Boy Sep 15 #139
Yes, I did. Mr.Bill Sep 15 #140
So what keeps you from acknowledging what it actually says? Beastly Boy Sep 15 #142
It leaves a lot of determination and discression up to the AG. Mr.Bill Sep 15 #143
It does not. The AG only determines what charges the Grand Jury is to consider. Beastly Boy Sep 15 #147
This is textbook political hackery and uncalled for procedures uponit7771 Sep 15 #146
THIS !!!! ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 uponit7771 Sep 15 #145
Mahalo, Fiendish Thingy.. Excellent Suggestion! Cha Sep 14 #103
DITTO. ancianita Sep 14 #104
I do not agree with Mystal! True Blue American Sep 15 #130
Post removed Post removed Sep 14 #63
Elie Mystal is a clown. MyNameIsJonas Sep 14 #65
His act would not play well anywhere Mr.Bill Sep 14 #84
Agreed. It's legal popcorn. MyNameIsJonas Sep 14 #91
Totally agree. nt Raine Sep 14 #119
Post removed Post removed Sep 14 #70
What is so rightful about throwing juvenile insults around that have no regard for the law? Beastly Boy Sep 14 #78
Exactly. ancianita Sep 14 #102
In my opinion, Sky Jewels Sep 14 #81
Meaning what Mad_Machine76 Sep 14 #120
Dare I say....Hunter B's attorney is arguing that this law is unconstitutional, other as well PortTack Sep 14 #90
YEP !! uponit7771 Sep 15 #148
I have not been impressed with Garland. I believe, from what I have seen, PatrickforB Sep 14 #111
Agree with everything you say. jaxexpat Sep 15 #126
"...seems to be playing politics..." and is horrible at it, Garlands defenders miss this very point uponit7771 Sep 15 #149
Most of Garland's defenders don't play guessing games. Beastly Boy Sep 15 #159
Maybe MorbidButterflyTat Sep 14 #112
Garland seems to have to be pushed into doing things. hadEnuf Sep 14 #113
Eli Mystal would chew the legs right off of the Democratic party to promote himself bigtree Sep 14 #115
+1 MorbidButterflyTat Sep 15 #134
It's a moot point. BWdem4life Sep 15 #121
I have said it for years that the right wing lives rent free in his head Mr. Sparkle Sep 15 #125
Seems worth noting that the crimes of Hunter have solid evidence muriel_volestrangler Sep 15 #133
Elie Mystal Celerity Sep 15 #156
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