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10. My WHY and WHAT issues page.
Sun Aug 27, 2023, 12:11 PM
Aug 2023


Democrats have compassion for others.

• When every person
  a. is guaranteed rights, opportunity, and equity,
  b. can make a good living,
  c. is respected,
  then all benefit and the nation benefits.
• Government invests in its citizens.
• Labor and innovation create wealth.
• Productivity gains are shared with those who are less blessed than others.
• Government is by the people and for the people.
• The legal system protects rights, especially of minorities.
In short: equality, honor and fairness.

The thugs have no compassion.
They believe that:
• Money and power are concentrated in the hands of a few.
• Business grows by monopoly aggregation and by stifling competition.
• Freedom means no regulation. Nothing more.
• Government enforces "the economic order" (a caste system)
• Workers and voters are kept from uniting, chiefly by a divide and conquer strategy, i.e culture wars.
• Welfare for the rich. The fraud called "Trickle Down" really means "golden showers". (wink, wink)
In short: inequality, arrogance and privilege

or just outrage over imagined/manufactured fears.

Key Issues

Keep government from dictating what you read, your religion and your private life.

• The working person deserves a break rather than welfare for the rich.

• Americans believe in and defend the constitution because no American gains from harming another.

• Protect and expand medicare and Social Security so that health care is denied nobody.

• There is health, wealth and dignity for all when everyone pays their fair share.

• We fight for individual rights where others would deny them.

• America's needs are met by responsive, responsible government rather than contrived and fruitless culture wars.

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