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Get thee to the greatest page malaise Apr 2023 #1
Great post. Baitball Blogger Apr 2023 #2
ABSOLUTELY! B.See Apr 2023 #51
Yes, this was their plan all along! Hopefully this fact will kept in the spottlight. Kittycatkat Apr 2023 #3
Started with that rancid bag of shit and polling place "overseer" Renqhuist and Carlitos Brigante Apr 2023 #4
Yep. As designed. Working perfectly to keep white wealthy conservative minority rule Freethinker65 Apr 2023 #5
K&R. Excellent. The Supreme Disenfranchisers. bronxiteforever Apr 2023 #6
As horrific as Dredd Scott was, I think the Roberts court will go down Marius25 Apr 2023 #7
I totally agree, Marius. brer cat Apr 2023 #8
I also agree. Grumpy Old Guy Apr 2023 #14
Plus the Federalist Society, Koch network, ALEC, Heritage Foundation, Mercers, ... rubbersole Apr 2023 #16
Yes! Grumpy Old Guy Apr 2023 #33
Either that or history itself will go down. 👎 dchill Apr 2023 #25
The California Assembly is 77.5% Democratic Sympthsical Apr 2023 #9
California's districts leftieNanner Apr 2023 #21
Well then Tennessee has some very incompetent partisans Sympthsical Apr 2023 #22
True Zeitghost Apr 2023 #42
Point taken, but. I have seen R control of CA in my lifetime. The minority has never been..... mjvpi Apr 2023 #26
Why are you attempting to "both-siderize" this? maxrandb Apr 2023 #31
+1 Spazito Apr 2023 #39
Sadly, too many people on our side didn't like Hillary. Kaleva Apr 2023 #10
You forgot inthewind21 Apr 2023 #11
Well thought out Farmer-Rick Apr 2023 #12
You are right the Roberts Court in history will be remember as the "Shitshow" Court. usaf-vet Apr 2023 #13
As a veteran Traildogbob Apr 2023 #15
+1000 mountain grammy Apr 2023 #19
The two biggest problems in America are the Supreme Court and gerrymandering world wide wally Apr 2023 #17
Bingo inthewind21 Apr 2023 #18
Fix campaign finance and democracy will deal with both of those issues. mjvpi Apr 2023 #27
Agree! True Blue American Apr 2023 #44
K & R mountain grammy Apr 2023 #20
Don't forget the Scumbag BINO Justice housecat Apr 2023 #23
The Supralegal Extreme Court of the Untied States. dchill Apr 2023 #24
So it belongs to Bush and Rove and their ilk. LisaM Apr 2023 #28
+1000 n/t MarcA Apr 2023 #35
Roberts helped to engineer W's "win" in 2000, madamesilverspurs Apr 2023 #43
I actually forgot that Gore was once elected in this state that now has a bigoted, RW legislature. Ligyron Apr 2023 #48
+1,000,000,000 happy feet Apr 2023 #29
Not sure where you're getting the "confederate" nonsense. BlackSkimmer Apr 2023 #30
You don't have to live in the south to have the ideology of the confederacy maxrandb Apr 2023 #37
Tell us you hate the south without telling us you hate the south. BlackSkimmer Apr 2023 #46
Tell us you can't read the Electoral Maps of the past 50 years maxrandb Apr 2023 #47
Not just the Citizens United decision. Grins Apr 2023 #32
Gerrymandering is a big problem, no doubt. BlueCheeseAgain Apr 2023 #34
Hawaii, Rhode Island and Massachusetts maxrandb Apr 2023 #45
Its simple Cherokee100 Apr 2023 #36
also, This entire shitshow belongs to John Roberts - Citizen's United OhNo-Really Apr 2023 #38
I thought John Roberts would be better. I was dead leftyladyfrommo Apr 2023 #49
John Crow krkaufman Apr 2023 #40
McConnell laid the groundwork in 2010 for the court takeover. NullTuples Apr 2023 #41
Think again? The influence is FAR-RIGHT CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN RELIGIOSITY. Hortensis Apr 2023 #50
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