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6. At the very least the Supreme Court should remand everything back to Congress.
Mon Jul 3, 2023, 02:07 PM
Jul 2023

Give the people another chance to fix things. They should not be able to change laws or take away Freedoms. They are not for or of the people. So few should not judge for us all. Keep our laws and freedoms in place until we can vote on them or Congress can vote on them.. JMO.

they also were supposed to die at 38 GenXer47 Jul 2023 #1
I so agree. The fectless Roberts has been presiding since 2005 without seeing any need... brush Jul 2023 #7
That's not really true ITAL Jul 2023 #10
That's right Buckeyeblue Jul 2023 #24
The idea that SCOTUS justice were expected to die at 38 is total nonsense onenote Jul 2023 #13
People did not die at 38 in 1776. former9thward Jul 2023 #21
The idea of shorter lifespans in 1776 is actually a myth. Oneironaut Jul 2023 #22
I thought everyone knew that was a myth Polybius Jul 2023 #23
cant read the article AllaN01Bear Jul 2023 #2
Kick dalton99a Jul 2023 #3
Are we really going to recapitulate every 1970-2016 conservative argument against the court? Effete Snob Jul 2023 #4
AI will do the writing for us and for those dead still seeking their salvation sanatanadharma Jul 2023 #5
The OP states "since the Civil War" MichMan Jul 2023 #17
Well yes Effete Snob Jul 2023 #19
At the very least the Supreme Court should remand everything back to Congress. pwb Jul 2023 #6
The SC is just doing what Leonard Leo paid them to do. rubbersole Jul 2023 #8
Well ... Lurker Deluxe Jul 2023 #9
The Supreme Court is not for or by the people pwb Jul 2023 #11
thanks. thinking things through is an advantage. stopdiggin Jul 2023 #12
Congress needs to impeach those Justices who lied to be confirmed FakeNoose Jul 2023 #14
The Republican House will never impeach them Marius25 Jul 2023 #15
Marius, I understand what you're saying... slightlv Jul 2023 #18
most of the SC was appointed by assholes who lost the popular vote Skittles Jul 2023 #16
But that's because of the 14th Amendment Effete Snob Jul 2023 #20
The problem with this court is the backsliding of rights and the way religious freedom is defined Buckeyeblue Jul 2023 #25
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