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woo me with science

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144. And here it is: the predictable, laughable corporate-echoing reply.
Mon Nov 12, 2012, 01:58 PM
Nov 2012

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The bid for compromise. The urging to stop being such a purist. What a ridiculous, reeking load of nonsense. Democrats are lectured for being one-sided and "purist," as though WE are the ones insisting on getting our way, all the time, with no compromise....when the truth is that this country has been dragged *so far* to the right over the past 30 years that:

*our middle class has been virtually obliterated through policy

*forty percent of our wealth has been looted

*virtually ALL new wealth of the past 30 years has gone to the top one percent

*93 percent of the "recovery" has gone to the top one percent

*over a million American schoolchildren are now homeless

*America now ranks higher than any other developed nation in child poverty with the exception of Romania, which a DUer mentioned was only recently added to the list, perhaps to spare America the embarrassment of being last...

*CEO pay is now 350 times the average worker's pay, up from fifty times between 1960 and 1985

*CEO pay has skyrocketed 300% since 1990. Corporate profits have doubled. Average "production worker" pay has increased 4%. The minimum wage has dropped. (All numbers adjusted for inflation).

*After adjusting for inflation, average hourly earnings haven't increased in 50 years.

*income inequality has gotten so extreme here that the US now ranks 93rd in the world in "income equality." China's ahead of us. So is India. So is Iran.

*Social mobility is near an all-time low.

*The top 1% of Americans own 42% of the financial wealth in this country. The top 5% own nearly 70%.

*Hundreds of millions of Americans are deep in debt.

*Taxes on the highest earners are near the lowest they've EVER been and lower than for many who earn less.

etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

*much, much more at link below,and that's just one of MANY we could post here...


The OP is an utterly predictable bid for passivity....the familiar, ridiculous exhortation to keep doing what we have been doing, hoping for incremental change, despite reality and the proof of our own experience that doing so only moves us relentlessly to the right. It is the same right-wing spiel we hear every day, urging us to stay quiet and accept the next corporate assault in the name of "compromise."

We have received no compromise. We have been looted, again and again and again, with no end in sight. And still the message comes, like a drumbeat: You have not compromised enough. You are being a purist.

It doesn't fly anymore. In fact, it has reached the point of ludicrousness.

When Democrats achieve landslide victories in an election, are creaming the opposition's policies in the polls, and are being proven correct about policy over and over again in major world events and economic statistics...When the people are standing up and screaming for representation, and showing it at the ballot box...

and the first, predictable response by the same predictable few, the message taken from all of these events and posted here repeatedly with great solemnity and concern, is that this proves the necessity of more right-wing compromise..

Sometimes the corporate Wonderland of propaganda in which we are so perpetually and subtly immersed rises up and becomes explicit, and Democrats can learn a lot from that.


*Much here taken directly from this article at Business Insider, perhaps the best summary I have seen of the looting of America: http://www.businessinsider.com/what-wall-street-protesters-are-so-angry-about-2011-10?op=1

There is much, much more there. I strongly recommend that every DUer click through the whole thing again for a reminder of how how much "compromise" WE have received from the ones who are looting us blind:

strength of conservative ideas? Can you list some good conservative ideas, please? NRaleighLiberal Nov 2012 #1
Conservative or conservative? TalkingDog Nov 2012 #5
Obamacare. Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #6
Yup nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #11
Privatized, for-profit healthcare is a shitty idea n/t leftstreet Nov 2012 #18
+1000 truebluegreen Nov 2012 #32
Well, it WAS better than nothing for me. MoonchildCA Nov 2012 #126
Say what you will about the Affordable Care Act. It helped the parents of the kid who drums in my calimary Nov 2012 #190
I Love it! BobbyBoring Nov 2012 #500
My son is covered until he is 31 1/2. Humana, I think. MissMarple Nov 2012 #545
But better than nothing is still not good. And what about those millions for whom Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #303
ObamaCare Is Good.. It's saving Lives and making lives Easier. Cha Nov 2012 #340
No, it isn't. It does suck less, but that is not good, and you didn't answer the question. n/t Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #383
You're right..ObamaCare isn't just "good" ..it's a GREAT Foundation! LOVE IT! Cha Nov 2012 #390
That's not what was written, and you still haven't answered the question. n/t Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #401
Both my kids (20,22) have preexisting conditions, but can be on my health ins until 26. AAO Nov 2012 #440
What about the millions who won't be helped right now? BlueToTheBone Nov 2012 #515
Not the topic. When Sekhmets Daughter and I started this it was in response to the idea of Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #541
And "nothing" is exactly billh58 Nov 2012 #563
Do any of you people ever actually read what is written? You're like the 5th Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #564
Believe me when I say billh58 Nov 2012 #565
Condescending? Yes. "Freeper"!? You've got to be kidding. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #566
I did not call billh58 Nov 2012 #568
Don't worry, I don't alert on my own behalf. I couldn't care less what name someone calls me. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #570
I think that we billh58 Nov 2012 #571
I think we might be the same person. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #572
Perfection can only be acheived thru progress. xtraxritical Nov 2012 #487
Perfection cannot be achieved at all, and nobody is asking for perfection. But like the other person Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #493
The "perfection" you wish for is government sponsered single payer national health care. xtraxritical Nov 2012 #524
You're the only one talking about perfection here, and single payer will not be perfect either. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #542
It is the first step... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #74
yep heaven05 Nov 2012 #134
We need to be realistic about these issues.... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #139
It leaves millions in an even more toxic environment. One idea being not quite as bad as another Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #170
Agreed, but we cannot be blind to the real problems within the system Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #174
Right. The real problem being that we have nobody working for us. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #204
He self-identifies as a Blue Dog Democrat.... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #252
That's not what I said. This thread is about the asinine notion that we need blend two completely Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #274
Got it... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #278
Yet CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #298
Another bankrupt notion you are using to distract from the bad idea you wrote in the OP. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #313
I had to think about this for a bit. Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #442
Good comment ! Republicans are skilled and ruthless with messaging. Their lack of morality adds Maineman Nov 2012 #518
Exactly on point... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #529
On the money and very well written. go west young man Nov 2012 #522
You're right to worry about the republicans taking Democratic positions away, but the answer Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #544
Perhaps we are talking at cross purposes here...just a bit. Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #549
Long reply on several points and questions; Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #569
Thanks! Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #575
Compromise is asinine? RitchieRich Nov 2012 #526
Oh really? Tens of millions of us are forced to live without any representation in what is Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #543
You are really negative for no apparent reason, convince us you're not a troll. xtraxritical Nov 2012 #547
You have a mouse in your pocket? Who is this us, and how do you suppose that I Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #548
Thug u r xtraxritical Nov 2012 #559
Exactly the response I expected, and yes I am. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #560
Neither Social Security or Medicare were incrementally introduced programs Melinda Nov 2012 #147
I said Democratic congresses expanded the system.... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #181
You said "introduced incrementally". They were not. Melinda Nov 2012 #198
Medicare took YEARS to become what it is today BlueCaliDem Nov 2012 #207
This issue is "increments". Take a look at the legislative history: Melinda Nov 2012 #232
You are thikng process.... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #237
OR BlueCaliDem Nov 2012 #247
Sorry... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #267
I so depise this game of one-upsmanship so many wish to play on DU. Melinda Nov 2012 #284
Ah, okay, that explains it then. :-) Melinda Nov 2012 #294
I agree about single payer, whole heartedly. Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #315
The people covered by social security was increased incrementally... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #236
Yes, they were. See? We can agree, lol. ;-) Melinda Nov 2012 #297
We probably always did...and didn't know it. Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #431
What Social Security was NOT was a mandate that people buy retirement plans from Wall Street n/t eridani Nov 2012 #414
Are you talking about 401Ks? Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #430
No, just saying that SocSec was proudly a GOVERNMENT program right from the beginning eridani Nov 2012 #458
Yes... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #505
That's a good point about the people caught in the middle davidpdx Nov 2012 #467
And so ignorant, Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #506
And now it's time for step 2, right? grahamhgreen Nov 2012 #489
Depends on what you want. :-) Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #507
IMHO, if, in 4 years, everyone had access to a public medical plan grahamhgreen Nov 2012 #538
Sure... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #540
Well said BobbyBoring Nov 2012 #502
Which has caused us long term grief.... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #508
I live in section 8 housing and brokechris Nov 2012 #583
What state? Because I think that lies at the heart of the matter... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #585
+2000 sarcasmo Nov 2012 #192
+1000s (n/t) bread_and_roses Nov 2012 #213
Only for people that can afford it. Those of us in poverty will get Medicaid... Comrade_McKenzie Nov 2012 #63
Your heart should bleed for the middle class.... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #123
yes, pushed into poverty or shitty jobs newspeak Nov 2012 #241
I'm with you. Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #254
The middle-class benefits as much or more from tax payments bread_and_roses Nov 2012 #243
It is just as unfair Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #265
Good grief Oilwellian Nov 2012 #322
Do you know what defines the middle class? Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #325
You should post some of their stories, JoeyT Nov 2012 #397
Really, have you been poor all of your life? Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #403
My reading comprehension is fine: JoeyT Nov 2012 #412
I see your point, and perhaps I could have made mine more clearly.... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #429
Thats not a good idea. Its simply what we got stuck with after caving in to Repukes. Katashi_itto Nov 2012 #142
I think the point is that it isn't any one ideology or mix of ideologies that is good, but... LancetChick Nov 2012 #22
Presumably, that argument only works if you enlightenment Nov 2012 #42
That, sir, is reflexive crap. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #53
What utter hogwash. 99Forever Nov 2012 #67
I agree brush Nov 2012 #78
Adopting the enemies failed tactics CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #83
Do you want to get progressive measures through . . . brush Nov 2012 #95
Again, CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #118
Republicans use all the tools at their disposal LuvLoogie Nov 2012 #159
Agreed brush Nov 2012 #186
You're better at this than I CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #211
What deal is the President offering? Any deal including even a mention of SS in the same sentence sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #550
That is something that should be reiterated to our elected representatives. LuvLoogie Nov 2012 #552
Yes, exactly. This cannot be said enough. Eg, in the debates, Romney told the biggest lie sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #554
who adopted them? Obama ran a clean campaign and did not LIE about his record wordpix Nov 2012 #365
Agreed. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #446
I don't presume shit. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #79
Clue #1 99Forever Nov 2012 #90
Are you going to mention Nazis next? CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #106
we heaven05 Nov 2012 #149
You'd do better to defend your mistake by expecting people to support th spirit of your message, not ancianita Nov 2012 #530
hilarious RitchieRich Nov 2012 #528
you heaven05 Nov 2012 #136
And you... 99Forever Nov 2012 #195
Nice CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #212
You actually think I'm.. 99Forever Nov 2012 #224
It is obvious CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #235
OOOHHHHH! heaven05 Nov 2012 #244
If you are from the Tea Party... 99Forever Nov 2012 #251
hey heaven05 Nov 2012 #264
Now who is being obtuse? CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #282
You are. 99Forever Nov 2012 #364
x2 AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #355
Nice thing to say to a vet on Veteran's Day. nt msanthrope Nov 2012 #258
That's ok... 99Forever Nov 2012 #353
For what? nt msanthrope Nov 2012 #409
Oh heaven05 Nov 2012 #561
I'm not a sir, for one. enlightenment Nov 2012 #369
Your OP was about listening to others and things not being black and white cui bono Nov 2012 #492
Talk about reflexive crap!! Er, reflective. Looks bad from here Captain. WCLinolVir Nov 2012 #516
Government can sometimes waste money gravity Nov 2012 #48
Yep CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #102
Welfare reform in 1996 made "Working Class Poor" a large demographic. Tigress DEM Nov 2012 #483
I don't see any specifics in your posts, just vague ideology. WCLinolVir Nov 2012 #514
Have you ever worked in the federal government or a large corporation? Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #263
True Smith capitalism Dash87 Nov 2012 #60
Amen CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #158
yeah, as long as someone newspeak Nov 2012 #289
Read the book. And enforcing actual ethical standards in the real world would be far more effective Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #296
A.) Not a conservative idea at all, rather a means to reach an egalitarian society. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #283
This message was self-deleted by its author brush Nov 2012 #73
We can remind them of fiscally responsible Republicans like Eisenhower RepublicansRZombies Nov 2012 #161
Conservation is a conservative idea. Don't confuse Ts for conservatives. Ts are cons. Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2012 #169
Verification of progress is a conservative idea. bluestate10 Nov 2012 #285
Great idea, CaptJasHook! Let's compromise!!! wellspring Nov 2012 #395
Thanks, now I don't have to type all that! Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2012 #422
I think the conservative emphasis on smaller government has value except that it is warped by Voice for Peace Nov 2012 #399
Yes, but that's not what today's cons want. They're fine with billions wasted on unnecessary defense Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2012 #423
*** HI THERE... I address the OP.... 6502 Nov 2012 #491
I can't think of any modern conservative ideas myself. RoccoR5955 Nov 2012 #525
thank you nt hockeynut57 Nov 2012 #2
gee datasuspect Nov 2012 #3
Compromise is a two-way street. sadbear Nov 2012 #4
Agreed CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #30
And John Boehner zinnisking Nov 2012 #408
Which is exactly what the Obama administration truebluegreen Nov 2012 #38
Isn't it wonderful CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #51
Label eachother? Raffi Ella Nov 2012 #69
Your point? CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #120
The democratic party is massively broad in viewpoint. bluestate10 Nov 2012 #299
Ah, no. If they vote with Republicans, ... Prana69 Nov 2012 #463
The Republicans don't have any (good) ideas truebluegreen Nov 2012 #386
If you don't like labels I would suggest you edit the word "purists" out of your OP Bjorn Against Nov 2012 #468
OUCH! bvar22 Nov 2012 #579
Ha ha, Obama is many things to many people nolabels Nov 2012 #214
"On edit: now the spell checker didn't work correctly". You got your point across. nt bluestate10 Nov 2012 #304
Yes, and deciding whether to take too much or take it all is not compromise, it is capitulation. n/t Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #302
Conservatives have ideas, but they're all terrible & oppressive. JaneyVee Nov 2012 #7
What, like the EPA? Methinks a Republican President signed off on that. nt mwooldri Nov 2012 #84
That was a LONG time ago. Zoeisright Nov 2012 #86
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Nov 2012 #110
It doesn't matter what the devolved Republican did. Fact remains, the EPA was a Republican BlueCaliDem Nov 2012 #208
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Nov 2012 #288
Well, the question was what good Republican ideas were there BlueCaliDem Nov 2012 #311
But didn't originate it. It was his reaction to one aspect of a movement that threatened Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #308
NOT A CONSERVATIVE. JaneyVee Nov 2012 #344
And I think there are some things no real Democrat would ever "compromise" on - forestpath Nov 2012 #8
If you feel insulted, that is your choice. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #50
The whole point of your post was to be insulting. forestpath Nov 2012 #62
No kidding. This post was deliberately insulting. Zoeisright Nov 2012 #87
What? CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #131
Ah, then you do idolize the republican party. Jakes Progress Nov 2012 #164
This message was self-deleted by its author Jakes Progress Nov 2012 #166
I am a progressive. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #217
Your presumed understanding Jakes Progress Nov 2012 #479
Actually, the left can.That's also an attempt to avoid using all tools in the Left's bigger tool box ancianita Nov 2012 #533
I call BS CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #128
Aw, you call BS. There you go again with the insults. forestpath Nov 2012 #183
Nice logic trap CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #219
Don't put words in my mouth. And don't call me a peach. Your tactics remind me of somebody. forestpath Nov 2012 #279
THERE IT IS: 20-30 YOs are going to be bankrupted? LOL WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2012 #432
Suddenly CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #448
Social Security has a 75 year planning horizon PETRUS Nov 2012 #456
2086. The sky is not falling... WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2012 #527
And you are... Baker, Stiglitz or Krugman? WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2012 #523
AMEN. ALL THE WAY. ancianita Nov 2012 #531
For starters, we could billh58 Nov 2012 #562
nevermind. ancianita Nov 2012 #532
Medicare needs some major adjustments, I'll concede. LiberalAndProud Nov 2012 #551
that's heaven05 Nov 2012 #154
Personally, I won't ever compromise on the environment, PERIOD Blue_Tires Nov 2012 #122
I agree. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #450
I can state some things that a democrat should never compromise on. bluestate10 Nov 2012 #310
Tell it to the OP, not me. forestpath Nov 2012 #382
Conservative "ideas" are known to be utterly wrong. alarimer Nov 2012 #9
Are you seriously suggesting that all liberal ideas work? CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #34
Are you seriously suggesting that conservative ideas work? Zoeisright Nov 2012 #81
I notice you cherry-pick CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #153
You're A Fan Of State's Rights? Paladin Nov 2012 #202
I am a fan CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #222
The local level is still government. RC Nov 2012 #553
Wow, so we should feel bad? geardaddy Nov 2012 #248
4/20 +1 WheelWalker Nov 2012 #475
Finally you come up with lists... ljm2002 Nov 2012 #249
Is this an invitation to discussion CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #314
It is not an invitation to discussion... ljm2002 Nov 2012 #354
Did liberals oppose Theo Roosevelt's environmental stewardship idea at the time? Do they now? Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2012 #417
I just posted in another thread on this topic. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #462
Wow. By not implementing your own OP advice, you're not helping your credibility here. ancianita Nov 2012 #534
Winner! You get the Perfect Response Award! nt. druidity33 Nov 2012 #389
Ugh. Hissyspit Nov 2012 #280
No, small government is not a good idea bread_and_roses Nov 2012 #293
I knew CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #327
You say, "I knew I shouldn't put issues up as the Devil's advocate." Is that what you were doing AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #359
A stong family unit?? Ineeda Nov 2012 #419
Do you believe Colorado and Washington should be drawn into a legal battle? Socal31 Nov 2012 #394
Now I know you are full of it LiberalLovinLug Nov 2012 #335
Well said. AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #360
"If you want to have a conservative/liberal dialogue, with conservatives such as you describe, Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2012 #377
Dammit! druidity33 Nov 2012 #393
Impressive. 99Forever Nov 2012 #441
+1 Liberalynn Nov 2012 #443
Excellent argument. Thanks for this. ancianita Nov 2012 #535
So drone strikes are a progressive idea now? Blue_In_AK Nov 2012 #343
Ugh. ForgoTheConsequence Nov 2012 #501
How about not putting so much money into the defense budget . . . brush Nov 2012 #112
Modern Conservative ideas are. But. bluestate10 Nov 2012 #317
Thanks to progressive Ida Tarbell, socialist Upton Sinclair, preservationist John Muir... WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2012 #444
"Through clever campaigning we managed to get 332 electoral votes": "clever "? "managed to get"? WinkyDink Nov 2012 #10
The Obama campaign said it themselves. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #43
Given the difficult economy and some of the people that voted for Obama the first time, a bluestate10 Nov 2012 #323
Obama "squeaked by!" 332 is only a landslide when Money BooBoo does it, doncha know! MADem Nov 2012 #113
The OP knows the real truth, Karl is the only one with the real numbers! Dragonfli Nov 2012 #407
Buncha lazy takers 'n socialists, we! MADem Nov 2012 #471
I'll support compromise when the Repubs start acting like a legitimate party again. reformist2 Nov 2012 #12
I agree CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #37
Yes, I don't like the punitive nature of some on our side - there is such a thing as 'sore winners.' reformist2 Nov 2012 #49
Well the president tried last time Blue4Texas Nov 2012 #121
Republicans knew that even if the cooperated, getting the economy healthy in four years bluestate10 Nov 2012 #328
This. wickerwoman Nov 2012 #76
+100 Myrina Nov 2012 #104
You can't negotiate with terrorists RepublicansRZombies Nov 2012 #179
Right on the money, that. nt MADem Nov 2012 #481
Kudos tyne Nov 2012 #13
I am just curious solara Nov 2012 #14
How about NOT letting Republicans have a majority in the House of Representives? randome Nov 2012 #39
Gerrymandering CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #57
Republicans were successful in Gerrymandering because the liberal purists sat on their asses, bluestate10 Nov 2012 #339
I see Libertarian candidates, too cprise Nov 2012 #513
Then campaign to end gerrymandering cprise Nov 2012 #499
Florida and Virginia were a good start. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #40
So you know, this is a mandate nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #116
I see Virginia staying blue and Florida becoming reliably Blue as long as democrats govern well. bluestate10 Nov 2012 #342
I have yet to see any movement on the right Angry Dragon Nov 2012 #15
Top Repub leaders talking about immigration reform and taxing the rich. kstewart33 Nov 2012 #20
Wow, they mentioned two whole topics but without plans! Oh, and about "taxing the rich"? WinkyDink Nov 2012 #26
In the real world where I live nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #124
Even some leaders on the religious right are talking immigration reform. bluestate10 Nov 2012 #350
Thank you. kstewart33 Nov 2012 #16
But if you start out in the middle the compromise will be on the right ThomThom Nov 2012 #92
True, but the first step in compromise is both sides looking for some common ground. kstewart33 Nov 2012 #146
I total disagree, that is where compromise begins the process begins ThomThom Nov 2012 #218
But it's impossible to take that first step... ljm2002 Nov 2012 #255
Given the thumping they've received, I'd wager that the Repubs are looking for some common ground. kstewart33 Nov 2012 #356
So far, publicly, they have not admitted to receiving a thumping... ljm2002 Nov 2012 #363
As noted by centrists Mann and Ornstein in "Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem." Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2012 #425
Here is the problem nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #17
Thank you. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #61
Can you inform us which "modern conservative ideas" Rachel is touting? bullwinkle428 Nov 2012 #19
That's not what she said. kstewart33 Nov 2012 #24
She didn't say shit about Ted Nugent, Mitt Romney and Pat Robertson, though. MADem Nov 2012 #109
I think you made my point for me. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #165
I don't think they're salient to any point about "compromise." And elections DO have consequences. MADem Nov 2012 #480
Perhaps something like McCain-Finegold Ruby the Liberal Nov 2012 #300
Three (relatively) recent bills from or with support of conservatives in part Sgent Nov 2012 #385
We have done nothing but compromise bowens43 Nov 2012 #21
The Hegelian dialectic is WITHIN the non-Republican sphere. cthulu2016 Nov 2012 #23
Wow someone seems a little upset on the mandate. aandegoons Nov 2012 #25
Cut to the chase. I like it! ;-) WinkyDink Nov 2012 #28
If this was a mandate CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #65
Yeah, right. The Democrats are "obstructing" the GOP from dismantling SS, Medicare, Medicaid... OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #82
Post removed Post removed Nov 2012 #173
"They sound funny with your accent"? Pray tell, what does that mean? Explain, please.... OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #184
Contrarianism just for the sake of it doesn't go over well here. brush Nov 2012 #119
In a post CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #172
They did it was a huge loss for America. aandegoons Nov 2012 #291
Excuse me Generic Other Nov 2012 #27
Yep CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #66
I felt targeted by this statement Generic Other Nov 2012 #85
nice lecture elehhhhna Nov 2012 #29
Yes we do have a mandate to raise taxes on the rich dsc Nov 2012 #31
Re-read the OP nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #41
rofl. Raffi Ella Nov 2012 #33
You must have missed when the true GOP conservatives were hijacked by the ultra-far-right.... OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #35
You miss the point CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #71
I rarely miss any points, and in your case, I'm reading exactly what you wrote in your OP... OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #105
Then why is Obama still president? CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #238
Then you get steamrolled because theaocp Nov 2012 #107
"Extremists on the left" Hissyspit Nov 2012 #270
I was like you Blue4Texas Nov 2012 #36
That is why they got whooped. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #72
:) And let us not go into denial Blue4Texas Nov 2012 #97
So we should follow them? jeff47 Nov 2012 #132
I am unsure CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #319
You've failed to cite any non-extreme views. jeff47 Nov 2012 #346
They got whooped because the people you lumped into a "tea-party" esq mentally got out the vote! MrMickeysMom Nov 2012 #464
Your compromise speech would be better given to the Republicans NV Whino Nov 2012 #44
You can't compromise with a Party that has written off 47% of the nation KansDem Nov 2012 #45
The Republicans signed a pledge to not work with Starry Messenger Nov 2012 #46
a serious question - The traditional conservative movement may have had some worthwhile ideas Douglas Carpenter Nov 2012 #47
The GOP has demonstrated time and again that they refuse to negotiate or compromise magical thyme Nov 2012 #52
+1 LiberalLovinLug Nov 2012 #281
Very well stated. I think it's very important that Dems get out there and sell the hell out of Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2012 #494
so we should be prepared to cheer hfojvt Nov 2012 #54
I wish I could remember the last time a Liberal Idea was implemented Doctor_J Nov 2012 #55
I would just like to celebrate for a few more days bluestateguy Nov 2012 #56
Never take a message board seriously. bigwillq Nov 2012 #58
"listening and adjusting" that is your recommendation?! adjusting to what, exactly? amborin Nov 2012 #59
Adjusting to Social Security and Medicare cuts, silly..... Junkdrawer Nov 2012 #75
yep, that's the amborin Nov 2012 #96
and extension of 90% of the Bush tax cuts too hfojvt Nov 2012 #133
Yep. This smells like advertising to me. /nt Marr Nov 2012 #260
+1 leftstreet Nov 2012 #416
the problem is their best ideas are not based in reality LSK Nov 2012 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author brush Nov 2012 #68
Nah. Hissyspit Nov 2012 #70
so when does the real left get a chance to speak? ThomThom Nov 2012 #77
When we elect more Progressive candidates. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #88
Oh, now you want MORE PROGRESSIVES, do you? Because they are MORE CONSERVATIVE? WinkyDink Nov 2012 #100
No, CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #242
I was responding to the post which was about DU being too progressive ThomThom Nov 2012 #115
Please, tell us more about these wonderful conservative ideas you are promoting here. Zorra Nov 2012 #80
Do you want a list? CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #89
Yes. Zoeisright Nov 2012 #91
Just two or three quickies would suffice. nt Zorra Nov 2012 #93
Deep Thoughts, from Ted Pantshitter Nugent, Money BooBoo, and "Hellfire Patsy" Robertson! MADem Nov 2012 #117
Yes. UnrepentantLiberal Nov 2012 #148
Link to stonecutter357 Nov 2012 #155
Well, time's up, I gotta go. That is the correct answer, btw: zip. zilch. nothing. nada. Zorra Nov 2012 #271
Short Version: I'm So Much Better Than You. Paladin Nov 2012 #94
You win the thread with that comment! nt MADem Nov 2012 #99
+1 nt laundry_queen Nov 2012 #111
Post removed Post removed Nov 2012 #266
See post # 270. Hissyspit Nov 2012 #272
Nice straw man argument. nt Fantastic Anarchist Nov 2012 #537
my ..... madrchsod Nov 2012 #268
+1000!!! Well done, brevity is the soul of wit! n/t ljm2002 Nov 2012 #273
Well, the examples you provide in your premise just don't cut the mustard. MADem Nov 2012 #98
Agree completely. N/T freemay20 Nov 2012 #101
Are they DUers or DUINOers? nt valerief Nov 2012 #103
You seem to have a poor memory laundry_queen Nov 2012 #108
The nebulous DU, in general? Quantess Nov 2012 #114
LOL trumad Nov 2012 #125
Listen, she is, but we need at LEAST a week to gloat. Lest you forget "get over it" of 2000. nt LaydeeBug Nov 2012 #127
good for you heaven05 Nov 2012 #129
I'm seriously out of the loop cause I don't recall Rachel saying this, & I can't find it on web Melinda Nov 2012 #130
My guess is that the OP is referencing Rachel's excellent day-after episode. WilliamPitt Nov 2012 #141
Thanks Will, I'll give it a view asap. :-) Melinda Nov 2012 #150
Pretty much the best Rachel opening I've ever seen. WilliamPitt Nov 2012 #151
Yes that's it. AlbertCat Nov 2012 #185
Do you think OP is misinterpreting Rachel's point? Hissyspit Nov 2012 #287
No WilliamPitt Nov 2012 #333
OK. I totally disagree with you. Below is text of what Rachel actually said. Zorra Nov 2012 #573
I Agree Liberal1975 Nov 2012 #135
DU lost the Congress in 2010? WilliamPitt Nov 2012 #137
I didn't intend CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #341
I hear you. I only hang out on DU during presidential elections or political events (Terry Schiavo) Hamlette Nov 2012 #138
i'm on rachel's side. BUT, republicans are no longer republicans or loyal. pansypoo53219 Nov 2012 #140
But reasonable people with those conservative ideas you mention aren't running the ship..... marmar Nov 2012 #143
And here it is: the predictable, laughable corporate-echoing reply. woo me with science Nov 2012 #144
Good list. This also deserves it's own OP. AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #221
Thank you, Woo Blue_In_AK Nov 2012 #357
Thank you for that. I think many have lost even the ability to absorb that though. Bonobo Nov 2012 #413
+1 Liberalynn Nov 2012 #433
Recommending this post #144 by woo me with science bvar22 Nov 2012 #460
Reminds me of one of my favorite DU Taglines ever: OrwellwasRight Nov 2012 #476
The 1% has the money to pay hordes of persuasive corporatist propagandists to spew Zorra Nov 2012 #578
"Conservative values" is an oxymoron. McCamy Taylor Nov 2012 #145
Have you ever dealt with these people personally? RepublicansRZombies Nov 2012 #152
"lump all of my fellow Americans" -- no, but we can much more easily do that with the Repub NYC Liberal Nov 2012 #156
Glad you have the resources to choose to grow. Millions don't because of too many jtuck004 Nov 2012 #157
Conservatives DO have good ideas. Stonepounder Nov 2012 #160
That has always my experience as well Liberal1975 Nov 2012 #193
Yes, the RNC has sold its soul. Stonepounder Nov 2012 #309
Puleez! AlbertCat Nov 2012 #199
Sure but let's not "compromise" before the other side has even made an offer... jimlup Nov 2012 #162
A slightly amusing OP Vinnie From Indy Nov 2012 #163
Oh get off it. OP is not trying to shut down discussion, but the purists try their damnedest. nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2012 #175
Where do I rail against opinions in my OP CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #178
Conservative sheep want to take us back to the stone age. Larry Ogg Nov 2012 #167
Um, actually, we have WASTED enough time, blood and treasure trying to play nice leeroysphitz Nov 2012 #168
That is what I feel CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #180
I didn't read the OP as suggesting Democrats play nice, but that they play smart maui902 Nov 2012 #201
What are we "batshit crazy progressive purists" trying to "jam down their throats"? pa28 Nov 2012 #171
It isn't about the policy CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #182
We should all learn to be more like third way Manny. pa28 Nov 2012 #200
ROFL! Way to cut through the bullshit. woo me with science Nov 2012 #191
Quick translation of OP: Jakes Progress Nov 2012 #176
Your thesis is flawed. blackspade Nov 2012 #177
With all due respect CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #196
Actually you are talking about me. blackspade Nov 2012 #276
Anyone who thnks that progressive issue junlies skip voting for any reason-- eridani Nov 2012 #436
Spot on! Prana69 Nov 2012 #461
I am curious to know what the "unchecked Liberal Future Dreams" that Live and Learn Nov 2012 #187
LOL CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #205
I must have missed those. Were they proposing it be mandatory for all? Live and Learn Nov 2012 #234
It takes lots of time and DEDICATION to shag everyone in town. Dragonfli Nov 2012 #398
I'll say. Shag, haven't heard that term in a long time. Live and Learn Nov 2012 #427
your straw man is some sort of dirty PCP addled hippy I gather Dragonfli Nov 2012 #396
Returning to a decentralized agrarian based culture is perhaps the only way to reverse ecological SubgeniusHasSlack Nov 2012 #580
I'm not a purist, but ProSense Nov 2012 #188
I DISAGREE zwyziec Nov 2012 #189
Thank you. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #203
I've read enough of your comments in this thread. Trashing....3...2...1....GONE!! nt. OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #194
is this new framing memo? datasuspect Nov 2012 #197
Yeah CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #206
er datasuspect Nov 2012 #262
Dismissed CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #331
just make sure you take your shoes off datasuspect Nov 2012 #334
No. BlueCaliDem Nov 2012 #210
so when do the obstructionist repubs datasuspect Nov 2012 #259
holding conservative values and shoving those values down people's throats SemperEadem Nov 2012 #209
What if femrap Nov 2012 #215
Are you softening us up for a "compromise" on social security? TBF Nov 2012 #216
I'm just really tired of the gravedancing. Enough already. Flaxbee Nov 2012 #220
I see DU's purpose in the world differently. JBoy Nov 2012 #223
If that is the case CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #227
We also do outrage. JBoy Nov 2012 #239
They call themselves that, calling them by their chosen name is not derogatory Dragonfli Nov 2012 #406
Nice Idea but ... dtom67 Nov 2012 #225
"mandate, which there wasn't by the way?" librechik Nov 2012 #226
Only a mandate CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #231
when Han-nutty says he has changed his opinion on immigration, and Kristol on taxes, believe me librechik Nov 2012 #312
Yin, meet Yang :0) DonRedwood Nov 2012 #228
Social Security is not an issue to be giving in on UCmeNdc Nov 2012 #229
President and DEMS gave too much away to achieve a GRAND BARGAIN. CarmanK Nov 2012 #230
UNREC! MotherPetrie Nov 2012 #233
LOL CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #245
many of us are just DONE with trying to compromise with repugs who have to get their own way wordpix Nov 2012 #240
Then don't CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #250
I don't think that's what she was saying at all. Marr Nov 2012 #246
You're right CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #269
Weak-Lame-Useless Teamster Jeff Nov 2012 #253
Post removed Post removed Nov 2012 #256
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #257
Are you soft in the head? CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #290
No one is putting words in your mouth. Your own words are sufficient. You said, AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #324
Sorry, I will NOT tolerate a party full of racists, homophobes, and misogynists Hugabear Nov 2012 #261
All right, I am wrong. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #275
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #301
Thank you. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #316
Being disingenuous, are you? AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #336
Are you trying CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #349
He doesn't have to "flex" it. bvar22 Nov 2012 #415
Well said. I am one that thinks the strongest democratic party is one that allows in an bluestate10 Nov 2012 #277
Here Comes Barrack-O-Claus Song ErikJ Nov 2012 #286
I John2 Nov 2012 #292
I'm not talking about you. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #320
I think Obama won because voters recognized his attempts to compromise graywarrior Nov 2012 #295
I shudder to think... kentuck Nov 2012 #305
This was just mentioned yesterday just1voice Nov 2012 #306
Not practical. Barack_America Nov 2012 #307
Good points. I'm pretty far left, and am guilty as you say. loudsue Nov 2012 #318
I rec.ed this OP for this reason only chknltl Nov 2012 #321
Sorry, but the far left is needed to counterbalance the far right. Blue_In_AK Nov 2012 #326
LOL. I would never expect an Alaskan to CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #329
Believe me, Alaska's progressives have to fight harder than progressives Blue_In_AK Nov 2012 #370
Third Way Bullshit whatchamacallit Nov 2012 #330
At last CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #332
There were 329 posts before this one.... Prana69 Nov 2012 #466
Fix Bush's right wing swing FIRST. Then compromise. Sheesh. RedCloud Nov 2012 #337
Yeah, how dare Democrats advote for the Party platform on DU? TransitJohn Nov 2012 #338
They haven't offered any new ideas in a long time. Liberalynn Nov 2012 #345
+100000 RepublicansRZombies Nov 2012 #378
speaking of Hegelian dialectic - if both sides are calling for cuts in people-oriented programs - Douglas Carpenter Nov 2012 #347
"...hear their (Republicans) best arguments..." progressoid Nov 2012 #348
What a load of horseshit. 1-Old-Man Nov 2012 #351
Why thank you CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #358
LOLOLOLOLOL WiffenPoof Nov 2012 #517
No, she's wrong. The "conservatives" have long been off the cliff's edge. Norrin Radd Nov 2012 #352
So Obama JEB Nov 2012 #361
+1 n/t whatchamacallit Nov 2012 #362
100% correct!!! zorro1 Nov 2012 #366
It seems that strategy is not every Progressive's strong suit. CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #368
"The Progressive purists took control of the boards" = in an alternative universe. HiPointDem Nov 2012 #367
+1 Blue_In_AK Nov 2012 #374
This poster is right, but... Phillyindy Nov 2012 #371
+100000000 RepublicansRZombies Nov 2012 #380
Oh, one more thing before I leave this fascinating thread... Blue_In_AK Nov 2012 #372
Great post! JNelson6563 Nov 2012 #373
Rachel was asking for a return to IDEAS from both sides. DirkGently Nov 2012 #375
There's always some danger of overreaching. moondust Nov 2012 #376
REMEMBER: RACHEL SPELLED IT OUT. TheAmbivalante Nov 2012 #379
In the meantime CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #381
I don't see it as cannibalism TheAmbivalante Nov 2012 #384
TheAmbivalante, best post of this ridiculous thread. Fantastic Anarchist Nov 2012 #509
Completely agree! bullwinkle428 Nov 2012 #546
Let's agree to disagree. strongly disagree. robinlynne Nov 2012 #387
Okay CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #421
Recommended. The first difficulty is to see that the problem is difficult. WheelWalker Nov 2012 #388
screw that idea PowerToThePeople Nov 2012 #391
Alrighty, which group are you willing to compromise away? JoeyT Nov 2012 #392
How about I compromise me CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #418
Weird how everyone gives a little JoeyT Nov 2012 #426
very well said Liberalynn Nov 2012 #447
If you don't STAND for SOMETHING, bvar22 Nov 2012 #400
+1. robinlynne Nov 2012 #428
As always, I totally agree with you. Blue_In_AK Nov 2012 #434
Yay! whatchamacallit Nov 2012 #438
Single best post of this thread. Melinda Nov 2012 #451
+1 Zorra Nov 2012 #574
I agree. Great post! loyalsister Nov 2012 #402
The problem is the dynamic we've been forced into. The Doctor. Nov 2012 #404
Or you use Aikido CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #445
Never did Aikido. The Doctor. Nov 2012 #453
I liked Carville's comment CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #459
Wow! The Old Creak Nov 2012 #405
K & R! nt cecilfirefox Nov 2012 #410
There are very few actual conservatives left.... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2012 #411
Sort of CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #420
Yeah,....as an "emergency tax cut" for the rich.... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2012 #424
history is not forwarded by the WRONG ideas however... JCMach1 Nov 2012 #435
Welcome to DU. My post count is immense .... nearly all of it pre-2008. Buzz Clik Nov 2012 #437
Mine is bigger than yours. Hissyspit Nov 2012 #485
Yeah, well, I took a four year break. Buzz Clik Nov 2012 #556
Well, you were supposed to laugh, too. Hissyspit Nov 2012 #557
I did laugh ... just off script. ;) Buzz Clik Nov 2012 #558
I agree wholeheartedly Flatpicker Nov 2012 #439
Right, let's start making deals with folks want see Obama swinging from a tree! nonoxy9 Nov 2012 #449
Yeah, because that is exactly what I said. (O.o) CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #452
Agreed. ReasonableToo Nov 2012 #454
Yeah, what a terrible idea.. iamthebandfanman Nov 2012 #455
Yeah, CaptJasHook Nov 2012 #457
Obama tried this the first time around on HealthCare Dems50State Nov 2012 #465
I dont agree. You say, "But now I see the same old tired intransigent purists rhett o rick Nov 2012 #469
I concur, but we can't compromise with madness. FreeBC Nov 2012 #470
A few thoughts on your post davidpdx Nov 2012 #472
Fine sentiment that is not realistically applicable in present circumstances TheKentuckian Nov 2012 #473
Sorry but Fuck This. MessiahRp Nov 2012 #474
[Uuuuh, no. You're totally wrong...] Let me explain this, CaptJasHook... 6502 Nov 2012 #477
! HCE SuiGeneris Nov 2012 #484
Nicely done. Puglover Nov 2012 #520
The strength of liberal ideas isn't promoted by embodying compromise. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2012 #478
This carcass has ben picked clean. n/t rudycantfail Nov 2012 #482
At this point in the game, defacto7 Nov 2012 #486
You don't have to argue the republicans ideas FOR them, now, do you? grahamhgreen Nov 2012 #488
Purists? davidthegnome Nov 2012 #490
All things considered... davidthegnome Nov 2012 #495
Nice sentiment, if only doccraig67 Nov 2012 #496
You want us to pre-compromise our values before they even come to a debate cprise Nov 2012 #497
Another thought: Those who believe government is necessarily Evil cprise Nov 2012 #498
Let's consider what happened in 2009-2010. Pab Sungenis Nov 2012 #503
Don't expect elevated discussion at DU. This is a partisan website. NC_Nurse Nov 2012 #504
"Unlike me you're all hateful idealogues. Discuss!" n/t GOTV Nov 2012 #510
MSNBC: “We’re closer to Fox than we’ve ever been” Ratings cprise Nov 2012 #511
MSNBC was resurrected on the backs of progressives and liberals. Fla Dem Nov 2012 #521
Gotta kick this one kamron Nov 2012 #512
ideological purity is not a problem for the Democrats Enrique Nov 2012 #519
"Centrism" & "Compromise"!!!!! bvar22 Nov 2012 #536
Yes, but it does seem to have gotten past an awful lot of others. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #555
Yes. According to the Third Way, anyone who believes that democracy is "Government Of, Zorra Nov 2012 #567
I communicate with RegieRocker Nov 2012 #539
I am all up for the grand bargain Taverner Nov 2012 #576
So it is okay with you to "bargain" away social security and Medicare? djean111 Nov 2012 #577
No - we're talking about something else then Taverner Nov 2012 #582
Well, what else do Republicans want to bargain about? djean111 Nov 2012 #584
Amen. renie408 Nov 2012 #581
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