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Paxton Impeached [View all] Beachnutt May 2023 OP
How do you think he'll do at his Impeachment Trial? no_hypocrisy May 2023 #1
I have no idea but Beachnutt May 2023 #4
Does he know a good lawyer? gratuitous May 2023 #41
Whew, glad my prediction was wrong! UTUSN May 2023 #2
121 votes to impeach LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #3
He must have really pissed off everyone! Dustlawyer May 2023 #19
A good first step.... lastlib May 2023 #5
I'm glad my prediction was wrong senseandsensibility May 2023 #6
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch May 2023 #7
Wow.. So DT & Cruz LOST, too! Cha May 2023 #8
+++++ emulatorloo May 2023 #9
.. Cha May 2023 #10
Gotta love it Beachnutt May 2023 #11
Losers! senseandsensibility May 2023 #13
Hypocracy Unlimited. They ignored his crimes until he said something about the Speaker then Wonder Why May 2023 #12
This message was self-deleted by its author Wishful-Thinking May 2023 #20
The "basket of deplorables" Wishful-Thinking May 2023 #21
Heather Cox Richardson on why Texas Lawmakers finally went after Paxton applegrove May 2023 #14
They REALLY want to save their asses from a federal DOJ investigation!!! CaptainTruth May 2023 #15
Exactly. Governor Abbott is looking to his future, and the Paxton investigation would not help. ashredux May 2023 #16
How rotten do you have to be to get rejected by magats? spanone May 2023 #17
Statement from the House Republicans that represent Collin County, Paxton's home county LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #18
General paxton? niyad May 2023 #23
Attorney General types like to be called General LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #26
Thank you. Not sure I have ever heard our state AG, or DOJ, use that. Or niyad May 2023 #27
This was a while back but I was surprised when I was told to hold for "General Abbott" LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #28
I guess I can see that, but still sounds strange. I wonder if the same is true niyad May 2023 #33
Strange, strange people. LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #43
Tell Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that Dark Brandon sends his regards. LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #22
Snicker. niyad May 2023 #24
But will he be convicted? BlackSkimmer May 2023 #25
121-23 Hopefully, that points to Yes. Fingers crossed. MerryBlooms May 2023 #29
Good to hear. BlackSkimmer May 2023 #32
Yep, one with less baggage. I also believe they will be MerryBlooms May 2023 #34
No doubt you're right. BlackSkimmer May 2023 #35
He is removed under Texas law with impeachment, their senate Maru Kitteh May 2023 #36
From the Texas Tribune: billh58 May 2023 #37
Wow I just got done watching a D Texas house member describe it Maru Kitteh May 2023 #38
As I understand it, billh58 May 2023 #39
So I had a hold of one leg of one ugly-ass elephant. Maru Kitteh May 2023 #40
I have to say I'm surprised, and I'm hoping the Senate surprises me, too. Lonestarblue May 2023 #30
YES! Blue Owl May 2023 #31
Interesting map of the Paxton impeachment vote LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #42
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