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Want to know which way the wind is blowing? PCIntern Aug 2023 #1
100% true. I don't trust him at all. Greybnk48 Aug 2023 #20
That's when I lost faith in him too. During those days... BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #25
It's the only thing that works for me Walleye Aug 2023 #2
When are the Dems going to push decrim? RussBLib Aug 2023 #8
I don't know who has the authority to take it off the drugs schedule,but it certainly should be done Walleye Aug 2023 #10
Meanwhile, there are no age restrictions that I know of on CBD. BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #26
I've tried a few different Delta 8 products RussBLib Aug 2023 #28
I've actually been amazed at how "buzzed" I've gotten. BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #33
It's been fully legal in mass since 2017.... guess what? getagrip_already Aug 2023 #3
It gets my old body moving. I like Emile Aug 2023 #4
I keep two types by my bedside for me, & one for the dog. CrispyQ Aug 2023 #5
Any hints on what's good for the dog? BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #27
I buy from NuLeaf Naturals. CrispyQ Aug 2023 #30
Thanks! I've tried everything. BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #32
I just remembered, this, too. CrispyQ Aug 2023 #34
After 6 years, its a crutch, but a necessary one. Brainfodder Aug 2023 #6
My pain management Doctor saved me with it. William769 Aug 2023 #7
Hello, it's nice to see you! boston bean Aug 2023 #14
Good to see you too! William769 Aug 2023 #22
it is the kindest remedy for epilepsy. peacebuzzard Aug 2023 #9
I wish some of the GOP Neanderthals in Texas would listen to someone walkingman Aug 2023 #11
And something like over 70% of Texans support legalization TxGuitar Aug 2023 #17
Has anyone seen a violent pot user? I have not. Butterflylady Aug 2023 #12
Going into shop in Eugene it was almost exclusively my generation. LizBeth Aug 2023 #13
As said above, they MUST get it off Schedule 1 at the Fed level BlueIn_W_Pa Aug 2023 #15
Been smoking since 1986 sky_masterson Aug 2023 #16
Cannabis can be beneficial but just like many other beneficial drugs it can have side effects. totodeinhere Aug 2023 #18
K & R malaise Aug 2023 #19
My wife's fibromyalgia pain is tremendously relieved by edibles. Lunabell Aug 2023 #21
His Prior Objections Were Weak Science ProfessorGAC Aug 2023 #23
Now talk about Mblaze Aug 2023 #24
Gupta telling me pot is good is like Trump telling me he lost the 2020 election. Iggo Aug 2023 #29
5mg of Indica an hour before bed if I really need to be fresh in the morning, works like a charm for Quixote1818 Aug 2023 #31
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