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1. Americans have learned the hard way the Honor Code is meaningless
Fri Apr 28, 2023, 06:35 PM
Apr 2023

when people have no honor.

Shame shame shame on the supreme court.

Americans have learned the hard way the Honor Code is meaningless Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #1
Well, they are NOT adhering to a general code of conduct voluntarily because multiple justices RockRaven Apr 2023 #2
Complete fucking joke. Shame on the non extremist for going along. onecaliberal Apr 2023 #3
Keep pressure own these motherfuckers until they crack - and they will Stinky The Clown Apr 2023 #4
And this right here is why I don't gush over politicians or anyone in the public sector. So many Carlitos Brigante Apr 2023 #5
Big steaming plate of bullshit right there. NewHendoLib Apr 2023 #6
Just another example of the direction our Democracy is going. walkingman Apr 2023 #7
Pass a law Timewas Apr 2023 #8
Yup, they will rule 9-0 that it's unconstitutional Polybius Apr 2023 #32
Congress Timewas Apr 2023 #38
The Supreme Court will rule that whatever they fix is unconstitutional Polybius Apr 2023 #39
Actually Timewas Apr 2023 #40
Then strip them of their appellate jurisdiction. NYC Liberal Apr 2023 #46
They will be the root of the SCOTUS losing all respect as BigmanPigman Apr 2023 #9
and the US Senate Celerity Apr 2023 #19
Yes, indeed!!! BigmanPigman Apr 2023 #21
The US founding fathers set up a system that has 'good faith' at its bedrock core. Most never Celerity Apr 2023 #24
That is an excellent analogy. BigmanPigman Apr 2023 #25
Normalcy bias and undue faith in the concepts of 'it can never happen here' and American Celerity Apr 2023 #31
The thing is that it IS HAPPENING right now! BigmanPigman Apr 2023 #35
In a nutshell, John Roberts is corrupt and that's why he won't police the other 8 FakeNoose Apr 2023 #10
He has no authority to police them Zeitghost Apr 2023 #47
So they want to continue to keep side hustles that often are more lucrative than their day jobs? Freethinker65 Apr 2023 #11
When Scalia ruled Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional gratuitous Apr 2023 #12
As soon as he declared it unconstitutional the red states went to town. Ligyron Apr 2023 #16
Really disgusted with the 3 liberals Marius25 Apr 2023 #13
I wonder whether the liberal justices were strongarmed into their position diva77 Apr 2023 #23
I disagree with all 9 Justices, you do need oversight. republianmushroom Apr 2023 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity Apr 2023 #15
Was the letter written by ChatGPT? dickthegrouch Apr 2023 #17
IF the liberal judges du sign on.... ShazzieB Apr 2023 #43
It is very troubling that all 9 of them are against any kind of doc03 Apr 2023 #18
The hubris that is spawned from damn near (atm) unaccountable power is a hell of a drug. Celerity Apr 2023 #20
I understand why though Polybius Apr 2023 #36
Maybe if "all nine justices" policed their own house better it wouldn't be a question...nt Wounded Bear Apr 2023 #22
Absolutely.. Ponder that, SCOTUS. Cha Apr 2023 #28
Wow I'm surprised.. .. Cha Apr 2023 #26
Fuck em all. Lets start over ZonkerHarris Apr 2023 #27
Yeah, that's not gonna happen Cha Apr 2023 #29
I have to assume you're joking.. ShazzieB Apr 2023 #44
Catch 22 lives Marthe48 Apr 2023 #30
Chuck Schumer should form a committee Mr.Bill Apr 2023 #33
Justices, please furnish a complete list of authorities you consult on ethical issues. Hotler Apr 2023 #34
As we knew when they stole the court Tree Lady Apr 2023 #37
The liberal justices might identify more with their colleagues than us. Earth-shine Apr 2023 #41
"all" - really?! Ours, too? UTUSN Apr 2023 #42
No oversight ....installed for life, sure what could go wrong.....this is some bullshit right here. GuppyGal Apr 2023 #45
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