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19. Spent 3 nights on Corfu in 1981.
Mon Jul 24, 2023, 03:56 PM
Jul 2023

Two nights were in Corfu town and the other night in Kassiopi. Rented a car and drove to west coast (beach where Ulysses landed) and circled the mountainous north island. Was during early Spring and Cercis (redbud) trees were in bloom and women were gathering olives. Drove from Kassoipi on road that went to village near top of highest peak. A frocked priest flagged us down for a ride to his church in the village. Wife stopped taking photos because she thought the priest did not approve and we did not communicate well. Did not know where taking him until church in village. The traffic was other autos but mostly women with donkeys loaded with olives or firewood. The priest had us stop at his church and had wife take his picture and large smile. Unforgettable.

Clocks ticking. BeckyDem Jul 2023 #1
Such a beautiful island: The Durrells was filmed there MagickMuffin Jul 2023 #2
Thanks so much for this malaise Jul 2023 #3
You're very welcome MagickMuffin Jul 2023 #14
It IS a wonderful series, Rich in characters and storyline. flying_wahini Jul 2023 #4
Will have to watch malaise Jul 2023 #5
It is a beautiful island mountain grammy Jul 2023 #6
I've visited quite a few countries but I've never malaise Jul 2023 #9
It was a amazing trip.. wonderful country and people. mountain grammy Jul 2023 #15
My number one for food was India malaise Jul 2023 #16
Me too, but never been to India mountain grammy Jul 2023 #24
We were trying to decide between Greece and Italy for our trip this September helpisontheway Jul 2023 #34
Have a blast malaise Jul 2023 #35
Spent 3 nights on Corfu in 1981. PufPuf23 Jul 2023 #19
Lucky you! mountain grammy Jul 2023 #26
I was in Corfu for two weeks in 1972. Out of all the Greek Emile Jul 2023 #23
I only made it to Corfu but I agree anyway.. mountain grammy Jul 2023 #27
I have been to the islands Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. In Emile Jul 2023 #28
Wow, great memories. mountain grammy Jul 2023 #29
US Navy 1969 - 1973. The navy is a great way for a young man to see the world. Emile Jul 2023 #30
Indeed.. my son was US Navy.. 1987 to 1992 mountain grammy Jul 2023 #31
That was such a great series. tanyev Jul 2023 #13
As an aside Zorro Jul 2023 #20
I watched PBS Digital yesterday and they had a global warming segment on. The in2herbs Jul 2023 #7
Scary malaise Jul 2023 #10
Now don't you worry yourself none, gawd will fix it for us, just you wait Rural_Progressive Jul 2023 #12
Getting up off the floor malaise Jul 2023 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Jul 2023 #18
Possibly with a big-ass space rock. hunter Jul 2023 #32
That's not the whole story. Elessar Zappa Jul 2023 #25
Climate change? What climate change? n/t SpankMe Jul 2023 #8
Climate deniers don't know where Corfu is. progressoid Jul 2023 #11
Corfu is the most forested of the Greek Islands and the north is mountainous. PufPuf23 Jul 2023 #21
Thanks for this malaise Jul 2023 #22
CBS evening news reported this is the largest evacuation Torchlight Jul 2023 #33
Ye re the largest evacuation malaise Jul 2023 #36
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