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Great response! apcalc Sep 2023 #1
Isn't it delicious? Ocelot II Sep 2023 #2
Would love to read it but the link doesn't work here. I tried copying the link into a new window... usaf-vet Sep 2023 #65
Link works fine for me, maybe try again? emulatorloo Sep 2023 #74
Apologies all the way around. I did an OS update and now I have to figure out why a pdf doesn't..... usaf-vet Sep 2023 #106
Definitely better with computers ha ha. Jury's still out on AI 🤣 emulatorloo Sep 2023 #126
Not sure why - seems to work for others. Ocelot II Sep 2023 #94
Yes and it was set as the default pdf reader. Progress, don't you just love it. I love being a ..... usaf-vet Sep 2023 #112
Chrome or Microsoft Edge can both do PDF themselves IbogaProject Sep 2023 #168
Delicious is the word I used when I sent it on to friends, too. JudyM Sep 2023 #107
OMG you ain't kidding! LOL! 50 Shades Of Blue Sep 2023 #3
A thing of beauty, for sure.... Sogo Sep 2023 #4
That'll leave a mark. cloudbase Sep 2023 #5
He is not the brightest guy, but even he should realize he just got a big FU. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #54
Should being the key word here. yonder Sep 2023 #66
I think this is why she wrote NINE withering pages to not so bright Gym. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #79
One of my favorite parts (below) Redleg Sep 2023 #6
I like the part where she double dares him to stop federal funding for GA crime victims and children. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #56
I got a big chuckle out of the line below. Marvelous letter. Lonestarblue Sep 2023 #96
Translation: "Gym you are a gd dumb ass and moron which is why you couldn't pass the bar exam." Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #117
Citation on the very first page gratuitous Sep 2023 #7
Fani didn't just burn Gym, she roasted him alive. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #57
He's gonna need Oxycontin mixed with Fentanyl ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #128
He should just go right to fentanyl. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #139
We need Fani Willis in higher office someday. raging moderate Sep 2023 #8
The problem is she doesn't suffer fools gladly. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #59
COMPLETELY AGREE. ALBliberal Sep 2023 #77
"Those who wish to avoid felony charges in Fulton County, Georgia -- including violations struggle4progress Sep 2023 #9
Basically this; A HERETIC I AM Sep 2023 #130
Magnificent! As a PS I would add: thucythucy Sep 2023 #10
Very good KS Toronado Sep 2023 #11
Love it malaise Sep 2023 #34
Perfect Call.......NC DENVERPOPS Sep 2023 #159
Wow. Aristus Sep 2023 #12
At the very least he will think twice before he runs his mouth at Fani. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #60
lol. "As a non-member of the bar, you can purchase a copy for two hundred forty-nine dollars" ecstatic Sep 2023 #137
Not sure if he can read, but hopefully someone will read this to him. milestogo Sep 2023 #13
Even if the letter is read to him, he will neither understand nor care. TomSlick Sep 2023 #25
Yes but it would still be as fun as hell to read him the letter. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #61
"Below are Suggestions for Productive Activity by the U.S. House Judiciary Committee." Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #14
Yeah, like go back under your rock, scumbag." grumpyduck Sep 2023 #17
"Get off your lazy mean ass and do some actual damn work." Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #62
Exactly!!! Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #68
Kickin' With Gusto! Faux pas Sep 2023 #15
Nine pages of facts and citations. grumpyduck Sep 2023 #16
Fani could have sent him a FU letter with two or three sentences. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #69
That is 9 pages of awesomeness! Maeve Sep 2023 #18
I'm sure that people who have read the whole letter.... dchill Sep 2023 #19
Right he will have to take breaks for nap time and milk and cookie snacks. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #70
That letter is a gem. appleannie1 Sep 2023 #20
Wow, Ocelot. Thank you! I would have hated to miss this. Hortensis Sep 2023 #21
K&R stage left Sep 2023 #22
It is a work of art. Specifically, this one: Ocelot II Sep 2023 #23
Most excellent! WestMichRad Sep 2023 #43
And others might not know that was painted by a woman. Wednesdays Sep 2023 #141
A rape victim, too, with a whole lot of anger in that painting. Ocelot II Sep 2023 #142
gym jim, your are way out of your league messing with this lady. republianmushroom Sep 2023 #24
That was beautiful! boston bean Sep 2023 #26
"As a non-member of the bar..." ok_cpu Sep 2023 #27
This letter is packed full of priceless gems. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #83
This message was self-deleted by its author ok_cpu Sep 2023 #28
The banned books Traildogbob Sep 2023 #29
This letter should be required reading in the law school class that teaches you Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #84
I would love Traildogbob Sep 2023 #91
I was actually thinking about putting it on my "text to speech" function on my laptop. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #93
Damn that is a scathing condemnation of Gym Jordan malaise Sep 2023 #30
Can't wait for his acknowledgment to this one Deuxcents Sep 2023 #31
He is getting out his crayons as we speak. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #85
After reading that response he probably had to throw his shirt onto the pile with his jacket. Xavier Breath Sep 2023 #32
He'll probably BonnieJW Sep 2023 #46
All I can say is WOW! infullview Sep 2023 #33
The letter is a masterpiece. usonian Sep 2023 #35
Fantastic response to be sure! Atreus Sep 2023 #36
Yup. Just visuals for the magats. grumpyduck Sep 2023 #78
Doesn't matter if he reads it or not. The internet will be abuzz. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #89
I actually laughed out loud ITAL Sep 2023 #37
Touches like the ($249) are what made this letter pure genius. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #92
Little Gymboy taken to the woodshed. moondust Sep 2023 #38
Poor Gym. MontanaMama Sep 2023 #39
That long-ago photo makes my suspicions rise up. calimary Sep 2023 #138
I feel exactly the same way, calimary. eom. MontanaMama Sep 2023 #177
She is magnificent. Autumn Sep 2023 #40
Wooo ismnotwasm Sep 2023 #41
If she was nuclear physicist FrankChurchDem Sep 2023 #42
It's Fani's fault we have climate change. She just raised the earth's temp by 10 degrees. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #95
I would bet Gym was pissed when they read it to him. twodogsbarking Sep 2023 #44
Gym obviously didn't moniss Sep 2023 #45
This letter is sublime... Spazito Sep 2023 #47
"Allow me the opportunity to kick your rosy red ass to hell and back." Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #98
Yep, in a nutshell... Spazito Sep 2023 #101
KR NT ProudProgressiveNow Sep 2023 #48
With the possible exception of Trump's indictments, this is best legal document I've read in years hlthe2b Sep 2023 #49
You don't need a law degree and license to know Fani burned Gym's backside. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #100
The law school he attended is little more than a diploma mill ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #129
"Your letter makes clear that you lack a basic understanding of the law, its practice ... muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #50
Truly a work of art dflprincess Sep 2023 #51
Your title delivered! Usually such thread titles over-promise and under-deliver. Not yours! . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2023 #52
This letter was no ordinary FU letter from an attorney. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #105
This was a FU letter instructing Jordan to get fucked in every possible way, Ocelot II Sep 2023 #115
Hard to get excited about attorney letters but this was pure sublime law porn. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #118
Fani smacked the crap out of Gymboy. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #53
Fani is something else Jarqui Sep 2023 #55
BOOM! Jilly_in_VA Sep 2023 #58
K&R spanone Sep 2023 #63
Boom! Elessar Zappa Sep 2023 #64
Fani Willis is Queen! mcar Sep 2023 #67
"Deal with reality or reality will deal with you. It is time that you deal with some basic realities." Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #75
That was my favorite part. Goodheart Sep 2023 #87
BRAVA!!! evolves Sep 2023 #71
Oh, man... I want a cigarette and a shower now. And I don't even smoke. LOL... n/t TygrBright Sep 2023 #72
There's only one way she could have topped that... jmowreader Sep 2023 #73
Gym earned himself a hard, bare-assed spanking. lamp_shade Sep 2023 #76
Love it! enigmania Sep 2023 #80
The racist threats her office received are documented in Exhibits F-O. She told Jordan to find out. Efilroft Sul Sep 2023 #81
"Instead of your stupid ass pranks, why don't you find out who is trying to kill me and my staff." Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #108
Yup! If I smoked, I would light up after reading that letter. Efilroft Sul Sep 2023 #133
I know, the letter is better than sex. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #140
OK, she is nothing short of FREAKING AWESOME. Goodheart Sep 2023 #86
I know, she needs to be moved to DOJ. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #110
She needs to stay right where she is and try this case as far as it can go. Ocelot II Sep 2023 #113
Of course, I mean after all is said and done in Fulton County. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #119
Question: Does Willis indicate anywhere in that letter an implication of obstruction by Jordan? msfiddlestix Sep 2023 #88
Obstruction only in the sense that he's trying to interfere with her prosecution. Ocelot II Sep 2023 #97
So, if she wanted to, she could bring obstruction charges against Jordan or request DOJ to bring Obstruction charges? msfiddlestix Sep 2023 #104
The letter isn't a charging document or even an official pleading Ocelot II Sep 2023 #111
I think she is doing way more than telling Gym to pound sand. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #114
Thank you for your succinct clarification! msfiddlestix Sep 2023 #127
Maybe I'm reading too much between the lines, Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2023 #164
Wow, just wow. I ❤️ DA Willis/her team!!. n/t iluvtennis Sep 2023 #90
Henceforth, address all future mail to Jordan as: Attilatheblond Sep 2023 #99
WOW! MuseRider Sep 2023 #102
Since you are not Old Crank Sep 2023 #103
This was certainly a jab at Gym. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #122
He's going to need skin grafts for that one. n/t D23MIURG23 Sep 2023 #156
Won't change him Old Crank Sep 2023 #157
Nicole Reading the Letter on Her Show 4 p.m. EST NJCher Sep 2023 #109
I hope this video gets posted here. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #123
If Trump and his lawyers and co-defendants read this letter, they should be shaking in their shoes. Lonestarblue Sep 2023 #116
This☝️Fani is a brilliant legal mind. We are so lucky she's in a position onetexan Sep 2023 #162
Wow! BigOleDummy Sep 2023 #120
Gym is probably furious that someone actually called him on his crap. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #124
Holy shit. MLAA Sep 2023 #121
gg, Fani... mic drop. WarGamer Sep 2023 #125
That line refusing to obey his subpoena ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #131
The little excerpt I heard on Nicolle Wallace's show gave me chills ecstatic Sep 2023 #132
The criminal defendant about which you express concern was fully aware ecstatic Sep 2023 #134
Very impressive, especially if she Disaffected Sep 2023 #135
She didn't even... appmanga Sep 2023 #136
Wonder if Fox will cover it or ignore it...and if they cover, how will they spin it? THis would be Amaryllis Sep 2023 #143
Kick canetoad Sep 2023 #144
Someone should read it into the Congressional Record. orthoclad Sep 2023 #145
it's about damn time his bullshit is called out........... Takket Sep 2023 #146
Mic drop. area51 Sep 2023 #147
I was just taking a skim-peak at this doc, and it sucked me in ! Pluvious Sep 2023 #148
Lawrence O'Donnell MSNBC is reading from the letter Marthe48 Sep 2023 #149
Mary McCord feels the tone of the letter was too condescending ecstatic Sep 2023 #150
not at all Takket Sep 2023 #153
I'm afraid I don't understand why Mary McCord spooky3 Sep 2023 #160
I thought mccord was out of her league Marthe48 Sep 2023 #165
Gym Jordan deserves to be condescended to. Ocelot II Sep 2023 #174
She brought receipts!! Mad_Machine76 Sep 2023 #151
Holy crap. KentuckyWoman Sep 2023 #152
she is my kind of gal Skittles Sep 2023 #154
Gym don't think too good.... Blue Owl Sep 2023 #155
I thought you were exaggerating but I read the letter anyway Rachel M at 6 pm Sep 2023 #158
Gym says . . . oh come on, let's be friends here! Aussie105 Sep 2023 #161
I want to see bronze and marble statues of her holding that letter and a sledge hammer. Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2023 #163
She also slapped him for being a lackey Historic NY Sep 2023 #166
Does someone have a link to the attachments? Habitation Sep 2023 #167
Damn. She hammered him solidly! Rabrrrrrr Sep 2023 #169
love the part where she said he could buy a state by state RICO guide.. samnsara Sep 2023 #170
Oh, that is excellent! NH Ethylene Sep 2023 #171
Its a great reply (not that this will stop Jackass Jim) but I have some concerns. Anyone a lawyer? Playingmantis Sep 2023 #172
I dunno. Seems pretty vague and ambiguous. BobTheSubgenius Sep 2023 #173
Holy shit! I HAVE NEVER READ such a pitch perfect take down in every way, response! Ninga Sep 2023 #175
I especially like how she suggests... malthaussen Sep 2023 #176
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