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22. Ever heard of Bob Lanier? His post season numbers were always better than reg. season...
Sun Sep 10, 2023, 05:22 PM
Sep 10

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but he never won a championship, same with Elgin Baylor, Pete Maravich...you gotta have enough help.

James' first stint with the Cavs he had no help. He moved to the Heat and had help (Ray Allen, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade) and won 2 championships. His second stint with the Cavs he won with help — notably the talented but erratic Kyrie Irving and also Kevin Love). His last championship came with the Lakers where he has big man Anthony Davis' help (often injured though and you have to keep your fingers crossed every time he falls in fear that's he's injured again).

Another star who didn't win until he had help is Nikola Jokić of the Nuggets. In previous seasons his key teammates suffered injuries and weren't available for the post-season. This past season they were blessed, didn't sustain injuries and won.

My point again being, you gotta have help. Magic had an all-star Showtime line-up with Kareem, Worthy, Scott, Wilkes, Cooper etc. They could hardly do nothing but win.

Koby had plenty of help, first with Shaq, Horry and Fisher, then later with Pau Gasol and Luke Walton.

Jordan had Pippen, Rodman and shooters like Kerr, Armstrong and Paxton.

Bird of course had Parrish, McKale, Johnson, Ainge and later Bill Walton, so I don't buy your contentions about Lebron James at all, the NBA all-time scoring leader btw.

I noped out of the NFL and all other professional sports years ago. Aristus Sep 10 #1
I hear ya. Brenda Sep 10 #4
Patrick Mahomes? Joe Burrow? milestogo Sep 10 #2
Yep Rebl2 Sep 10 #18
His O line is trash. BlueTsunami2018 Sep 10 #3
Will agree Cleveland's D is good. Brenda Sep 10 #6
Realized there PlutosHeart Sep 10 #5
The more you spend on one player, the more it negatively affects the rest of the team Shermann Sep 10 #7
I stopped watching the NFL after this angrychair Sep 10 #8
Thanks for the link. Never heard about that but not surprised. nt Brenda Sep 10 #13
He could be billionaire Lebron James? WarGamer Sep 10 #9
I don't exactly call 4 championships with 3 different teams choking. brush Sep 10 #15
I don't know your age... WarGamer Sep 10 #16
Ever heard of Bob Lanier? His post season numbers were always better than reg. season... brush Sep 10 #22
FOUR championships with three different teams. Yeah LeBron's a real choker Doc Sportello Sep 10 #25
Thank you. GhostHunter22 Sep 10 #33
Here's Lebron's career in a nutshell. WarGamer Sep 10 #35
Stop embarassing yourself Doc Sportello Sep 11 #43
Just the facts... WarGamer Sep 11 #45
I understand that you don't know what you are talking about Doc Sportello Sep 11 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author WarGamer Sep 11 #52
Google "covid is a hoax" and see how many hits you get. Iggo Sep 11 #44
Terrible take. edisdead Sep 10 #29
That comment makes a lot of sense Renew Deal Sep 10 #32
lol... WarGamer Sep 10 #36
His whole career isn't defined by one game against a better team. Renew Deal Sep 11 #37
Lebron James gives back to the community like few other athletes. apnu Sep 11 #40
I Understand Your Feelings, In General ProfessorGAC Sep 10 #10
You're talkin about Joe Burrow I take it? brush Sep 10 #11
From what I remember, Joe Burrow is actually one of the most progressive characters in the NFL. W_HAMILTON Sep 10 #12
This is your yearly reminder: Bengals are still Bengals JCMach1 Sep 10 #14
Hah! Brenda Sep 10 #17
Except this week where they were the Bungles. Angleae Sep 10 #26
How could they get killed 24-3 to a team that has lost Tribetime Sep 10 #27
Browns D is legit... JCMach1 Sep 10 #28
I no longer give them much money. I only watch on antenna. n/t brewens Sep 10 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author Brenda Sep 10 #20
The Bengals played almost no starters in the preseason. It showed. Norbert Sep 10 #21
My dad used to watch the NFL when I was a kid. Sky Jewels Sep 10 #23
WOW. TSExile Sep 10 #24
... Sky Jewels Sep 10 #34
You're in good company. DU for the most part has nothing but contempt for pro and college sports. BannonsLiver Sep 11 #49
College sports, especially football and men's basketball, are even more sickening Sky Jewels Sep 11 #50
There there. BannonsLiver Sep 11 #51
Still raw about them calling Arrowhead "Burrowhead" sky_masterson Sep 10 #30
I wonder what your boss would say about how much you are paid and the mistakes you make? Renew Deal Sep 10 #31
Start watching rugby. Much more fun. GoneOffShore Sep 11 #38
Lol. I was moreso a fairweather fan / observer, but after the Falcons fiasco in 2017 ecstatic Sep 11 #39
This isn't a Joe Burrow problem, this is an NFL problem. apnu Sep 11 #41
The owners make a lot of money. The end. BannonsLiver Sep 11 #47
there's another team of highly paid athletes trying to win as well.... jcgoldie Sep 11 #42
It's not my money so couldn't care less how it's spent. BannonsLiver Sep 11 #46
Resentment and grievance are rampant in society, and scary. Hortensis Sep 11 #53
After a review by the forum hosts, locking. Emile Sep 11 #54
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