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Thu Apr 20, 2023, 07:19 AM Apr 2023

I'm a woman who lives alone and I don't sit on my porch wondering who I'm going to shoot next [View all]

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I am a 58 year old woman who lives alone in a rural area. I take my daily walk along the road, then through a cemetery, alone. Sometimes people approach me to ask directions. One day, a truck pulled up next to me in the cemetery. I don't carry a gun. I don't panic. I don't feel as though I need to "stand my ground". And, as I posted to a commenter below, if I did choose to live in fear and paranoia, I would have an actual reason. A FedEx driver murdered my neighbor, then set her house on fire:


What the actual hell is with these fragile white men who are so "scared" that they need to shoot through the door at a teenage boy? The kid rings your bell; you don't know him. Stay inside, behind your locked door, until he goes away!

A car is LEAVING your driveway. No one got out. The homeowner finds it necessary to come outside and shoot? Again, stay the hell inside your house, behind locked doors. Call the cops if you're so scared.

My uncle has always been sort of fringy. In the last few years he has totally gone down the rabbit hole. He steeps himself in right-wing and conspiracy radio shows. He has coffee at a diner that has a sign at the entrance welcoming concealed carry customers. He parrots everything our right wing sheriff says and propones. He lives alone, so when I make soup, I leave some on his porch. I noticed a new "We don't call 911" sign with a picture of a gun. Seriously????? No one is coming for him. Good God. To my knowledge, he has never had anything to do with guns. I don't think he really owns one. The last time I was there, he had rigged the porch door in such a way that I cannot even get in anymore. Fear and paranoia. Holy crap.

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What the actual hell is with these fragile white men who are so "scared" that they need to shoot Ray Bruns Apr 2023 #1
preliminary evidence shows Lester opened fire on the teen through a glass door RSherman Apr 2023 #6
A glass door would be an outer storm door. n/t Mister Ed Apr 2023 #35
Correct RSherman Apr 2023 #36
Snowflakes Wicked Blue Apr 2023 #15
They're afraid... dchill Apr 2023 #44
You got that right. Bluebelle76 Apr 2023 #77
They crossed the line between reality and fantasy... dchill Apr 2023 #78
Identical mentality DENVERPOPS Apr 2023 #79
Better and safer ways to protect your home. multigraincracker Apr 2023 #2
Most nations protect their homes by not living in fear! Americans live in fear, the pursuit Alexander Of Assyria Apr 2023 #10
Add Timewas Apr 2023 #19
👍 Joinfortmill Apr 2023 #73
They watch Fox News and listen to AM radio. yardwork Apr 2023 #3
American males with guns. Murdering everyone in sight. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #4
Hate to say it but multigraincracker Apr 2023 #7
So women are to blame for the fact men are shooting everyone is sight? Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #12
Pretty much! Hope22 Apr 2023 #30
+1 chowder66 Apr 2023 #71
Your post is insulting and sexist. Demsrule86 Apr 2023 #31
How so? flying_wahini Apr 2023 #49
Non sequitur much? ShazzieB Apr 2023 #43
Wow. sarge43 Apr 2023 #46
Well inthewind21 Apr 2023 #63
Most of these shooters are incels that weren't able to get any women JI7 Apr 2023 #74
I have people turning in my driveway everyday Maine Abu El Banat Apr 2023 #5
99.9 percent of the population do not do this type of thing. jimfields33 Apr 2023 #8
This is probably quite reassuring to all the people being murdered in cold blood. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #13
I think the point is Abigail_Adams Apr 2023 #21
Nonsense. Americans are being murdered several times a week. This is not a rare occurrence. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #25
We have over 350 million people in this country. jimfields33 Apr 2023 #32
"every nationality known," "a lot of different economic differences" Paladin Apr 2023 #42
You did. I didn't. jimfields33 Apr 2023 #65
Hah! nt Brenda Apr 2023 #91
Actually inthewind21 Apr 2023 #64
The undercount estimate was 18.8 million. TwilightZone Apr 2023 #83
One doesn't get murdered by a gun; one gets Backseat Driver Apr 2023 #39
I think the frequency of shootings is more than wnylib Apr 2023 #40
And fir the last several days there's been one after another after another. ShazzieB Apr 2023 #54
The trigger-happy shootings by wnylib Apr 2023 #61
You forgot the birthday party in Alabama questionseverything Apr 2023 #80
LTT. smh. nt Brenda Apr 2023 #81
Thanks. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #92
i live in the forest off a recreation area road and i've had numerous folks pound on my door samnsara Apr 2023 #9
Great post--thank you! RSherman Apr 2023 #11
Dayum, now I want some hot buttered rum! BlackSkimmer Apr 2023 #69
👍 Joinfortmill Apr 2023 #75
Yee haw. underpants Apr 2023 #14
"stand your ground laws" are licence to arrange a murder. marble falls Apr 2023 #51
Absolutely. ShazzieB Apr 2023 #56
My assumption is that they shoot not because they are scared, but because Gaugamela Apr 2023 #16
Spot on Doc Sportello Apr 2023 #20
I'd further add they have been told by the NRA and Fox that they need a gun to protect themselves Probatim Apr 2023 #33
Yup Joinfortmill Apr 2023 #76
Maybe it's not fear. Maybe it's entitlement. Ferrets are Cool Apr 2023 #17
Hard to know what is mental health or anger issues or just lack of socialization + too many guns dutch777 Apr 2023 #18
The only people who come up my 1/4 mile lane are Mormons Farmer-Rick Apr 2023 #22
The right wing machine has stoked fear of the other for years Novara Apr 2023 #23
Rural areas are not home of the brave. Baitball Blogger Apr 2023 #24
If cheerleaders get in your car by mistake IronLionZion Apr 2023 #26
I have a couple of friends that I still play with for over 50 years. cachukis Apr 2023 #27
Aaaaannd no more soup for you, buster! nt Trueblue Texan Apr 2023 #28
Gun ownership and the NRA play into "Rugged Individualistic Masculinity" Oneironaut Apr 2023 #29
Yes. It's about domination. colorado_ufo Apr 2023 #34
Yep. It's all about the testosterone. GoodRaisin Apr 2023 #90
I don't let anyone I'd care to shoot live in my head. hunter Apr 2023 #37
Sounds like there's a little meth blended in judesedit Apr 2023 #38
the pic witn dont call 911 use a gun has been around for years . AllaN01Bear Apr 2023 #41
this is important NJCher Apr 2023 #45
I watch MSNBC for my news and check DU Marthe48 Apr 2023 #47
You raise some very interesting questions! ShazzieB Apr 2023 #58
I'm not afraid to die Marthe48 Apr 2023 #70
I live in a 'larger' small town: Marble Falls, Tx. We haven't had a murder in years. The most ... marble falls Apr 2023 #48
There was a double homicide in September 2022. TwilightZone Apr 2023 #85
First homicide since 2017. This was not a random crime, the shooter was an ex boyfriend. marble falls Apr 2023 #86
"We haven't had a murder in years." TwilightZone Apr 2023 #87
What was that second murder? ... marble falls Apr 2023 #89
I had to Traildogbob Apr 2023 #50
61 year old retired guy here Beachnutt Apr 2023 #52
Fox Dios Mio Apr 2023 #53
I agree! peggysue2 Apr 2023 #55
I mentioned elsewhere that I encounter that kind of paranoid asshole a lot Orrex Apr 2023 #57
ALWAYS (as in literally 100% of the time)? sarisataka Apr 2023 #59
I had a relative similar to your uncle whopis01 Apr 2023 #60
Not every gun owner is rational dlk Apr 2023 #62
The guy that Rebl2 Apr 2023 #66
I'm also a single woman and have never felt the need for a gun. jmbar2 Apr 2023 #67
Older white (and gay) woman who lives alone here too. BlackSkimmer Apr 2023 #68
Yikes! We have a problem, America Joinfortmill Apr 2023 #72
I'm a 61 year old white fucker with guns The Mouth Apr 2023 #82
Fear and hate bdamomma Apr 2023 #84
Property. THEY are coming for your stuff. Kind of an anti-Christianity. God is property. betsuni Apr 2023 #88
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