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a spiraling effect... Think. Again. May 2023 #1
I've heard the analogy of ecosystem webs to an engine NickB79 May 2023 #2
The key words are "As we know it" Otto_Harper May 2023 #9
I agree... Think. Again. May 2023 #11
I believe that loss of atmosphere is part of normal planetary evolution Otto_Harper May 2023 #15
You do not understand the gravity of your statement. Earth-shine May 2023 #20
But... Think. Again. May 2023 #22
The atmosphere would have less O2, but overall a similar amount of gases. Earth-shine May 2023 #26
Thank you! Think. Again. May 2023 #28
All planets, even tiny ones like Mercury, have at least trace amounts of gases swirling around. Earth-shine May 2023 #29
That is ultimately unavoidable Calculating May 2023 #16
Third option... Think. Again. May 2023 #23
If we actually survive as a species, the Earth can be moved as the "Goldilocks zone" moves outward. roamer65 May 2023 #27
Yes! Trophic Cascade VGNonly May 2023 #18
I read Jane Goodall's book "A Reason For Hope", and didn't see much at the time. Recently even Jane LT Barclay May 2023 #3
That is because hope is contingent upon misanthrope May 2023 #7
The biggest threat is resource depletion leading to nuclear war Calculating May 2023 #17
Agreed, sort of misanthrope May 2023 #19
Agreed completely. Think. Again. May 2023 #24
Undoubtedly misanthrope May 2023 #25
It was during Katrina that I realized how fragile "civilized society" actually is. It appears to be LT Barclay May 2023 #34
Bad news..... Goonch May 2023 #4
I have no words... hermetic May 2023 #5
We are the meteor misanthrope May 2023 #6
... Solly Mack May 2023 #8
I drove I-95 from Boston to Miami Submariner May 2023 #10
Same driving I-5 pfitz59 May 2023 #33
523 ppm CO2e and rising. roamer65 May 2023 #12
Ugh, already over 520 ppm equivalent, huh? NickB79 May 2023 #13
Yup. roamer65 May 2023 #14
I'm most miserable about the loss of species flamingdem May 2023 #21
People get more upset about red paint on plexiglass cuz Brenda May 2023 #32
Does the IUCN address the dietary habits of humans in regards to this mass extinction? flvegan May 2023 #30
Good Question... Think. Again. May 2023 #31
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