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Hell no. pdxflyboy May 2023 #1
I'm sorry Dave, I"m afraid I can't do that.... msongs May 2023 #2
Computers already basically fly commercial planes, y'all do know that right? Hugh_Lebowski May 2023 #3
Exactly my thought relayerbob May 2023 #5
Exactly. (NM) mikewv May 2023 #7
Yep mahina May 2023 #9
Yup Effete Snob May 2023 #12
As my husband has always pointed out: Once you put a computer into something, it becomes ... Hekate May 2023 #15
The question was not about there not being a pilot, it was about there not being a co-pilot Hugh_Lebowski May 2023 #21
Since about 90% of airplane accidents are caused by Disaffected May 2023 #19
Exactly. But label it "AI" and people freak out. tinrobot May 2023 #26
You knew somebody would do this, didn't you? Buns_of_Fire May 2023 #4
Otto is looking a little deflated there. Bucky May 2023 #11
It was the first thing I thought of ;) (nt) Hugh_Lebowski May 2023 #22
Today it is two pilots and a many computers, AI is coming PuppyBismark May 2023 #6
Actually, that's not how commercial planes work... brooklynite May 2023 #8
Only if there's a manual override in case something goes wrong MustLoveBeagles May 2023 #10
Exactly Hekate May 2023 #16
What if the one pilot has a medical emergency? Than no pilot left. cbabe May 2023 #13
How would I know who/what is in the cockpit? Talitha May 2023 #14
Would enough people refuse to fly TheFarseer May 2023 #17
Haven't flown since 2001 and won't again Ritabert May 2023 #18
It must be sad to be that scared of technology... brooklynite May 2023 #24
It depends upon the AI Metaphorical May 2023 #20
Hell no, and this is just one of the reasons why. Angleae May 2023 #23
Oh boy ecstatic May 2023 #25
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