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9. I live in the burbs among mostly white families. Their Nextdoor posts are revealing.
Sat Apr 8, 2023, 07:38 PM
Apr 2023

They constantly complain about the level of crime, and it has increased in Austin as in other major cities, especially property crimes. Until recently, we had a terrible city manager, and we still have a terrible police chief, but who do the women (and some men) blame for crime when they post on our local Nextdoor? Biden and liberals. Austin is a Democratic city, but the burbs are filled with plenty of Republicans, and they have so much white privilege that they don’t have a clue what happens to people who struggle just to live.

I think women vote for Republicans because their husbands do and because they’re busy with kids, and school, and sometimes jobs. They don’t follow politics the way we do because they don’t actually have the time. Their kids are in good schools with few minorities, and they want to keep it that way because they’ve been told that minority kids are a bad influence. Certainly, not all white families here are wealthy, but they’re generally better off than most minority families—and they want to keep whatever wealth they do have and pay as little tax as possible. The influence of right-wing evangelicalism is strong here, and few white evangelical woman will vote for a Democrat because they’ve been told over and over that Democrats are pedophiles and baby killers. It’s a lie that Republican politicians have used effectively.

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