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Bernardo de La Paz

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7. Hate comes because RW Authoritarian Followers don't introspect. They look outward for blaming
Tue Jul 25, 2023, 09:49 AM
Jul 2023

Especially magats.

If something goes wrong, it's never because they made a bad decision or joined a stupid cult or weren't competent enough. Somebody else is to blame and can be hated.

If they can't afford a new $80k truck this year, it must be poor migrants stealing jobs. Never mind the illogic that poor migrants don't pull in enough money to afford a $10k used truck. Not when they are starting out.

If their kid didn't get into the college of their choice, it wasn't because they told their kid it is excusable to have a math block. It's because of Affirmative Action and DEI.

If their leader they adulate and pledge allegiance to is indicted multiple times, it's not him for criming and it's not them for following. It's the Deep State emulating a banana republic.

If they can't impose their religious beliefs on drag queens, doctors, birth control and librarians, it's not their concept of American rights that is backwards. It's the godless heathens imposing their sinful ways on god-fearing christians.

Hate is especially hot when it is jacked up and amped up by big money political influencers and third party disruptors and foreign bad actors.

Hate comes from looking outward for somebody to blame. RWAF and magats find it much more comfortable than looking inward.

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