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Wed Aug 2, 2023, 11:20 AM Aug 2023

The thing that has my head absolutely spinning is this: [View all]

Correct me if I'm wrong but the insane thing is, none of what's going on with tfg prevents him from running for POTUS. Nor does it prevent him from being sworn in, should he actually win, from his prison cell. It's possible. Hopefully it's not probable.

One thing the 2016 election taught me is to never underestimate how many stupid, corrupt and delusional people live in this country and how much damage they can cause just by voting.

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100% agree and I think about this a lot, too - cilla4progress Aug 2023 #1
From The Ashes Of Fascists Comes... MayReasonRule Aug 2023 #75
Agree!!! And I never imagined how many "stupid, corrupt and delusional people live in this country RKP5637 Aug 2023 #2
Neither did James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay Model35mech Aug 2023 #4
And it's stunning the number of people that still support Trump, and for 2024. Fox News and the RKP5637 Aug 2023 #7
I lived the Wisconsin Tea-Party experience, I think I partly get them Model35mech Aug 2023 #12
Yep, sadly quite true! n/t RKP5637 Aug 2023 #15
What kills me inthewind21 Aug 2023 #53
Yep, they hate not controlling the federal system but desperately want to control it Model35mech Aug 2023 #59
They imagined that a future president might need to be taken out of office, and they provided Lonestarblue Aug 2023 #23
McConnell is just as authoritarian as Trump. wnylib Aug 2023 #72
That's one possibility. malthaussen Aug 2023 #31
I don't think it was lack of imagination... Shipwack Aug 2023 #34
The EC was created to resolve the elections of the pooled state results Model35mech Aug 2023 #52
Also many of our founding fathers wanted to stop the development of Farmer-Rick Aug 2023 #80
I used to wonder about, a long time ago, who is stupid enough to believe infomercials GoodRaisin Aug 2023 #45
Agreed.... berksdem Aug 2023 #3
Eugene Debs was in prison OrangeJoe Aug 2023 #27
Thank you orthoclad Aug 2023 #63
He was a Socialist. Definitely NOT my cup-o-tea. Oopsie Daisy Aug 2023 #74
You said it. BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #5
Its the fault of the GOP IbogaProject Aug 2023 #6
It takes 2/3 to convict. mobeau69 Aug 2023 #10
2/3 to remove IbogaProject Aug 2023 #11
There were 57 votes to convict in the 2nd trial. What is your source on barring him? mobeau69 Aug 2023 #14
Senate rules IbogaProject Aug 2023 #51
I'm sure McConnell is really proud of his part in ruining our democracy SouthernDem4ever Aug 2023 #55
You seem to imply Conjuay Aug 2023 #57
Only about his own sorry ass SouthernDem4ever Aug 2023 #58
Thank you so much. I was not aware of this at all. mobeau69 Aug 2023 #66
There is something a little scary about that whopis01 Aug 2023 #76
No surprise given how utterly corrupt our media is unblock Aug 2023 #8
Very Well Said!!! n/t RKP5637 Aug 2023 #9
Exactly RocRizzo55 Aug 2023 #28
One other point jmowreader Aug 2023 #39
Yes; zero due diligence of him as a businessman unblock Aug 2023 #44
Great post. Dave says Aug 2023 #56
An estimated $5billion worth of free publicity orthoclad Aug 2023 #64
Same here. I'm expecting -- okay, hoping -- for a meltdown. Auggie Aug 2023 #13
He could have a total meltdown IMO. The loss of control must create an enormous level of stress RKP5637 Aug 2023 #16
He could have a total meltdown and still win the election. In fact, he could be dead. malthaussen Aug 2023 #32
Unlikely. Psychopaths rarely believe that they've done anything wrong. littlemissmartypants Aug 2023 #62
True orthoclad Aug 2023 #67
A real meltdown, not theater. Mental or physical. Auggie Aug 2023 #78
Unlikely. Psychopaths rarely believe that they've done anything wrong so littlemissmartypants Aug 2023 #81
That's what I'm saying: a health event meltdown Auggie Aug 2023 #82
I think you're quite correct, he would not meltdown. As a psychopath it's all RKP5637 Aug 2023 #79
I was hoping for that halfway through orthoclad Aug 2023 #65
Using ALito's "dodge" about the Constitution... 3825-87867 Aug 2023 #17
Sure. Any idea where we get the leverage to enforce that interpretation? malthaussen Aug 2023 #33
Every indictment reaffirms his KKKultists' worship Orrex Aug 2023 #18
If Fani Willis gets him criminally convicted, it could be a major inconvenience trying to run pnwmom Aug 2023 #19
Would kemp pardon him? PortTack Aug 2023 #37
Being that Kemp is one of the people involved in his crime, probably not jmowreader Aug 2023 #40
He wouldn't help him before. I hope he wouldn't now. nt pnwmom Aug 2023 #43
Absolutely agree. Katinfl Aug 2023 #20
Yup. He can mount a campaign in a Supermax prison cell in his orange jumpsuit. Texin Aug 2023 #21
Florence, Colorado has left the light on for him. colorado_ufo Aug 2023 #26
Republican philosophy: dchill Aug 2023 #22
Instead of Live from the White House, it would be Liberal In Texas Aug 2023 #24
There's at least one group saying they'll try to have him disqualified from ballots... CaptainTruth Aug 2023 #25
GOP has ceased to be a serious political party Recycle_Guru Aug 2023 #29
Exactly right. We just have to hope that people will realize Warpy Aug 2023 #30
Obviously the Founders assumed no citizen of the US would be so unpatriotic, so willing to Martin68 Aug 2023 #35
Many faulty aspects of this country need attention BSdetect Aug 2023 #36
Age 35 and born in the USA bpj62 Aug 2023 #38
How true! jmowreader Aug 2023 #42
Every day that goes by where tfg is the front runner on the gqp ticket makes the demise of the PortTack Aug 2023 #41
There are hundreds of lying, election denying politicians in office! NewHendoLib Aug 2023 #46
Add ignorant paleotn Aug 2023 #47
Eugene V. Debs. (Socialist Party) got 2% of votes while in prison for sedition. 3Hotdogs Aug 2023 #48
A million Americans voted for Eugene Debs while he was in prison IronLionZion Aug 2023 #49
One voter said he supported Trump "because he's a stong man." LastLiberal in PalmSprings Aug 2023 #50
Don't think Putin wants him in Moscow! Mopar151 Aug 2023 #60
Yep republianmushroom Aug 2023 #54
And he will absolutely run from his prison cell.. SKKY Aug 2023 #61
I don't see an actual answer to your question. markodochartaigh Aug 2023 #68
The electoral college is a sham RANDYWILDMAN Aug 2023 #69
This is why it infuriated me when Aileen Cannon moved the trial from December to May AdamGG Aug 2023 #70
felon can't vote, but multiple felon can run for president. nt Grasswire2 Aug 2023 #71
We had a felon as mayor of Flint, once. He was a piece of work. Siwsan Aug 2023 #73
Supporters of Trump CarolinaNC Aug 2023 #77
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