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I think Eastman is the most vulnerable . Scrivener7 Jul 2023 #1
probably prodigitalson Jul 2023 #11
I think he got his coup training at trump university. Scrivener7 Jul 2023 #15
Flynn is the most dangerous imo obamanut2012 Jul 2023 #2
definitely, Kracken is the most smug prodigitalson Jul 2023 #16
I voted for Flynn leftieNanner Jul 2023 #3
Me too. prodigitalson Jul 2023 #9
But for Stone, Flynn would be my vote. WheelWalker Jul 2023 #10
Tough choice between Flynn and Eastman, orthoclad Jul 2023 #4
Sorry but I can't choose one traitor over another PJMcK Jul 2023 #5
It is Boris Epshteyn LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2023 #6
Stone. WheelWalker Jul 2023 #7
I edited the poll to ad Stone. prodigitalson Jul 2023 #8
Ooooo, that almost makes me change from Flynn Maeve Jul 2023 #13
ditto allegorical oracle Jul 2023 #19
I would put Stone moniss Jul 2023 #12
I did prodigitalson Jul 2023 #14
probably should have put navarro and bannon, but there is the other category prodigitalson Jul 2023 #17
Bannon. Volaris Jul 2023 #18
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