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Morning Joe is trash [View all] angrychair Aug 2023 OP
Republicans have been living in an echo chamber so long they don't know but this is a losing proposi Walleye Aug 2023 #1
I don't believe that's true SickOfTheOnePct Aug 2023 #25
I think the polls now just stay with a conventional wisdom on this. It's a tough question on a poll Walleye Aug 2023 #37
Sorry I'm confused SickOfTheOnePct Aug 2023 #46
You are correct there are no polls and say that Walleye Aug 2023 #49
Despite the majority support for abortion rights generally, 66% said abortion should be legal in, at Celerity Aug 2023 #48
Thanks for the info SickOfTheOnePct Aug 2023 #61
Whoops, deleted, posted on wrong thread. Hortensis Aug 2023 #80
They forgot one Laha Aug 2023 #116
That would fall under the 'anytime' answer, a stance that not even the majority of Democrats hold Celerity Aug 2023 #118
That doesn't sound quite right Laha Aug 2023 #119
no limits whatsoever would go beyond just 'medically necessary', it means for any reason, any time Celerity Aug 2023 #120
I have more respect for medical professionals than that Laha Aug 2023 #121
I respect your opinion Celerity Aug 2023 #122
I support the idea that the government has NO place whatsoever regulating PatrickforB Aug 2023 #113
".....the government has NO place whatsoever regulating a woman's body." jaxexpat Aug 2023 #126
Not even a majority of Democrats support abortion with NO restrictions. oldsoftie Aug 2023 #50
I support abortion rights with no restrictions. Walleye Aug 2023 #51
OK, so thats ONE. Care to explain how that would work? oldsoftie Aug 2023 #54
So are you saying I should change my mind? Walleye Aug 2023 #55
Just curious how you'd defend that position oldsoftie Aug 2023 #57
Because the woman should decide, it's nobody else's business. Most late term abortions are medical Walleye Aug 2023 #60
Again, you'll be hard pressed to find a poll that backs you up oldsoftie Aug 2023 #62
Do you really think a woman is going to carry a pregnancy eight months and then decide she doesn't Walleye Aug 2023 #63
You're moving the goalposts. You think one SHOULD be able to. oldsoftie Aug 2023 #65
I do appreciate your approach to practical politics Walleye Aug 2023 #71
Yes I do. edisdead Aug 2023 #105
I DO believe that a woman should be able to do exactly that. stopdiggin Aug 2023 #114
Because its absolutely ridiculous & politically disastrous oldsoftie Aug 2023 #127
because something is 'politically untenable' stopdiggin Aug 2023 #135
Make that TWO. Autumn Aug 2023 #76
Thank you Walleye Aug 2023 #79
It's such a fucking republican thing to say. Women do not carry a child in their body for Autumn Aug 2023 #81
Republicans believe in so many fantasies I don't even know where to begin Walleye Aug 2023 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author Abolishinist Aug 2023 #107
So what problem do you have with outlawing this elective 'procedure', Abolishinist Aug 2023 #108
Exactly. oldsoftie Aug 2023 #128
The problem I have is people who watched the shit show and took every fucking thing that those Autumn Aug 2023 #133
I do not (in terms of elective abortions). I pretty much agree with the laws here in Sweden. Celerity Aug 2023 #68
And I imagine that would be acceptable here as well oldsoftie Aug 2023 #130
I will agree with you. I don't care about polls, btw Deuxcents Aug 2023 #73
Thank you! I thought I was alone here. Walleye Aug 2023 #74
There was more said about this issue Deuxcents Aug 2023 #78
How's it a lie when people are right here saying "NO restrictions"? oldsoftie Aug 2023 #129
I'm totally with you. BComplex Aug 2023 #83
Thank you, that's my belief exactly. Walleye Aug 2023 #87
You are exactly right DeeDeeNY Aug 2023 #96
A majority of dems don't support ***BANS*** though, the word smithing on this issue on DU is notable uponit7771 Aug 2023 #102
You wouldn't be able to get that passed in most States. Even the liberal ones. brooklynite Aug 2023 #109
I support abortion rights with no restrictions. tibby3k Aug 2023 #112
He always has been. He also said earlier that any of those repukes on the debate stage except trump JohnSJ Aug 2023 #2
That's insane angrychair Aug 2023 #5
the entire party is complicit in trmp's crimes. every single republican. spanone Aug 2023 #10
Yes JohnSJ Aug 2023 #11
Scarborough is a blowhard. I cant stand his yelling. onetexan Aug 2023 #18
BIG turnout is THE key. But you also cant ignore the negatives. oldsoftie Aug 2023 #52
He never said he became a Democrat William769 Aug 2023 #3
Well I'm done angrychair Aug 2023 #9
Yes, he and others, like Nicole Wallace, represent moderate conservatism, Hortensis Aug 2023 #19
hes always been a scumbag. just pretends to be decent. bullimiami Aug 2023 #4
Olbermann has a few stories PCIntern Aug 2023 #43
I can't stand the guy. His stance on abortion is enough for me to scratch him off my list forever. flying_wahini Aug 2023 #6
Re news, my mornings suck. I ditched CNN after the trump rally and I can't stand Joe Scar. Comfortably_Numb Aug 2023 #7
He doesn't stop talking about himself and his failed congressional career. Earth-shine Aug 2023 #8
Digging up that fossil angrychair Aug 2023 #13
Actually, Mathews tends to be a good guest on other people's shows. Earth-shine Aug 2023 #21
His infatuation with the bulge in Ws fake flight suit... rubbersole Aug 2023 #66
Oh, agreed. Something about a tingle in his leg, was it? Earth-shine Aug 2023 #67
Ewww... rubbersole Aug 2023 #70
Tweety is who got Scabs onto the air with his own show after hosting him on Hardball UTUSN Aug 2023 #90
I had blissfully been wondering what had happened to Tweetie (Chris Matthews). BComplex Aug 2023 #91
After the Bozo show last night CNN had Will Hurd on this morning... spanone Aug 2023 #35
15 weeks as a National policy? Freethinker65 Aug 2023 #12
Yeah, I don't know where he gets this "15 week ban is what most people want" Liberal In Texas Aug 2023 #30
From MAGA framing polling of people not supporting abortion after 15 weeks buts that not a ***BAN*** uponit7771 Aug 2023 #101
They are so fucked on the abortion MOMFUDSKI Aug 2023 #38
Sounds like they mean 15 weeks as a national maximum. States would be free to be more restrictive. Marcuse Aug 2023 #39
Why anyone here watches - or ever watched - him is beyond me. NewHendoLib Aug 2023 #14
Particularly when that fuckhead Chris Matthews is a guest. (nt) Paladin Aug 2023 #16
Because he is what is on MSNBC at that time and CNN is worse. Earth-shine Aug 2023 #24
I watch none of it. NewHendoLib Aug 2023 #31
That was obvious. You are okay with me watching, right? Earth-shine Aug 2023 #32
You too NewHendoLib Aug 2023 #34
They do have a lot of good guests, but, oldsoftie Aug 2023 #56
This makes me happy that I live in a Pacific Standard Time zone BigmanPigman Aug 2023 #99
Joe's obsession is with two people. diehardblue Aug 2023 #15
Unwatchable. sarcasmo Aug 2023 #17
Hate the Joe StClone Aug 2023 #45
Having Matthews speak on women's issues is like having a member of the dsc Aug 2023 #20
Same as it ever was. nt MrsCoffee Aug 2023 #22
It's the old men with their long held feudalism. halfulglas Aug 2023 #23
A petition for a change? open to suggestions Tetrachloride Aug 2023 #26
as always. watch Euronews or BBC amd you'll fond out how cartoonishly bad Recycle_Guru Aug 2023 #27
:) Imo, overreaction. He supports abortion and opposes letting women die. Hortensis Aug 2023 #28
There is zero ground for consensus angrychair Aug 2023 #40
Umhm. I'm sorry you feel that way. Hortensis Aug 2023 #58
Wish I could rec this post SickOfTheOnePct Aug 2023 #64
Yes. Support "for" with some limits has RISING since that poll too. Big issue, Hortensis Aug 2023 #72
Exactly n/t SickOfTheOnePct Aug 2023 #77
So when do women get control of men's bodies? angrychair Aug 2023 #85
:) Too easy? I've been married for a lot of years, and there was before... Hortensis Aug 2023 #89
Didn't answer my question angrychair Aug 2023 #93
I felt obliged to try to answer your question, but Hortensis Aug 2023 #94
- "concentrate those women into camps to force them to give birth" stopdiggin Aug 2023 #115
There's no need for a 15 week ban or for abortion, it's religious claptrap. uponit7771 Aug 2023 #97
Even in Christianity, Adam was given life at the moment of breath. turtleblossom Aug 2023 #104
Source on 170 million Americans wanting national 15 week ***BAN*** from credible source? tia uponit7771 Aug 2023 #98
I quit MJ. I watch Democracy Now / Stephanie Miller instead. n/t CousinIT Aug 2023 #29
+100! n/t librechik Aug 2023 #82
People still watch him? relayerbob Aug 2023 #33
Off and on I DownriverDem Aug 2023 #36
Joe and Michael Steel and all of the "former" republicans Jakes Progress Aug 2023 #41
We fast-forward commercials and when Joe talks and talks and talks, but Mika and the others are housecat Aug 2023 #42
I rather like Joe and Mika, and can forgive the occasional veer back into conservatism Tarc Aug 2023 #44
+1000 GuppyGal Aug 2023 #84
She's An Idiot OhioTim Aug 2023 #106
When I want, in-depth, detailed analysis Tarc Aug 2023 #136
One who doubts your title is a fool. dchill Aug 2023 #47
If there is anything to be angry about angrychair Aug 2023 #86
Can you imagine if Martin Luther King had thought Just_Vote_Dem Aug 2023 #124
he's the Democrats answer to Tucker Carlson JuJuChen Aug 2023 #53
did not llashram Aug 2023 #59
Wait a second, wait a second. heckles65 Aug 2023 #69
Yeah, I don't get the respect posted for that fuckers bullshit show. Autumn Aug 2023 #75
✔️ live love laugh Aug 2023 #95
Television news and opinion is trash. hunter Aug 2023 #92
Bartcop used to call him Killer Joey Wolf Frankula Aug 2023 #100
What is this 15 weeks based on? It sure ain't science. turtleblossom Aug 2023 #103
If the females have to give birth, the males have to give up a nut. Bluethroughu Aug 2023 #110
And in other news, water is wet and the sky is blue..... lastlib Aug 2023 #111
Two more assholes that don't understand the meaning of freedom. GoodRaisin Aug 2023 #117
K&R Just_Vote_Dem Aug 2023 #123
I've only watched this show for a short time, but I appreciate how Joe and Mika betsuni Aug 2023 #125
i like him.. i even get up at 330 am to watch them live samnsara Aug 2023 #131
I usually catch the first hour and switch to CSpan Emile Aug 2023 #132
The "party if small government" IbogaProject Aug 2023 #134
OVERALL I like the show. Joe himself is often tiresome and full of himself Tom Rinaldo Aug 2023 #137
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