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Thu May 4, 2023, 07:00 PM May 2023

Should Britain have a monarchy? [View all]

90 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
It is not for Americans to decide.
67 (74%)
Its just a harmless tradition.
2 (2%)
Camilla is a skank.
2 (2%)
Yes, because some people are born better than others.
0 (0%)
Its the 21st century and nobody needs a monarchy.
15 (17%)
Charles is so annoying.
0 (0%)
Gives the Brits something to cheer about.
0 (0%)
Yes, but only if there's a vote.
1 (1%)
Harry should be king.
2 (2%)
1 (1%)
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Should Britain have a monarchy? [View all] milestogo May 2023 OP
Other OAITW r.2.0 May 2023 #1
The monarchy brings in FalloutShelter May 2023 #2
How much you think this couple gets paid? Effete Snob May 2023 #4
That couple TexasDem69 May 2023 #18
That's a fallacy. Visitors come for the sites not the monarchy Doc Sportello May 2023 #10
And if the monarchy dissolved DenaliDemocrat May 2023 #23
Probably even more Effete Snob May 2023 #39
Have any tourists really cared since QEII died? Withywindle May 2023 #49
We have enough to worry about in this country Effete Snob May 2023 #3
You missed a big one sarisataka May 2023 #8
You missed my favorite: phylny May 2023 #19
Is that Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago? Ilsa May 2023 #43
Not our bidness either way. Our interference in other's governance and culture has not been ... marble falls May 2023 #5
Not my problem. But lordy, there's something very punchable about both Scrivener7 May 2023 #6
Younger Britons are over the monarchy while the older ones still like it ! kimbutgar May 2023 #7
What Dennis said . . . . . no_hypocrisy May 2023 #9
Love that scene! niyad May 2023 #59
If it's none of our business, then isn't that also true for Russia? Doc Sportello May 2023 #11
Having a king isn't a human rights violation. meadowlander May 2023 #42
On general principle I object to monarchies/caste systems Maeve May 2023 #12
as a citizen (US, UK, Sweden) I say my 2 monarchies need to be consigned to the dustbin of history Celerity May 2023 #13
Thank you. milestogo May 2023 #16
Ljusne's a historical stronghold for the left parties, especially my party, the Social Democrats (S) Celerity May 2023 #20
That's disappointing. milestogo May 2023 #22
Ljusne is only around 240 km north of Stockholm, so easy to get to Celerity May 2023 #28
Wow, gorgeous pictures. milestogo May 2023 #57
Only if it's a member of the Targaryen family. n/t Yavin4 May 2023 #14
None of my business. Our judicial monarchy needs to be dealt with. In It to Win It May 2023 #15
To be fair they tried it once and Cromwell was a bit of a disaster JCMach1 May 2023 #17
Yes, but the 1650's are hardly a fair comparison to the modern UK. Celerity May 2023 #21
I dunno, how was the food? Effete Snob May 2023 #56
They look so happy! Earth-shine May 2023 #24
LOL Withywindle May 2023 #51
Not my circus, not my monkeys. hunter May 2023 #25
LOL--That's exactly what I was going to say. nolabear May 2023 #44
None of my business. Autumn May 2023 #26
Americans murder their children as they sit in school. Irish_Dem May 2023 #27
Of course Polybius May 2023 #29
Robb is a Dingbat Shellback Squid May 2023 #30
You tell 'em Hekate May 2023 #38
... nolabear May 2023 #45
Better them than us. n/t Liberal In Texas May 2023 #31
Is it any of our business? Thought not, carry on... Shanti Shanti Shanti May 2023 #32
The three arrows of anti-authoritarianism LostOne4Ever May 2023 #33
Their country, their choice 🇬🇧 Raine May 2023 #34
Skank? Seriously? MrsCoffee May 2023 #35
+1 leftstreet May 2023 #37
Yeah, I agree. Sky Jewels May 2023 #46
OP should remove that if possible MattBaggins May 2023 #48
Someone called her a slut in another thread... Violet_Crumble May 2023 #55
FFS. MrsCoffee May 2023 #63
Don't worry, sarisataka May 2023 #69
Yeah. It's just a coincidence that Charles, who also committed adultery, Sky Jewels May 2023 #70
To quote Mel Brooks- sarisataka May 2023 #71
Not with those two. LiberalFighter May 2023 #36
How is this any of our business?The UK has been a reliable ally of ours for generations. They choose Hekate May 2023 #40
If it were up to me (Hah!)... Sky Jewels May 2023 #41
That is a picture of two very unhappy people. Like they cannot even stand niyad May 2023 #47
Charles must be wondering mnhtnbb May 2023 #53
It appears to be from the 2016 State Opening of Parliament - a stunningly boring event muriel_volestrangler May 2023 #67
That does not appear to be the same dress. Much more lace in the one in the link. niyad May 2023 #73
You're right - my link was to the 2013 Opening. The one in the OP is from 2016 muriel_volestrangler May 2023 #75
Why is his face so red in this photo? Withywindle May 2023 #50
Nobody needs a monarchy AND it's not for Americans to decide. eShirl May 2023 #52
Monarchy is dumb Dorian Gray May 2023 #54
Sure, why not? tavernier May 2023 #58
It's their business, I don't care. Not interested... ecstatic May 2023 #60
Yes, but only if it's Keith Richards. Johonny May 2023 #61
... milestogo May 2023 #62
I could go for that. shrike3 May 2023 #66
A few of these apply IMO mvd May 2023 #64
There are times when a non-political head of state is not a bad thing.. LeftinOH May 2023 #65
Should the US inthewind21 May 2023 #68
"Man will never be free VGNonly May 2023 #72
I'm more concerned that any DU member believes that it's acceptable to Niagara May 2023 #74
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