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76. Don't you just love how THEY get to decide who is...
Wed Apr 5, 2023, 04:08 PM
Apr 2023

...going to heaven and who's going to hell? IMO, they prove every day that their religion is false.

Oh Coventina, I am so sorry that you had to listen to that shit from a so called friend. debm55 Apr 2023 #1
That heartless person is insane. OhNo-Really Apr 2023 #81
VERY sorry to hear it. elleng Apr 2023 #2
Ugh! Just Ugh! MineralMan Apr 2023 #3
Listen, I've left Christianity behind, myself. 70sEraVet Apr 2023 #4
This Hekate Apr 2023 #54
"there are good Christians, and there are .... people like your 'friend'." LiberalLovinLug Apr 2023 #134
What a disgusting thing to say! sakabatou Apr 2023 #5
Holy &%!# - that is one of the most despicable... 3catwoman3 Apr 2023 #6
plus one BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 2023 #8
Agreed! 634-5789 Apr 2023 #57
Personally, I would have shouted into the phone "GO F**K YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!" AZ8theist Apr 2023 #123
I couldn't even write something as vile as this in a work of fiction, let alone... 3catwoman3 Apr 2023 #125
Sorry. I could. AZ8theist Apr 2023 #127
Holy &%!# - that is one of the most despicable... 3catwoman3 Apr 2023 #7
I am so very sorry you had to endure that. emulatorloo Apr 2023 #9
I worked for a republican lawyer when my daughter was killed (car accident). He was Catholic as I SheilaAnn Apr 2023 #10
I am so sorry. Coventina Apr 2023 #11
Thank you, that remark still stings and she died in '93. n/t SheilaAnn Apr 2023 #13
so sorry for your loss. barbtries Apr 2023 #19
I don't know what to say Effete Snob Apr 2023 #24
and that's what you say. barbtries Apr 2023 #42
Dear God, talk about cold and heartless, thank you for your condolence and I extend mine to you. SheilaAnn Apr 2023 #26
The term: DENVERPOPS Apr 2023 #92
I am so sorry about the loss of your daughter no matter how long ago. What a callous remark LoisB Apr 2023 #20
Thank you Lois, he was a repub so I knew he was a jerk from the git-go. Glad I left too. n/t SheilaAnn Apr 2023 #27
I'm so sorry. That is horrific. Sky Jewels Apr 2023 #32
Pretty much my reaction too. I don't go to church anymore but I do say prayers. Some old habits SheilaAnn Apr 2023 #36
Thank God not asll religious leaders are as rediculous as their minister! I'm sure he didn't know napi21 Apr 2023 #106
I am so sorry... mgardener Apr 2023 #59
Yeah, you hear of this a lot when it's a very young child who passed. Ligyron Apr 2023 #68
SheilaAnn, PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 2023 #97
"I know she's going to Heaven, relayerbob Apr 2023 #12
I worked for a few years with someone who seemed to be a nice guy NewHendoLib Apr 2023 #14
jeezus! barbtries Apr 2023 #21
I told him that I feel bad for his utter distortions of reality NewHendoLib Apr 2023 #30
well done. barbtries Apr 2023 #44
You should have heard the outcry (from older Catholics no less) when Pope Frances stated there was SheilaAnn Apr 2023 #37
So much for the doctrine of papal infallibility, eh? ShazzieB Apr 2023 #58
I agree. Any one who comes up with something like that wnylib Apr 2023 #86
I had someone ask me if I was saved AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2023 #31
I had that experience, too, since I grew up surrounded by Southern Baptists. N/T Jedi Guy Apr 2023 #50
I too was raised in that fundamentalist Lutheranism Backseat Driver Apr 2023 #95
Former SBC here. I'm not surprised a bit. paleotn Apr 2023 #62
You were wise to walk away vlyons Apr 2023 #15
You're probably preaching to the unholy choir here at DU. erronis Apr 2023 #41
Yes I am a Buddhist vlyons Apr 2023 #69
Thank you for your explanation. I will enjoy following the link you provided! erronis Apr 2023 #73
You are realistic Dios Mio Apr 2023 #110
What a nasty idea of God! Maeve Apr 2023 #16
seems to me barbtries Apr 2023 #17
Yeah, I would have taken it as just the opposite - soldierant Apr 2023 #105
Well friend, you and I read the Bible very differently gratuitous Apr 2023 #18
Well, to be fair, what your "friend" said is not scriptural harumph Apr 2023 #22
Christianity began rotting right after the crucifixion RVN VET71 Apr 2023 #85
What an awful thing to say. Glad you are free of your "friend" too. LoisB Apr 2023 #23
And she was so sure and confident in herself, wasn't she? NBachers Apr 2023 #25
I've heard maga christians say that crud Apr 2023 #28
Xians absolutely ADORE tragedy. Orrex Apr 2023 #29
So much religion is utter madness like this LymphocyteLover Apr 2023 #33
That's really stunning. How judgmental can one get? calimary Apr 2023 #34
What would Jesus Do Maine Abu El Banat Apr 2023 #35
Nasty people create/worship nasty gods . . . hatrack Apr 2023 #38
Man created God in His own image ... eppur_se_muova Apr 2023 #130
Sometimes we offer condolences, but we talk too long and it comes out awkward and way different than keithbvadu2 Apr 2023 #39
+1000 n/t MarcA Apr 2023 #84
i had a horrible incident fron a baptist day school when i was four yo. AllaN01Bear Apr 2023 #40
Yours of course is way worse, TNNurse Apr 2023 #43
So sorry JanLip Apr 2023 #45
What if I told you that... NotVeryImportant Apr 2023 #46
Collective insanity. Martin68 Apr 2023 #47
Have to wonder how your "friend" thought she was helping? LiberalFighter Apr 2023 #48
Man created God in his own image. StarryNite Apr 2023 #49
Whew IbogaProject Apr 2023 #51
Add to that he fed a crowd of people who probably didn't "deserve" feeding... Hekate Apr 2023 #64
Takers keithbvadu2 Apr 2023 #89
I'm no theologist but I think she doesn't understand her religion. Renew Deal Apr 2023 #52
The hard lines they draw are very perplexing sometimes. Jedi Guy Apr 2023 #53
YIKES! Crazy talk from people who know nothing of Jesus and His teachings. 634-5789 Apr 2023 #56
"[Editor's Note: Yes, I know.]" dchill Apr 2023 #78
That's awful Jilly_in_VA Apr 2023 #55
Religious selfishness jerseyjim Apr 2023 #60
"Why not do things without the damned expectation of getting rewarded?" Jedi Guy Apr 2023 #90
The horrible god of horrible people. paleotn Apr 2023 #61
The real "tell" Effete Snob Apr 2023 #63
Have you ever noticed that those who want to share their religion with you do not want to share your keithbvadu2 Apr 2023 #91
When I was in HS in the 70s... Whatthe_Firetruck Apr 2023 #108
I'm glad you're free too! I grew up in a fundy church. woodsprite Apr 2023 #65
Why does anyone worship a cruel, capricious, and ultimately small and petty god? hunter Apr 2023 #66
That's quite a good family story - probably similar to many people. Thanks for posting! erronis Apr 2023 #79
I stopped going to church when I went away to college. Mickju Apr 2023 #67
I was raised Southern Baptist as well. Haggard Celine Apr 2023 #117
I am sorry that you had to deal with someone like that SouthernLiberal Apr 2023 #70
Had a relative convert to being a fundy and then try to convert me, arguing highplainsdem Apr 2023 #71
Converts are the worst. debm55 Apr 2023 #87
the zeal of newly acquired ignorance Celerity Apr 2023 #132
I have problems making conversation about religion. My views are skewed. twodogsbarking Apr 2023 #72
Just another judgmental asshole world wide wally Apr 2023 #74
So, OK, while your old church friend is certainly a mental midget Goodheart Apr 2023 #75
Don't you just love how THEY get to decide who is... dchill Apr 2023 #76
I'm sure you've tought of dozens of good comebacks since then Warpy Apr 2023 #77
I am sorry.. mountain grammy Apr 2023 #80
I've known a LOT of evangelicals 7 other VERY Christian people. oldsoftie Apr 2023 #82
Next time your hateful friend pulls something hateful out of their ass Scalded Nun Apr 2023 #83
The cruelty of these "Christians" is beyond salvation if you ask me. LakeArenal Apr 2023 #88
How despicable! That woman was no "friend" to you FakeNoose Apr 2023 #93
In my experience, and I've debated and talked to tons of Evangelicals Marius25 Apr 2023 #94
Our family is Liberal Catholic which is mystical Catholicism Richluu Apr 2023 #96
I'm so sorry that happened to you. What a mean person. yardwork Apr 2023 #98
I felt the same way claudette Apr 2023 #99
I was told... The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #100
I'm so very sorry that happened to you, Coventina. Silver Gaia Apr 2023 #101
Hugs to you!!! Coventina Apr 2023 #112
Hugs back to you! Silver Gaia Apr 2023 #116
By that logic... Whatthe_Firetruck Apr 2023 #102
see post 53 Celerity Apr 2023 #133
That view of the universe is so naively stupid that it is truly sad jimlup Apr 2023 #103
Conservative Christianity is just another way of saying, "I don't need a therapist, I have you" NullTuples Apr 2023 #104
So sorry you had to experience that crap. WestMichRad Apr 2023 #107
Good graciousness, what a Hideous thing your (former!) Friend said to you as your suffered through.. electric_blue68 Apr 2023 #109
Breathtaking stupidity. lpbk2713 Apr 2023 #111
Shit like that would land me in prison vercetti2021 Apr 2023 #113
Yes you'll know they are Christians by their love Kennah Apr 2023 #114
I swore off religion at 6. meadowlander Apr 2023 #115
"What kind of horrible God have you been believing in all this time?!?!?" mwb970 Apr 2023 #118
Terrible thing to go through, but she did think, wrongly, that... TreasonousBastard Apr 2023 #119
Yer all goin' ta heaven. There is no room available in hell. twodogsbarking Apr 2023 #120
Well, in all fairness, she was right about ONE thing. Ferrets are Cool Apr 2023 #121
So sorry to hear, BlueMTexpat Apr 2023 #122
Yes, many times I marvel at how wrong the Fundies have gotten it. PatrickforB Apr 2023 #124
Your Mom was IN HELL, then death took away her pain. Martin Eden Apr 2023 #126
This is why religion is in my rearview mirror Haru Apr 2023 #128
Self righteous monsters malaise Apr 2023 #129
My story Playingmantis Apr 2023 #131
Wow that is awful...I'm sorry Bettie Apr 2023 #135
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