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Schilling proves himself to be an idiot. apcalc Jun 2023 #1
He has always been a dick chicoescuela Jun 2023 #23
Grab your gun Curt and take the lead you fascist asshole. Prove your fealty to the orange one. Hotler Jun 2023 #67
Yep republianmushroom Jun 2023 #25
he's an idiot but this is very dangerous talk LymphocyteLover Jun 2023 #53
Is Kurt going to be the hero and pull the trigger... Jack the Greater Jun 2023 #64
Right-wingers do more projecting than Bell & Howell. Ocelot II Jun 2023 #2
+1 Gidney N Cloyd Jun 2023 #20
hem. havent heard that company name in a while . AllaN01Bear Jun 2023 #39
LOL! Tess49 Jun 2023 #40
There have been way too many triggers pulled you ass. LakeArenal Jun 2023 #3
Ain't no drag queen, but he sure is a drag MagickMuffin Jun 2023 #11
Dog whistle to a lone wolf. Kid Berwyn Jun 2023 #4
Maybe we should call it a wolf whistle? nt Shermann Jun 2023 #5
Facts, logic and reality are all against you - might as well resort to violence gratuitous Jun 2023 #6
"the young men that signed the Constitution " GreatCaesarsGhost Jun 2023 #7
There's a reason why he isn't in the Hall of Fame... ms liberty Jun 2023 #8
Sounds like a threat to me Bayard Jun 2023 #9
+1. Or the FBI. (nt) Pinback Jun 2023 #38
How about both? Both is good. nt crickets Jun 2023 #56
+1000 Duppers Jun 2023 #44
Unconstitutional? NowISeetheLight Jun 2023 #10
"Unconstitutional" is their default position Mr.Bill Jun 2023 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Mr.Bill Jun 2023 #17
Exactly. They never, ever point out what part of the Constitution is being violated. Mister Ed Jun 2023 #30
The Constitution allows us to change governments peacefully. With elections. bucolic_frolic Jun 2023 #12
Why wasn't he arrested? Varaddem Jun 2023 #13
Pure gibberish: "We're up against a side and a force that doesn't play by the rules ... Botany Jun 2023 #14
Boston Massacre was in 1770 ITAL Jun 2023 #27
Thanx .... I knew it was before the Battle of Concord but I didn't know it was 5 years before. Botany Jun 2023 #35
you know... The unconstitutional thing. edisdead Jun 2023 #65
You First, Curt! ProfessorGAC Jun 2023 #15
You nailed it......... Takket Jun 2023 #28
no on the peanut butter Grasswire2 Jun 2023 #18
Judging by all the report on what he eats Chili Pepper Jun 2023 #29
Godly principles? usonian Jun 2023 #19
Thank you. Reading this garbage made my blood boil. Boomerproud Jun 2023 #41
Peace! usonian Jun 2023 #45
Why do you think he would be turned away? ExWhoDoesntCare Jun 2023 #63
I imagine he's all in on the part about permanent torture ExWhoDoesntCare Jun 2023 #62
I'm ashamed to say that I rooted for this prick PCIntern Jun 2023 #21
I know what you mean - we had Barry Bonds playing in Pittsburgh in the 90's FakeNoose Jun 2023 #36
Hey, I rooted for Clayton Kershaw 'til a couple weeks ago. Iggo Jun 2023 #60
I guess star baseball players can also be stupid people when they're not playing baseball. GoodRaisin Jun 2023 #22
I wish he could be arrested for fomenting violence. He is calling for some willing MAGA idiot to Lonestarblue Jun 2023 #24
Does that not MOMFUDSKI Jun 2023 #26
Totally brainwashed. The radical right is totally brainwashed... CaptainTruth Jun 2023 #31
Is Curt Schilling a good example of a Major League Baseball Star? 3825-87867 Jun 2023 #32
"We're up against a side and a force that doesn't play by the rules, refuses to play by the rules... Septua Jun 2023 #33
"Pull a trigger?" There is no trigger and I don't see anyone who is capable Warpy Jun 2023 #34
he means people with guns-- rightwing terrorists, revolution LymphocyteLover Jun 2023 #52
Dylan pointed out the bravery of people like Schilling Joe Nation Jun 2023 #37
We are witnessing the lingo of the insurgents of 'rule of men" upon Rule of Law. ancianita Jun 2023 #42
What 1/6 proved The Jungle 1 Jun 2023 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author AllaN01Bear Jun 2023 #46
That's some serious word salad non sense projection bs. SammyWinstonJack Jun 2023 #47
K..so stop this indictment, the one coming in GA and the J6 indictment coming....sure PortTack Jun 2023 #48
nonsenseical. AllaN01Bear Jun 2023 #49
The rules are what got your dear leader where he's at and the constitution says we're a nation of Fullduplexxx Jun 2023 #50
These nuts are basically encouraging terrorism kevink077 Jun 2023 #51
Is this not illegal? FDRFTW Jun 2023 #54
First, f*ck this guy and his fake bloody sock TxGuitar Jun 2023 #55
Schitling, you Aviation Pro Jun 2023 #57
Fuck your STUPID SLEAZY MURDUROUS Cha Jun 2023 #58
Oh And, May KARMA Hit your BIG Cha Jun 2023 #59
The 1st Amendment says BS ExWhoDoesntCare Jun 2023 #61
"Godly principles" and Donald Trump are 100% incompatible Martin Eden Jun 2023 #66
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