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37. Yes the law is now completely detached from right and wrong.
Fri Apr 28, 2023, 09:11 PM
Apr 2023

The law is used to punish and control others.
And to protect the rich and powerful.

No common sense.
Not one iota of concern for the American people.

The Supreme Court pretends to come from a moral core, but it is all a lie and fake.
It is all politics, power and money.

School children being murdered in classrooms means nothing to them at all.
Women dying in hospital parking lots, not a problem.

The loss of our democracy and the installation of a fascist regime is fine with them.

Being bribed with $$millions and then ruling in favor of those rich crooks is fine
with them.

No wonder he doesn't want to speak with the senate. Bev54 Apr 2023 #1
Exactly. BeckyDem Apr 2023 #2
He's not protecting Thomas, he is protecting himself. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #13
Yes, it is becoming very obvious, and now I am wondering about the rest of them Bev54 Apr 2023 #17
Yes it is now glaringly obvious Thomas is just the tip of the iceberg. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #19
Ah, the swamp stinks. BSdetect Apr 2023 #3
Subpoena his ass, now C_U_L8R Apr 2023 #4
Have to wait for Feinstein to get subpoena power back. Bev54 Apr 2023 #18
And all 9 Justices (yes even the liberals) said they don't support more oversight Marius25 Apr 2023 #5
It should not be up to them, period. The liberals may be fearful of a conservative led review. BeckyDem Apr 2023 #7
Agree with statement. Coequal and independent branches of government is all the statement says. Alexander Of Assyria Apr 2023 #25
The judiciary has always been under the control of Congress Farmer-Rick Apr 2023 #32
Congress only has limited authority to grant SCOTUS jurisdictional issues...criminal, civil, Alexander Of Assyria Apr 2023 #41
That's not how the US Constitution reads Farmer-Rick Apr 2023 #43
No. The clause has been interpreted by courts to be exactly what it is...jurisdictional. Alexander Of Assyria Apr 2023 #44
Of course the supreme court Farmer-Rick Apr 2023 #45
Courts are mandated to interpret laws, it's their very reason to exist. Alexander Of Assyria Apr 2023 #46
Absolutely it should NOT be up to them! calimary Apr 2023 #49
Yep. BeckyDem Apr 2023 #50
It is an illegal junta. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #14
They don't do shame. dchill Apr 2023 #33
The most learned legal scholars in the world are devoid of a moral core. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #35
My take is that they're in the wrong profession. dchill Apr 2023 #36
Yes the law is now completely detached from right and wrong. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #37
It's not oversight that's the issue, it's lack of an ethical code. Alexander Of Assyria Apr 2023 #22
👇👇👇👁️ Goonch Apr 2023 #6
shady BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 2023 #8
Because of course. What's the good of a lifetime appointment that literally allows you to impose Comfortably_Numb Apr 2023 #9
Lifetime job, no rules or oversight, and rich people offering bribes. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #15
They are smart enough enough to know that the cash teat will dry up if they start ruling against the Comfortably_Numb Apr 2023 #29
You're a smart little cookie. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #38
Going.....going......sold---- for a relative pittance. Comfortably_Numb Apr 2023 #40
No wonder he doesn't want Ethic oversight. republianmushroom Apr 2023 #10
Great! ffr Apr 2023 #11
Come on folks, they are there to interpret the law, not keep it. Chainfire Apr 2023 #12
For those who make the rules, there are no rules. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #16
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? COL Mustard Apr 2023 #26
We have created an evil super being class. They answer to no one. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #39
What kind of professional group refuses to make ethical rules? Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #20
Here's a DU thread that doesn't force viewers to go to musk's rotten platform erronis Apr 2023 #21
Has anyone checked BOSSHOG Apr 2023 #23
But there's no ethical conflict here..... COL Mustard Apr 2023 #24
So of the 9 we have 4 dirty Botany Apr 2023 #27
The Supreme Court is an open sewer. The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #28
Not new-new but worth hammering until traction happens. Thanks! UTUSN Apr 2023 #30
Shocked, shocked I say ... aggiesal Apr 2023 #31
Oooooooh, they do like that free ride on the Gravy Train. calimary Apr 2023 #34
I could be wrong, but i'm very concerned that bluestarone Apr 2023 #42
Right. Now that they're exposed, there's no need to continue the charade ecstatic Apr 2023 #48
So... 6 of the 9 justices are bought and paid for... ecstatic Apr 2023 #47
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