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3. Thus confirming that the more lax or worshipfull laws are about guns, the more they are used
Sun Apr 23, 2023, 11:26 AM
Apr 2023

The more guns there are and the less oversight by civilized society, the more wrongful deaths there are and will be.
Less oversight about who gets guns gives guys and gals, without a clue, the overlordship power of life and death.

The USA must begin gathering gun and gun abuse data at the Federal level.

'Can't say gay, can't teach kids reality (like menstruation)' is simply 'can't study guns' repackaged by the republican't team.

Society, TV, movies, video games, make-up and other artists of bodily gore, the entire gun-industry, the evening news, and so many purveyors of illusion all hypnotize people into thinking a delusion is reality.

So Why Isn't This Being Reported In MSM?..... global1 Apr 2023 #1
Fox News dominates MSM and spews their crap 7x24 and is the most listed to network. RKP5637 Apr 2023 #2
It's not just Fox DENVERPOPS Apr 2023 #9
Yes, this is very accurate! I wish there were a way to help people become more introspective. n/t RKP5637 Apr 2023 #12
I've often wondered why MSM KS Toronado Apr 2023 #11
Because there is this finding to complicate the curtailment of 2A policies in red states. And so ancianita Apr 2023 #14
Thus confirming that the more lax or worshipfull laws are about guns, the more they are used sanatanadharma Apr 2023 #3
Logical outcome of the guns everywhere for everyone policy. scarletlib Apr 2023 #4
Don't forget 'Stand Your Ground' laws that encourage people to use them... Wounded Bear Apr 2023 #6
True. scarletlib Apr 2023 #16
Crime and Law enforcement are managed on a local level, not statewide MichMan Apr 2023 #5
Of course a governor is responsible for crime and violence in cities f_townsend Apr 2023 #19
What about Democratic governors? MichMan Apr 2023 #23
Has Whitmer worked with the gun lobby to make it a cinch for criminals and psychos to get guns? f_townsend Apr 2023 #24
Jim Webb's book "Born Fighting" has a good explanation... albacore Apr 2023 #7
So does Joe Bageant's essay "Drink, Pray, Fuck, Fight" DinahMoeHum Apr 2023 #8
Bageant's stuff is more fun to read. albacore Apr 2023 #13
Yeah, I miss him so bad. DinahMoeHum Apr 2023 #22
Details at: https://www.nationhoodlab.org/the-geography-of-u-s-gun-violence/ Dorn Apr 2023 #10
Interesting the solid blue moonscape Apr 2023 #21
There's more gun deaths where they love guns more? Iggo Apr 2023 #15
Would it be possible for our side to mention this occasionally? senseandsensibility Apr 2023 #17
There are "strategists" in the Democratic party who I'm convinced are GOP moles f_townsend Apr 2023 #20
Red States have more mass shootings than Blue States LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2023 #18
Those stats are a good enough reason for SCOTUS to block blue state gun control laws NullTuples Apr 2023 #25
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