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Emptywheel has a post up also, PRETZEL Sep 2023 #1
She's my go to for just about everything. Nevilledog Sep 2023 #3
yeah, mine too PRETZEL Sep 2023 #6
I have been known to draw a chart whilst reading her deep dives. Nevilledog Sep 2023 #8
FYI everyone ... CFAA KS Toronado Sep 2023 #2
Link to the lawsuit Nevilledog Sep 2023 #4
The CFAA has a criminal component Renew Deal Sep 2023 #5
Private citizens can't file criminal complaints. former9thward Sep 2023 #26
I know that. Renew Deal Sep 2023 #32
Yes, so can you or me. former9thward Sep 2023 #33
Good! Bayard Sep 2023 #7
Go Go Get em Get him MagickMuffin Sep 2023 #9
Its a civil suit. former9thward Sep 2023 #27
Well if it has been discovered Ziggy hacked his devices Isn't that a criminal offense? MagickMuffin Sep 2023 #28
It depends. former9thward Sep 2023 #30
Get Him NowISeetheLight Sep 2023 #34
Yay! Glad he is fighting back! zuul Sep 2023 #10
Quagmire. Kingofalldems Sep 2023 #11
Sad that it took 11 posts for someone to see that. Probatim Sep 2023 #14
Interesting observation from emptywheel: Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #12
Hacking the computer of a son or daughter of ANY politician should be concerning...but apparently Alexander Of Assyria Sep 2023 #16
While Jarrod and Ivanka?????????? AZ8theist Sep 2023 #36
+1 dalton99a Sep 2023 #17
Good point. nt crickets Sep 2023 #22
Is he related to Ron Ziegler of Watergate fame? Walleye Sep 2023 #13
Garrett Ziegler looks like a little self-righteous Nazi vlyons Sep 2023 #15
My thoughts exactly. MontanaMama Sep 2023 #20
Does that also mean anything found on the laptop/cloud can't be used against him? LiberalFighter Sep 2023 #18
Justice coming. byronius Sep 2023 #19
Yeesh, talk about Backpfeifengesicht! geardaddy Sep 2023 #21
That's exactly what I was about to post! Elessar Zappa Sep 2023 #37
LOL geardaddy Sep 2023 #39
"Link to Nazi bar" LOL I mean, "Link to tweet" AnrothElf Sep 2023 #23
Say what? Kingofalldems Sep 2023 #25
Why do they all have one of those BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #24
Brainacs! NowISeetheLight Sep 2023 #29
Good republianmushroom Sep 2023 #31
This will be a fun lawsuit to watch LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2023 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Sep 2023 #38
Fight like HELL! liberal N proud Sep 2023 #40
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