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7. Dissent acknowledged. To your 4 points:
Sun Apr 30, 2023, 09:17 PM
Apr 2023

1. No argument with any of what you said, but it‘s not (yet, anyway!) an official federal government organization doing it.

2. Disagree for the reasons above. Another term of Trump or Cheney, and we would get it, but I don‘t think a Democratic administration would go there.

3. True that I‘m living in Germany, and the mortal danger from Federal organizations is pretty much not there, but their extreme permissiveness toward armed organized crime in a densely populated country—continent, really—makes some parts dangerous to get caught in. Not yet as widespread as in the USA, but not totally „safe,“ either.

4. We don‘t have much disagreement here. Their thirst for insatiable wealth and unlimited social control exceeds all conceivable boundaries of civilization. If some AI super computer, labeling itself Republican, were to take over the country, I‘m not sure they‘d even notice.

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