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46. Friends don't let friends vote republican.
Fri Jun 30, 2023, 03:26 PM
Jun 2023

Do. Not. Trust. Republicans.
Do. Not. Vote. For. Republicans.
Vote. Every. Republican. Out. Of. Office.
Nothing. Will. Ever. Get. Better. Until. The. GOP. Is. Gone.

Now, Does Everyone Finally Get It? [View all] MineralMan Jun 2023 OP
Absolutely! 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2023 #1
+1000 SWBTATTReg Jun 2023 #2
Voting is the most important thing Elessar Zappa Jun 2023 #3
If they cilla4progress Jun 2023 #24
And vote at every single damn level! Initech Jun 2023 #4
X1 million FalloutShelter Jun 2023 #5
Hell yes!!! I feared these days would come in 2016! They are here but we can win America back! OrlandoDem2 Jun 2023 #6
Make calls wryter2000 Jun 2023 #7
Better yet, get those close to you that think like we do registered and voting. W_HAMILTON Jun 2023 #12
I live in Barbara Lee country wryter2000 Jun 2023 #52
Offer to help your Precinct Chair do this work yellowdogintexas Jun 2023 #66
Exclamation marks cheaper in packs of 10000 Tetrachloride Jun 2023 #8
Yup. There's not a damn thing we can do about the Supreme Court right now, Ocelot II Jun 2023 #9
You do realize that these fake cases are just another level of corruption Farmer-Rick Jul 2023 #78
The best, the ONLY cure to WhiteChristianNationalism, race baiting, mysogyny, etc. is WINNING usonian Jun 2023 #10
I second that. Hekate Jun 2023 #11
Yes! Lack of unity is one of the reasons Trump ever got elected in 2016. Ohioboy Jun 2023 #13
Except former Green Party candidates. Beware of them. Joinfortmill Jun 2023 #14
If they are the Democratic nominee, they get my vote. yardwork Jun 2023 #21
Have you seen this? Or this? Two former Green Party candidates. Joinfortmill Jun 2023 #27
Um, I plan to vote for Biden in the primary. yardwork Jun 2023 #34
A pile of turds would get my vote wryter2000 Jun 2023 #53
I know several that don't get it. maxsolomon Jun 2023 #15
They get it. They just want something other than DUers want. yardwork Jun 2023 #35
It's like refusing to get in the life boat on the Titanic wryter2000 Jun 2023 #54
I broke up with my girlfriend because of Bernie Sanders GarySeven Jun 2023 #16
There weren't any shenanigans anyway. yardwork Jun 2023 #22
GOP were stoking that division as much as they could IronLionZion Jun 2023 #33
And they're not done yet. This round, they're hanging their hopes on the ridiculous RFK Jr calimary Jul 2023 #70
All. Damn. Day. nolabear Jun 2023 #17
+1000 relayerbob Jun 2023 #18
Vote Keepthesoulalive Jun 2023 #19
Not voting has consequences. Severe ones. czarjak Jun 2023 #20
Not voting at all is as bad as voting for a 3rd party candidate FakeNoose Jun 2023 #58
It really is this simple mcar Jun 2023 #23
+1000 CaptainTruth Jun 2023 #25
No, everyone does not finally get it. piddyprints Jun 2023 #26
Tennessee is having mini-revolutions in their local politics Fiendish Thingy Jun 2023 #39
Yeah, not in my neighborhood. piddyprints Jun 2023 #56
Also, vote for candidates in primaries who will expand the USSC Warpy Jun 2023 #28
I don't know many "timidly traditional" Democrats. yardwork Jun 2023 #38
Vote for Democrats! cksmithy Jun 2023 #29
If you think it's "all or nothing" and do nothing, MineralMan Jun 2023 #31
we have to counter their lies about Democrats. SleeplessinSoCal Jun 2023 #49
Do that, then, to all you can reach. MineralMan Jun 2023 #50
seems to me that is how it once worked. SleeplessinSoCal Jun 2023 #51
Students/young people get it. rubbersole Jun 2023 #32
First things first Fiendish Thingy Jun 2023 #36
You can only work in your own area, really. MineralMan Jun 2023 #40
If you live in a solid blue district, go to the nearest one yellowdogintexas Jul 2023 #68
Good ideas! MineralMan Jul 2023 #79
Even if the candidates are strong, some people won't see it. LisaM Jun 2023 #60
The Goldilocks theory that if there's a just right perfect candidate, everyone will vote betsuni Jun 2023 #62
Vote Blue in local elections, too. pandr32 Jun 2023 #37
Preaching to the converted GenThePerservering Jun 2023 #41
Judging by inthewind21 Jun 2023 #42
K&R ismnotwasm Jun 2023 #43
Just beware DENVERPOPS Jun 2023 #44
Absolutely, MM peggysue2 Jun 2023 #45
Friends don't let friends vote republican. Raster Jun 2023 #46
K & R...nt Wounded Bear Jun 2023 #47
Yes! Vote for Democrats Wild blueberry Jun 2023 #48
Everyone must vote dai13sy Jun 2023 #55
At the very simplest basic level its has always been about the Supreme Court. honest.abe Jun 2023 #57
we are all here and we knew this would happen RANDYWILDMAN Jun 2023 #59
I'm worried about what rights we'll have left by the time November 2024 comes. ecstatic Jun 2023 #61
I will echo your sentiment: ANY DEMOCRAT! Beartracks Jun 2023 #63
+1 betsuni Jun 2023 #67
Watch our six. aocommunalpunch Jun 2023 #64
Damn straight! WheelWalker Jun 2023 #65
Pity the intellectual who votes 3rd party Blue Owl Jul 2023 #69
Susan Sarandon says she might prefer Donald Trump because he'd bring about revolution faster TomCADem Jul 2023 #71
As a wealthy person Susan Saran wrap did quite well under Trump. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jul 2023 #72
She went on Jon Stewart's show and admitted she screwed up badly IronLionZion Jul 2023 #80
Yes! Everyone should heed your advice! Ignore Nina Turner, Briahna Joy Gray, Sarandon, etc. Oopsie Daisy Jul 2023 #73
And you had better STAY on this Message malaise Jul 2023 #74
I warned them DownriverDem Jul 2023 #75
Getting better, still too many stubbornly refusing to understand importance of majorities. betsuni Jul 2023 #76
More Americans have voted for Democrats than not since forever it seems. czarjak Jul 2023 #77
Damn right!!! BobTheSubgenius Jul 2023 #81
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