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7. From the article
Fri May 26, 2023, 06:42 AM
May 2023

(where Forbes uses a mixed stats trick to minimize actual, attributed facts) -

As of January 2023, 75% of Biden-appointed judges were women and 67% were people of color, according to a report by The 19th. During Donald Trump’s presidency, 16% of the federal judges he installed were non-white.

What they should have said was -

During Donald Trump’s presidency, 84% of the federal judges he installed were white.

which would underscore the reality and refute the ridiculous argument that Grothman made, all so that they could generate a pretzel-twisted "both sides do it" piece of nonsense.

In other words, this part -

White men still make up the majority of federal judges in the U.S.—68% of the 800 judges are white and 62% are men, according to the American Constitution Society. Both of those figures are disproportionate with the general U.S. population, where 50% are men and 58% are non-Hispanic white, per the U.S. Census Bureau.

should have appeared under their "Key Facts" section and not as some kind of "Contra" section that suggests an "opinion".

Instead they took the loon's word for it without any attribution, and labeled what he said as a "fact" anyway, while supposedly reaching out to the current President for "comment".
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