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They never really admitted defeat and surrendered. Irish_Dem Aug 2023 #1
Yep! LakeArenal Aug 2023 #3
We just never realized it fully until recently. Irish_Dem Aug 2023 #5
Some people realized it more than others. yardwork Aug 2023 #22
Yep some of us knew it all along. Irish_Dem Aug 2023 #23
Agreed. It was amazing driving rural roads in SC, GA, FL. Especially GA.They have never recovered. Evolve Dammit Aug 2023 #46
An entire economy and way of life built upon slavery. Irish_Dem Aug 2023 #67
If you have relatives in the South, I think we've known since... forever. LakeArenal Aug 2023 #7
Yep.... anciano Aug 2023 #8
I was born and raised in the South (Texas, but all of my relatives were in Alabama.) Aristus Aug 2023 #11
Yes. It shocked my as a child. I felt totally removed from them. LakeArenal Aug 2023 #13
It's not just the South, sadly NickB79 Aug 2023 #43
I was working in a tire shop. Mopar151 Aug 2023 #53
They rarely miss... 2naSalit Aug 2023 #82
and is beautiful, no doubt SouthernDem4ever Aug 2023 #55
I keep hearing this "it's just not the South" and I want to scream maxrandb Aug 2023 #62
I worked in North Carolina a couple yrs in the 90s, the KKK was in the fudging PHONE BOOK. Maru Kitteh Aug 2023 #68
I worked in North Carolina too. llmart Aug 2023 #109
The whites only places existed in the North ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #70
But, there is a "difference" maxrandb Aug 2023 #73
Glad you mentioned that; my mom had similar stories from Philly oldsoftie Aug 2023 #92
Maybe some northern states had "whites only" lunch counters and hotels DemocraticPatriot Aug 2023 #75
Funny bdamomma Aug 2023 #80
Yes, there were pro-slavers in the antebellum North. Copperheads. raging moderate Aug 2023 #85
Originally from eastern Massachusetts. Child of the 50s, 60s. No blacks in my blue collar KPN Aug 2023 #90
Sure enuff AKwannabe Aug 2023 #37
Or if you're a Northerner who lived in the South as I did... llmart Aug 2023 #102
I believe that. LakeArenal Aug 2023 #103
I have never met people more ready to start fights than young Southern boys. Aristus Aug 2023 #110
Got a match? orangecrush Aug 2023 #28
Bingo. KPN Aug 2023 #89
KNR niyad Aug 2023 #2
Apparently they don't remember Sherman's march to the sea. William769 Aug 2023 #4
We can do it again if they want! PortTack Aug 2023 #12
General Sherman should have marched to Texas.... DemocraticPatriot Aug 2023 #76
☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ PortTack Aug 2023 #111
They remember! They're just trying again and again, hoping it comes out right for them at last. yardwork Aug 2023 #24
"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it". William769 Aug 2023 #45
A big bdamomma Aug 2023 #81
..... Tanuki Aug 2023 #34
A whole new cottage industry of maga idiots re-inacting the surrenders of the 19 like they do the MLAA Aug 2023 #6
that's a good one. nt barbtries Aug 2023 #9
Fani Willis is going to make grass of their asses. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2023 #10
🤞🏼 LakeArenal Aug 2023 #14
They will take the stand in Dixie Land. twodogsbarking Aug 2023 #15
.... orangecrush Aug 2023 #30
To live or die in Dixie. 160 years later. Lincoln was damn benevolent. They want it again??? Evolve Dammit Aug 2023 #47
So how is this new civil war going be fought? The full power of the largest military force in the Martin68 Aug 2023 #16
The Gravy Seals, Meal Team Six, and the Mom's Basement Rangers are on the job. Aristus Aug 2023 #17
forgot the Oat Eaters (natural food militia) Evolve Dammit Aug 2023 #48
Don't forget... control of that military can change every 4 years... WarGamer Aug 2023 #19
Are you suggesting our military would stand by against an armed attack on the government of the US? Martin68 Aug 2023 #21
I agree with WarGamer. yardwork Aug 2023 #26
I'll repeat... WarGamer Aug 2023 #29
Thank you. Pinback Aug 2023 #31
AND - are we really imagining that a lot of stopdiggin Aug 2023 #41
also want to throw out that 'the government' stopdiggin Aug 2023 #42
Thank you for the gratuitous repetition. I'd suggest that considering the number of people in prison Martin68 Aug 2023 #72
Becuz AKwannabe Aug 2023 #38
Why else is Tuberville holding 80 plus promotions and two empty top commands? Army, USMC Evolve Dammit Aug 2023 #49
Couldn't a future president Mr.Bill Aug 2023 #52
depends if the Constitution and rule of law no longer matters? Legal opinions DU'ers? Evolve Dammit Aug 2023 #56
I know presidents have fired generals before. n/t Mr.Bill Aug 2023 #57
It's a great question. I can't answer. Anyone? Evolve Dammit Aug 2023 #60
Here's what I found on google: (it's complicated) Mr.Bill Aug 2023 #61
thanks! Evolve Dammit Aug 2023 #95
They are all keyboard and nothing else. yardwork Aug 2023 #25
Even the Russian military would fail. LiberalFighter Aug 2023 #33
And the witnesses against them are.. THEM!!! Now THAT'S a show of character.. nt TeamProg Aug 2023 #18
Lol! What is it about Atlanta? yardwork Aug 2023 #20
That's where TFT records its music DFW Aug 2023 #54
Clearly, Atlanta is awesome. yardwork Aug 2023 #69
It has been pretty cool to me every time I was there DFW Aug 2023 #74
There both sane people and insane people everywhere soldierant Aug 2023 #27
Definition of insanity Marthe48 Aug 2023 #91
WEll, yeah. soldierant Aug 2023 #93
The people who want to have a civil war are under the impression that they will do all of the killing Chainfire Aug 2023 #32
Right? AKwannabe Aug 2023 #35
What, both of them? malthaussen Aug 2023 #36
The stupids paid all that money was the Ar's and they're itching to use them kimbutgar Aug 2023 #39
You'll lose,, MAGAts Blue Owl Aug 2023 #40
Damn skippy! B.See Aug 2023 #66
Aristus surfered Aug 2023 #44
Thank you. Aristus Aug 2023 #50
Remember the definition of stupid. Duppers Aug 2023 #51
That sir, is a masterpiece Maru Kitteh Aug 2023 #58
Multiple family reunions in downtown Tulsa in 1961. czarjak Aug 2023 #59
The only civil war coming will be among malaise Aug 2023 #63
4/9/1865. Never forget. nt Hotler Aug 2023 #64
He has this to say: Wonder Why Aug 2023 #65
DUzy!!!! AmBlue Aug 2023 #71
Indeed. underpants Aug 2023 #78
This just in StoolPigeon Aug 2023 #77
Those bdamomma Aug 2023 #79
This is an anazing tbread malaise Aug 2023 #83
My uncle is muttering about civil war RSherman Aug 2023 #84
Wow, your uncle is really in a cult. The Emile Aug 2023 #106
their threats llashram Aug 2023 #86
If Grant had been drinking at Appomattox -- James Thurber usonian Aug 2023 #87
Like the posting republianmushroom Aug 2023 #88
Because the last civil war worked out so well for the secessionists Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Aug 2023 #94
The Stupid Will Rise Again. nt Dave Bowman Aug 2023 #96
Charlie Daniels said and sang The South's Gonna Do It Again. L-O-S-E czarjak Aug 2023 #97
Stealing this!!!!! SeattleVet Aug 2023 #98
Not at all. Go for it! Aristus Aug 2023 #100
lots of people are Recycle_Guru Aug 2023 #101
kicking again Recycle_Guru Aug 2023 #99
Thanks. I missed it. Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2023 #107
LOL Emile Aug 2023 #104
hey, lookie! mopinko Aug 2023 #105
nice! Recycle_Guru Aug 2023 #108
Heh rdchili96 Aug 2023 #112
Takei just shared this on threads. carpetbagger Aug 2023 #113
George, if you're reading this: I'm a great admirer. Aristus Aug 2023 #114
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