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9. And we should not forget Putin's machinations in the UK to get Brexit passed.
Thu Aug 31, 2023, 12:33 PM
Aug 2023

I seem to remember reading some time ago that some of those in the government pushing Brexit had close ties to Russia. What people like Putin and right-wing oligarchs the world over want are dictatorships because they know that money controls dictators, who then govern for the benefit and wealth of the oligarchs.

Trump was Putin’s useful idiot, and MBS latched on as well. MBS and Putin are both dictators and oligarchs willing to murder their opposition, so they are not just rich guys playing games with governments. They are both deadly tyrants. MBS bought Kushner and through him, Trump. Putin had already bought Trump with the lure of a potential Trump Tower in Moscow and millions in loans to keep him afloat.

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