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26. to me the most disturbing thing about this whole era-
Wed Aug 16, 2023, 08:40 AM
Aug 2023

despite all the examples of the 20th century, another mad man was allowed to rise to power.
sometimes it seems like we’ve learned nothing.
except that we did. our understanding of mental illness and human mental pathology has grown by leaps and bounds. a huge amount of academic research went into understanding what happened in germany.
professionals warned us, at risk to their careers.

everyone here knows all this. but it’s not a part of the reality of half the country. and a good chunk of the world.
i srsly, srsly, want a thorough autopsy when he dies. (which cant come soon enough) i want his brain cross sectioned and i want pics of the swiss cheese that it is on my teevee and my front page. i want his real medical records released.

i want never again to stick this time.

"...commit the ultimate narcissistic act: self-destruction in the service of self-aggrandisement..." Wednesdays Aug 2023 #1
Problem is he could do it with our nuclear arsenal Captain Zero Aug 2023 #4
Wise person said don't worry too much about things that haven't happened or may not happen at all emulatorloo Aug 2023 #7
I think we're seeing it in slow motion EarlG Aug 2023 #6
It is a political strategy as long as a substantial number of voters respond... TygrBright Aug 2023 #16
Good points. Maybe it's some of both? EarlG Aug 2023 #17
Indeed... "L'etat... c'est moi" n/t TygrBright Aug 2023 #22
On point! sheshe2 Aug 2023 #2
Excellent post. anciano Aug 2023 #3
GREAT read! chillfactor Aug 2023 #5
Thanks! emulatorloo Aug 2023 #8
K&R Blue Owl Aug 2023 #9
K&R! Thanks so much, spot on! Rhiannon12866 Aug 2023 #10
K & R! 58Sunliner Aug 2023 #11
There's an article in The Guardian today about how European leaders are already trying to decide Lonestarblue Aug 2023 #12
That's the question for our tines. Scary as hell. Joinfortmill Aug 2023 #14
WHY is Trump allowed to run again Skittles Aug 2023 #15
He's going to get crushed in 2024. maxsolomon Aug 2023 #18
And very nuts. Joinfortmill Aug 2023 #13
If he's the nominee, how will he react to losing the popular vote a third time? ecstatic Aug 2023 #19
On target, thanks. K/R Their ego and needs are immense. appalachiablue Aug 2023 #20
It seems to me this applies to the hard-core MAGA supporter as well. Midnight Writer Aug 2023 #21
Yep, and throw in Ron DeSantis too Attilatheblond Aug 2023 #23
Kick dalton99a Aug 2023 #24
I've only made several posts about this very thing ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #25
to me the most disturbing thing about this whole era- mopinko Aug 2023 #26
"i want never again to stick this time." William769 Aug 2023 #27
Ok. 1 narcissist I can understand. But all the supporters lindysalsagal Aug 2023 #28
Trump has given our country (and the world) a lesson we didn't need in abnormal psychology dlk Aug 2023 #29
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