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Mon Aug 7, 2023, 06:09 AM Aug 2023

When cruelty is valued more than the common good [View all]

Donald Trump throwing paper towel rolls at hurricane victims was a hideous display of his lack of empathy and decency. Perhaps his handlers told him if he played football, his team would most definitely be competing in the Super Bowl. Best throw ever. Most muscular arms. A toss with the most precision. Right on the mark. Beautiful pass, just beautiful. Disastrous situation, lives in peril, but not a hint of concern on Trump’s face. He would head home to top-notch shelter and have someone else press a button for room service.

What happens to a country when one of the two major political groups designs a deliberate shift away from the ideal of The Common Good to policies of increasing cruelty? Not just increasing cruelty, but cruelty as the basic principle. Razor wire. Forced pregnancies. Neck kneeling. Eliminating child labor laws. Reducing access to voting. Denying history. Policies without a shred of compassion.

For nearly eight decades I believed that our Constitution was like a cast iron pillar which supported our country. Rock solid. Immovable. Constant. Now many Republicans treat it with utter disregard. Same with our laws. Same with our traditions. Utter disregard. Win at all cost. Flat out lie on national television. Lie to voters. Lie to children. Lie to judges. Whatever it takes.

It’s like Republicans believe they are the entitled to the land, the money, the positions of authority. They alone, by way of their superior white heritage, have the right to lay claim to it all. When people of color, women, poor folks try to gain access to the group, stop them any way you can….even if it’s cruel. Yank children from their parents. Force a 10 year old to have her rapist’s baby. Throw a six year old back into the river. Get the ballot boxes out of black communities. Shame food stamp recipients.

We can march, protest, speak out, volunteer, vote….but we can’t grow accustomed to what has happened to our country. I’ve stopped laughing at Trump jokes. He’s not funny. He’s dead-serious dangerous, the most dangerous person to ever rise to power in this country. Imagine being in his Cult of Cruelty and wearing a MAGA hat with pride. You can’t get much lower.

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Good post, democrank. brer cat Aug 2023 #1
Agree!!! nt pazzyanne Aug 2023 #21
It's all about the greater good! Initech Aug 2023 #25
Are we becoming a nation of sociopaths? Irish_Dem Aug 2023 #2
You got it all, I've seen it and it's definitely on the rise, dangerous times.. appalachiablue Aug 2023 #17
Yes BlueIn_W_Pa Aug 2023 #31
I don't think it's a new development ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #35
I too fear for our country because we have too many people who no longer value democracy Lonestarblue Aug 2023 #3
Kick and recommend. bronxiteforever Aug 2023 #4
Excellent post. Right on the mark. scarletlib Aug 2023 #5
They are fed a totalitarian mindset bucolic_frolic Aug 2023 #6
In my nearly half century of adulthood Cosmocat Aug 2023 #7
I'd like to know when these halcyon days of civil discourse existed ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #36
So, do you think it's worse now or just more obvious? Ligyron Aug 2023 #40
FFS Cosmocat Aug 2023 #41
K&R 2naSalit Aug 2023 #8
Hateful ignorance wrapped in religion and or patriotism is still hateful ignorance. czarjak Aug 2023 #9
The great sage Mike Tyson says it best EYESORE 9001 Aug 2023 #10
We can't help everyone Marthe48 Aug 2023 #11
Totally agree about no longer laughing at wnylib Aug 2023 #12
As has been said, the cruelty is the point dlk Aug 2023 #13
Excellent! LoisB Aug 2023 #14
It is a Cult of cruelty, as you rightly say n/t Alice Kramden Aug 2023 #15
Brilliant. This paragraph says it all. Justice Aug 2023 #16
(Trump is) "the most dangerous person to ever rise to power..." Wednesdays Aug 2023 #18
KNR and bookmarking. Very well said. I never laughed, because I never found niyad Aug 2023 #19
I'm hoping these are the desperate grabs for power by the dinosaurs-- Sky Jewels Aug 2023 #20
K&R Blue Owl Aug 2023 #22
I really hate to sound like a broken record here... Initech Aug 2023 #23
Fairness Doctrine gone and Citizens United ruling. Brainfodder Aug 2023 #24
Absolutely. pandr32 Aug 2023 #28
I think there's always been this many cruel people. Elessar Zappa Aug 2023 #26
And they have become emboldened by a man who encourages their hatred. Haggis 4 Breakfast Aug 2023 #33
Excellent post! pandr32 Aug 2023 #27
It has always been about the money topcelts Aug 2023 #29
What an absolutely excellent post. llmart Aug 2023 #30
All one has to do is turn on the live coverage of any Republican National Convention or CPAC DFW Aug 2023 #32
Great post! KT2000 Aug 2023 #34
K & R! 58Sunliner Aug 2023 #37
Excellent post Democrank Duncanpup Aug 2023 #38
The Cult of Cruelty malaise Aug 2023 #39
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