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TFG looks like shit without his makeup [View all] LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 OP
he looks his age. he looks 76. People get old. mucifer May 2023 #1
I'm 74 and don't look like that, believe me. Joinfortmill May 2023 #5
You're lucky. mucifer May 2023 #10
Maybe it's not luck but lifestyle choices Doc Sportello May 2023 #28
Yes, though age certainly will catch up PatSeg May 2023 #61
To paraphrase the late Rick James, Crestor is a hell of a drug. keep_left May 2023 #84
I can't imagine Trump ever PatSeg May 2023 #94
He also is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. ShazzieB May 2023 #110
I cannot imagine him every depriving himself PatSeg May 2023 #113
biden ..... fit //// trump fat Trueblue1968 May 2023 #89
Oh, that is perfect! PatSeg May 2023 #95
I view it as a curse he's still alive Doc Sportello May 2023 #90
Yes, that's true PatSeg May 2023 #93
That's mostly where I am right now. ShazzieB May 2023 #108
Yes, it would be a huge disappointment PatSeg May 2023 #112
Exactly we can do it May 2023 #86
Joe Biden is 80 and he doesn't look like that. sarge43 May 2023 #31
Hell, I'm 80 and Disaffected May 2023 #59
Me either. llmart May 2023 #73
i am 73 and i look like i am 67 Trueblue1968 May 2023 #87
That's not what a modern 76 looks like. sir pball May 2023 #11
Wow! That picture just warms my heart. FM123 May 2023 #15
love seeing all the happy faces Tree Lady May 2023 #50
These days, you have to look at biological age over calendar age. tinrobot May 2023 #27
Love it malaise May 2023 #35
They all look healthy and happy! MLAA May 2023 #36
I do, I do... sir pball May 2023 #98
Uh, silver! MLAA May 2023 #100
Great pic. BlackSkimmer May 2023 #37
Truly inspiring and a great response for "too old". LakeArenal May 2023 #46
That's amazing PatSeg May 2023 #63
Shell Point..is that in Fort Myers? Deuxcents May 2023 #75
It is! sir pball May 2023 #99
He spends a lot of time and effort trying to conceal AllyCat May 2023 #17
I guess I'm going to be the rare post in agreement stopdiggin May 2023 #38
Actually, that is where my father died PatSeg May 2023 #65
He looks 76 circa 1956 . . . . hatrack May 2023 #80
long covid? eShirl May 2023 #2
Maybe he should try out some white supremacist go go boots. GreenWave May 2023 #3
Very slack jaw. Not a good sign. Joinfortmill May 2023 #4
Too much animation Marthe48 May 2023 #6
I see what you did there UpInArms May 2023 #13
Who cares? AntivaxHunters May 2023 #7
In Trump's case, PatSeg May 2023 #66
true, but then as long as his minions go treestar May 2023 #68
And just how fo you think - werdna May 2023 #8
I'll play! COL Mustard May 2023 #20
I doubt that you find anyone disagreeing with you on this board LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #74
The truth hurts sometimes. COL Mustard May 2023 #81
Well, he looks like shit with it, too JHB May 2023 #9
Consistency!! hatrack May 2023 #79
Looks like another episode of Tales from the Crypt dalton99a May 2023 #12
pay no attention onethatcares May 2023 #26
Phone call for Mr. Trump Botany May 2023 #44
Both of these are too funny 😂 Deuxcents May 2023 #77
Make America Great Again keeps getting bigger? bullimiami May 2023 #14
For his failing eyesight? CaptainTruth May 2023 #53
With makeup....... Goonch May 2023 #16
his vagina neck isn't too pronounced in this pic nt Grasswire2 May 2023 #71
Hey, take that back! phylny May 2023 #78
hahahahaha! NT Grasswire2 May 2023 #92
Wtf is "vagina neck" obamanut2012 May 2023 #114
massive inflammation from diet, COPD, CHF eligible bucolic_frolic May 2023 #18
I noticed the swelling, too, particularly around the right eye n/t birdographer May 2023 #29
He looks like shit with it too, only oranger. Swede May 2023 #19
He looks like shit with his make-up. niyad May 2023 #21
Donald, show us how young you are. Run down a ramp. keithbvadu2 May 2023 #22
Ride a Bike NowISeetheLight May 2023 #72
What Gore Vidal said about Pruneface applies. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #23
Nice cap dude. L. Coyote May 2023 #24
He looks like shit period. NNadir May 2023 #25
How much Traildogbob May 2023 #30
This needs a NSFW warning. HardPort May 2023 #32
Its not coming Cherokee100 May 2023 #33
Actually, he looks like shit WITH his make-up vlyons May 2023 #34
The looks like he belongs as the leader of the zombie army. he looks like walking undead. AZLD4Candidate May 2023 #39
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch May 2023 #40
When he's made up he looks like shit with makeup. Look how slack jawed he is. marble falls May 2023 #41
He looks like he's about to have a stroke greatauntoftriplets May 2023 #42
It's Senses EddieOnTheMesa May 2023 #43
Well, he IS shit - so he is appearance appropriate NewHendoLib May 2023 #45
He looks like shit in that picture. Here's another one from the same day. onenote May 2023 #47
A diet of fast food and hate might do that to you IronLionZion May 2023 #48
The Trump cultists' need to cast their flabby, sundowning old man SledDriver May 2023 #49
This nation will know no greater day than the day that he dies of natural causes Orrex May 2023 #51
My husband is 81 and, like tRump, of a Germanic heritage. He looks fifteen years younger Texin May 2023 #52
I can't unsee that! Grumpy Old Guy May 2023 #54
if it looks like shit and sounds like shit Jerry2144 May 2023 #55
That rotting corpse face kind of works for him, actually. Paladin May 2023 #56
He looks pretty crappy even with all his make-up. Fla Dem May 2023 #57
As my Grandma used to say... SKKY May 2023 #58
He also looks like shit with his makeup. MadMike47 May 2023 #60
When I see that demented fan art of TFG standing, arms akimbo on hips Aristus May 2023 #62
Have a Big Mac with triple cheese today Submariner May 2023 #64
Looks like he forgot his hearing aids, Bayard May 2023 #67
Some replies: What is this country coming to? 2 people wrote Boomerproud May 2023 #69
Well, he looks like shit with it, too. GoCubsGo May 2023 #70
All I can say about this walking corpse is... llmart May 2023 #76
☝️ Deuxcents May 2023 #82
TFG is upset that Paxton got impeached LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #83
Mouth breathing and haunted eyes thatcrowwoman May 2023 #85
"Who am I?" moondust May 2023 #88
Dangerous Treasonous Codger Cha May 2023 #91
TBH... He looks like shit *with* his makeup liberalla May 2023 #96
Trump is not aging well at all. There's no way he has the stamina to run in 2024. LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #97
he looks like orange shit with his make up Skittles May 2023 #101
Donald is starting to make Biden look like a spry guy in his 50s. LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #102
He also looks like shit WITH his makeup. spanone May 2023 #103
Sorry MAGA, but that viral photo showing Trump looking old and decrepit was NOT doctored LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #105
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2023 #106
But no worse than with his makeup. nt LAS14 May 2023 #107
My dad had that same look BlueIdaho May 2023 #109
Lots of comments have been made here about his physical health. ShazzieB May 2023 #111
Choose your fighter. LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #115
Since we're here let's take a look at the facts. LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #116
Boy he went down hill, newdayneeded May 2023 #117
Shocking Video of Trump Shows a Decrepit, Old Man Barely Able to Answer Questions, 'Look at Him Fall LetMyPeopleVote Jun 2023 #118
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