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I have no idea if they are or not, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #1
So your probability is around 50/50. emulatorloo Aug 2023 #5
I guess you could look at it that way, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #7
Yeah I am 59/41, but just a guess of course. emulatorloo Aug 2023 #10
The probability that any random white person you see is MAGA is fairly high. nt LexVegas Aug 2023 #2
True, unfortunately brush Aug 2023 #4
So as a random white person, who, BTW, is a truck driver, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #6
Only if you were assaulting a Black man who was simply doing his job. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2023 #8
Absolutely, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #9
I would call the statement reasonable and accurate Orrex Aug 2023 #13
No, it's not reasonable nor accurate, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #14
You're picking a silly hill to die on IMO, but you do you. Orrex Aug 2023 #16
Let's look at what the exit polls say... yardwork Aug 2023 #20
Got it, so any random white person walking down the street, in a car, etc, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #21
Not considered or assumed to be, no. yardwork Aug 2023 #22
That's absolutely a fair point. MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #23
you are not a 'random white person'. Voltaire2 Aug 2023 #34
I'm talking about any random white person walking down the street, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #36
I'm a random White person. Would that include me, if you saw me? Ocelot II Aug 2023 #15
I guess the understanding of 'random' is not clear. Voltaire2 Aug 2023 #35
Exactly, since a majority of white people voted for Trump, twice. yardwork Aug 2023 #18
I don't think many people understand statistics. nt LexVegas Aug 2023 #19
Magic 8 ball says, "Signs point to yes." emulatorloo Aug 2023 #3
What is the probability that they were drunk? Midnight Writer Aug 2023 #11
As the old saying goes, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #12
Highly likely.. Srkdqltr Aug 2023 #17
Along with being assholes. nt Raine Aug 2023 #32
80% I'd say. Elessar Zappa Aug 2023 #24
Post removed Post removed Aug 2023 #25
You're free to start a poll who are the real MAGA racists. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2023 #29
Kenny Rogers - The Gambler stuck in the middle Aug 2023 #26
What I find amusing here... stuck in the middle Aug 2023 #27
My bookie won't return my calls to place this bet Kennah Aug 2023 #28
no i bet they all read the guardian prodigitalson Aug 2023 #30
100% drunken, a$$hat boater... As for the rest??? JCMach1 Aug 2023 #31
I would say all signs point to yes. Initech Aug 2023 #33
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