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An AR-15 Uses The Same Exact ... [View all] ItsjustMe Apr 2023 OP
The 2nd Amendment never mentions guns. multigraincracker Apr 2023 #1
Guns fall under "arms". yagotme Apr 2023 #2
Swords, clubs, brass knuckles and multigraincracker Apr 2023 #3
"Arms" are regulated. "Guns" are regulated. yagotme Apr 2023 #4
Try to get a permit multigraincracker Apr 2023 #5
Here you go: yagotme Apr 2023 #7
Guns can no longer be said to be "regulated" NullTuples Apr 2023 #39
Exactly. ShazzieB Apr 2023 #53
I think you need to look back at what were considered 'arms' Aussie105 Apr 2023 #55
You are preaching to the choir, dude. ShazzieB Apr 2023 #57
Just seemed a good place to put my 2c worth. Aussie105 Apr 2023 #60
Then where, I ask, is the Roberts Court's "well regulated militia"? NullTuples Apr 2023 #88
Manufacture a firearm for sale, yagotme May 2023 #108
Meanwhile, 32 states now let people carry guns in public without learning how to handle or shoot one NullTuples May 2023 #113
So, is there anyone left alive in those states? yagotme May 2023 #114
AR-15s can fire anything from .22 cal to shotgun shells Kaleva Apr 2023 #6
There is at least 1 single shot .50 cal upper, too. n/t yagotme Apr 2023 #8
It's a very versatile platform. Kaleva Apr 2023 #9
Ones PGR the other is not uponit7771 Apr 2023 #31
Usually chambered in .223 or 5.56 DenaliDemocrat Apr 2023 #67
I agree with you Kaleva Apr 2023 #70
So does this.... Timewas Apr 2023 #10
except when you add a 100 round clip newdayneeded Apr 2023 #12
Well Timewas Apr 2023 #15
For hunting gay texan Apr 2023 #17
Hate to see the deer meat after newdayneeded Apr 2023 #18
On a ranch, it's probably intended for obliterating vermin William Seger Apr 2023 #37
lol newdayneeded Apr 2023 #42
I'm sure you are aware ... Straw Man Apr 2023 #58
How many rounds does it take to mutilate a 6 year old girl to death? The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #82
One, depending on the round. yagotme May 2023 #110
Most of it is easily 3D printable now madville Apr 2023 #45
AR fires once per trigger pull. yagotme Apr 2023 #13
Sad Timewas Apr 2023 #14
All below fire one shot per pull of trigger. Explain difference to me, please. yagotme Apr 2023 #16
the 14 uses 7.62 or 308 Winchester and the M16 5.56 or the .223 Remington round Ligyron Apr 2023 #30
I think you mean the Mini-30. Straw Man Apr 2023 #59
The answer, is, the top 2 are the "same" rifle. yagotme May 2023 #109
plus 1 (my addition key died) nt Ligyron May 2023 #115
Uh-oh. yagotme May 2023 #116
People who go deep In the weeds to explain why AR15s aren't so bad creep me out Bucky Apr 2023 #36
They creep me out, too! ShazzieB Apr 2023 #54
Creeped out myself. Aussie105 Apr 2023 #61
If the person is truly "harmless", yagotme May 2023 #111
Here's a really simple solution to your dilema, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2023 #72
There's just one problem with that approach. ShazzieB Apr 2023 #105
Well, that definitely is an option, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2023 #107
As a guy who has fired an M4/M16 in combat, I never once fired it in any mode other than semi-auto Victor_c3 Apr 2023 #32
I think you are mistaking "semi-automatic" for "automatic" whopis01 Apr 2023 #33
Agree madville Apr 2023 #48
As a guy who fought in Vietnam and Desert Storm, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2023 #94
The ammo it uses isn't the problem Amishman Apr 2023 #11
My hunting rifles . . . AverageOldGuy Apr 2023 #21
We're saying the same thing Amishman Apr 2023 #40
And 3D printing has made them easy to make madville Apr 2023 #46
So which bullet is best for killing 6 year olds? The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #83
Pretty soon the gun humpers will want rocket launchers. flying_wahini Apr 2023 #19
Ditto AverageOldGuy Apr 2023 #20
Thank you for your service. yagotme Apr 2023 #22
I would argue that the police madville Apr 2023 #47
Yes, it's sick that these aren't extremely tightly regulated here LymphocyteLover Apr 2023 #23
I haven't heard about the Swiss model for keepign guns Old Crank Apr 2023 #24
No other country The Wizard Apr 2023 #25
Thank you, M. Shams! calimary Apr 2023 #26
I'm really tired of right wing gun fetishists saying "it's not a military weapon." Pacifist Patriot Apr 2023 #27
I hope this falls on some NRA members ears' that aren't deaf SouthernDem4ever Apr 2023 #28
I'm really sickened by those who defend AR15 rights after so many innocent people C Moon Apr 2023 #29
The "right to bear arms" that could not have been even imagined. And how 'bout that "well-regulated Evolve Dammit Apr 2023 #34
Post removed Post removed Apr 2023 #35
I guess you need to take a look newdayneeded Apr 2023 #43
They are used Zeitghost Apr 2023 #50
Percentage? Aussie105 Apr 2023 #63
Percentage. Straw Man Apr 2023 #65
3% are Assault Weapons Zeitghost Apr 2023 #90
There's nothing particularly special about the AR-15, other than it being a popular rifle platform. Calista241 Apr 2023 #51
Does it really do nothing different or better than a handgun? Mister Ed Apr 2023 #62
Las Vegas no. Sandy Hook and Parkland yes hack89 Apr 2023 #68
Can you really blast doors out with a pistol, as was done at Sandy Hook? Mister Ed Apr 2023 #86
Soldiers carry rifles so they can kill at long range hack89 Apr 2023 #89
Of course I understand why soldiers carry rifles and not just pistols. Mister Ed Apr 2023 #98
That's some pretty fine hair splitting hack89 Apr 2023 #102
In Vietnam, I carried both, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2023 #92
Thank you. Of course you carried both, because they serve different purposes. Mister Ed Apr 2023 #97
+100. nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2023 #100
Listening to some of the hairsplitters in this thread... Shipwack Apr 2023 #38
!!! Kali Apr 2023 #49
Bringing facts to a discussion can be troubling. former9thward Apr 2023 #52
Irrelevant and trivial facts are sometimes used to obscure the truth. n/t Mister Ed Apr 2023 #87
Well, you're right about that. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2023 #93
Thank you for this! ShazzieB Apr 2023 #56
The NRA has glorified guns to such a distorted perception liberal N proud Apr 2023 #41
My thoughts Kennah Apr 2023 #44
AR 15 intelpug Apr 2023 #64
Uh, no. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2023 #73
Any idea what a 12-gauge slug from a shotgun ... Straw Man Apr 2023 #66
The shotgun delivers more stopping power out to 25 yards. After that, the AR takes over. Emile Apr 2023 #71
The effective range of a 12 gauge slug gun is 200 yards Kaleva Apr 2023 #74
It may be effective up to 200 yards, but after 25 yards the Emile Apr 2023 #76
Where did you get your info from? Kaleva Apr 2023 #77
From your website that you posted. Emile Apr 2023 #78
But you said velocity drops after 25 yards Kaleva Apr 2023 #85
The laws of physics demands it Zeitghost Apr 2023 #91
12 gauge slug guns use a rifled barrel Kaleva Apr 2023 #95
Deer hunting shot gun barrels have been rifled for quite some time. yagotme May 2023 #112
And how many mass shootings take place at a distance of more than 25 yards? Straw Man Apr 2023 #99
With the recoil of a 12 gauge shotgun I can understand why it would not be the weapon of choice Emile Apr 2023 #101
Yeah, but is your average shotgun as bad-ass looking a "platform" as an AR-15? Paladin Apr 2023 #80
Amen judesedit Apr 2023 #69
I completely agree Mr. Steve Apr 2023 #75
Doesn't really make much sense madville Apr 2023 #79
+++ llashram Apr 2023 #81
We must take to the streets. The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #84
And what has "taking to the streets" accomplished ExWhoDoesntCare Apr 2023 #104
France The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #106
Sham - an unfortunate name. The M-16 and 5.56 are being deactivated... SYFROYH Apr 2023 #96
OK, after reading the currently 100 replies, It seems ... sanatanadharma Apr 2023 #103
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