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Response to IdaBriggs (Original post)

Fri Nov 9, 2012, 03:11 PM

52. UPDATE: The facebook war continues (but my niece has dropped out for now)


(DW) Respect for him??....really....(Niece)...ok I'm so tired of the bullshit and people thinking he's actually a good man. Fuck that!! Talk to some of the god damn troops and find out the fucking truth. I'm so tired of this shit linds. I'll tell you what, I know either way the president will always fuck over our husbands but really...Obama...really...

(DW) Omg every time I read this I just start laughing..ugh so stupid!!

(Niece) Its not right that we have marines living in condemned barracks and can't afford anything but at the drop of a hat they leave and fight for this country and any service member deserves a proper salute and a time of day.

(Other Relative) Wow Ida I remember not so long ago u had issues with Busch..I recall u saying much worse things than put down the phone asshole... I agree its common courtesy ..u go Into a store. and many cashers are told don't wait on a person on the phone..common. courtesy.. why should the president be held to less standards..is it OK to be rude in public to anyone ?? Would u tolerate that behavior from a McDonald's employee ?? Our constitution state freedom of speech..Lindsey post these post from other marines and wife's of marines... who pray every day there loved ones come home..I'm thinking it is time for u to get a grip.. fb.was founded for venting talking.. expressing...

(Me) I will join you in outrage over "marines living in condemned barracks" or (my personal pissy issue) inadequate funding at the VA (which Obama has increased by another 10%), or about veterans not getting jobs (oh, wait-a-minute, the Republicans BLOCKED his "help vets become employed bill", but this picture is misleading and disrespectful. REAL issues will get the support of every decent American; this crap is divisive, insulting and disgusting.

(Me) to (Other Relative) Snopes is your friend. This is a guy doing his job - not holding a dog, but the implication is that he doesn't respect our troops. The last guy used them to make his buddies rich, and I've got NOTHING good to say about that man, but marines don't have "freedom of speech" because He is their Commander-in-Chief. I sincerely doubt (Niece) is getting this crap from marines, who know that *respect* is given by not sending you to Iraq to come home in a body bag. I don't like the Afghanistan crap, but at least they got bin Ladin, and they are still taking out al Q. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/photos/cellsalute.asp

(DW) How is the picture misleading?? It's clearly showing him NOT giving the military the respect they deserve by putting the phone down for a few seconds. There's nothing misleading about it. He didn't give a shit. Try and sugar coat it all you want and try to stick up for him in this picture but it speaks for itself.

(Me) The military does not get "respect" by getting salutes, especially when the guy is on the phone DOING HIS JOB, and is in mid-step coming down from the helicopter. He didn't give them the finger; quit pretending your FAKE OUTRAGE is relevent.

(DW) Ok sweetheart. Enjoy your life. (Niece) I'm done dealing with this on fb...needs to be handled differently..

(Me) Oh, and if you look closely at the picture, it has been PHOTO SHOPPED. Apparently the President has TWO left arms - one down by his side, and one holding a *white* cell phone (while he uses a BLACKBERRY).

(Other Relative) And did snoops confirm he wasn't talking to his wife of making a lunch order.. it does not matter who be was on the phone with. give respect to get it..I no a lot of Marines I don't no 1 who voted for him...I saw first hand the slums these men live in ...get ur facts before u go off...

(Me) FACTS: Bush Dead in Iraq = 4,222; Obama Dead in Iraq = 264. (Remember the invisible WMDs?) More Facts: Afghanistan Dead under Bush (where al Q actually *was*): 630; Obama Dead = 1,520 - THIS number upsets me, especially because we are fighting enemies we created under Bush. Oh, and Obama got them all pay raises, so picture living on $400 a month less than you are making now. Cleaning up someone else's mess takes time, and I will join in the calls for reform, but the wife of an (active duty) Marine to be disrespecting the Commander-in-Chief this way ("Asshole?" in PUBLIC is disgusting.

(Me) My last word: http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/25/us/marine-obama/index.html

(CT-Vet) Ida, the potus IS required to give a PROPER salute, which sure as hell isn't done with a phone in hand! Also, he is an ass hole, served to protect him in 08 in ramadi while he was campaigning, and he showed absolutely no respect towards any of us, unless of course it was feigned for cameras or a speech. There is a hell of a lot to be said about his utter lack of character, as well as his disregard towards our troops. I'm 100% disabled for the rest of my life, I definitely earned my right to express my honest opinion gained through one on one experience with this p.o.s, so how bout you show some respect to US, and can it! You know nothing of which you speak. BTW, president or not, nobody is required to like or respect the man, as we say in the corps, respect the title, not the man, lest he's earned it, and this tool, doesn't rate my respect.

(Me) a) Romney didn't even mention the troops in his RNC speech, and b) he still has the title, so RESPECT IT Chase. You chose to serve, and I will honor you for it, but don't expect automatic respect when you - a disabled veteran - refer to the Commander in Chief as a "tool". I respect your service; I certainly don't respect your opinion. Oh, and don't forget that as a DISABLED VET this "tool" is making sure you are taken care of - talk to the guys who tried to get help under the last President if you want to compare.

(Me) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/22/mitt-romney-gold-star_n_2003530.html
Report: Romney Left Insensitive Messages For Gold Star Mother After Her Son's Death

(CT) Yeah, actually thanks to the cuts he IMMEDIATELY made, it took me well over three years to get any form of treatment, and thanks to that, I live in agonizing pain every day, suffer from very severe TBI and PTSD, which I'm just NOW starting to get treatment for. I have literally had to move states in search of worthwhile care. I spend 90% of my time in a bed, and my future ain't looking bright. I'm ok with that, it was my choice, but he could do a HELL of a lot better by the troops! While on active duty, I served as an nco NOT RECEIVING PAY off and on for my last three years, ALL under his presidency, never saw a dime of any of it, and besides the fact that I was still working every day even though I could hardly move, I accept that as well. I accept it as a monumental failure of his administration, among MANY other things he has put myself and my brothers through. Do NOT tell me I must respect that man, he is a failure, and a coward, and you're damned right I let him know that TO HIS FACE in Iraq before he took office, still one of my proudest moments. Perhaps all my misfortune is do to that. Don't care, still proud, and fuck that traitor he can KISS MY CRIPPLED ASS!

(CT) "That's all I've got to say bout that!"

(Me) to (CT), I call bs on you - http://ccmis.usphs.gov/ccbulletin/articles/Protocol_05_2009.aspx

(CT) Actually, after reading some of your "facts", guess I'm not done. How bout actually listening to those of us who LIVE THE FUCKING LIFE, as opposed to believing whatever b.s you read and hear out there! Pay raise?!?! Lmfao! Ok, at this point, I gotta say it, just stop, leave this post, you are BEYOND CLUELESS!

(Me) But I'm not a liar.

(CT) Ask ANY service member if he was in the wrong, we don't give two fucks what the media has to say on our "behalf", so blatantly IGNORANT!!!

(Me) Sorry, (CT), didn't realize the *real* problem is that you are just a sore loser. Well, get over it, man, because he's still in charge. Go, America!

(Me) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tyre-nelson/veterans-obama-election_b_2068914.html

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