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3. Lone wolves probably, like that guy who attacked an FBI office with a nail gun
Sat Mar 18, 2023, 01:28 PM
Mar 2023
An armed suspect who tried to enter the FBI’s Cincinnati office is dead after standoff with authorities, officials say

Josh Campbell Brynn Gingras Paul P. Murphy Dakin Andone
By Josh Campbell, Brynn Gingras, Paul P. Murphy and Dakin Andone, CNN
Updated 10:57 PM EDT, Thu August 11, 2022


Also some small groups as TrueDough suggests.

I cant really see an big attack on the NY DA’s Office, but it sounds like security and law enforcement is ready for that if needed.
I figure it's going to happen, but it will be limited True Dough Mar 2023 #1
Yep, scattered yahoos will gather... brush Mar 2023 #13
I agree Dorian Gray Mar 2023 #19
They're a bunch fat bald headed morans blogging from their basements jpak Mar 2023 #2
Lone wolves probably, like that guy who attacked an FBI office with a nail gun emulatorloo Mar 2023 #3
"Lone wolves" are the products of stochastic terrorism Hekate Mar 2023 #22
Yes. emulatorloo Mar 2023 #23
How do you define lawlessness? Shermann Mar 2023 #4
They know law enforcement is ready for them this time and won't be told to stand down Meadowoak Mar 2023 #5
The arrest will be the kitchen light going out. Aristus Mar 2023 #6
... MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2023 #15
I don't think it'll be big but yes. nolabear Mar 2023 #7
"MAGA inspired lawlessness" has been here for quite a while already. Talitha Mar 2023 #8
No. They saw what happened after J6 when Trump turned his back on them.. Jade Fox Mar 2023 #9
There is MAGA inspired lawlessness every day in this country, so yes it will also occur that day. RockRaven Mar 2023 #10
There may be - BUT NotASurfer Mar 2023 #11
There will be if/when they arrest him for J6 nt maryellen99 Mar 2023 #12
Yes, but I think it will just make things worse for Trump and the MAGAs. Blowback will ensue. Midnight Writer Mar 2023 #14
Let's ask someone who threw his career away EnergizedLib Mar 2023 #16
Washedupactorsayswhat? Aristus Mar 2023 #24
No. WarGamer Mar 2023 #17
There already is Fullduplexxx Mar 2023 #18
I think there already IS such lawlessness taking place. So just put the orange SOB in cuffs already Hekate Mar 2023 #20
Some. Happy Hoosier Mar 2023 #21
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