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15. I am working and it isn't hard to find via google. However, from Sleep experts:
Fri Mar 10, 2023, 06:59 PM
Mar 2023

(American Academy of Sleep experts)


American Academy of Sleep Medicine calls for elimination of daylight saving time

DARIEN, IL – Public health and safety would benefit from eliminating daylight saving time, according to a position statement from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The AASM supports a switch to permanent standard time, explaining in the statement that standard time more closely aligns with the daily rhythms of the body’s internal clock. The position statement also cites evidence of increased risks of motor vehicle accidents, cardiovascular events, and mood disturbances following the annual “spring forward” to daylight saving time.

“Permanent, year-round standard time is the best choice to most closely match our circadian sleep-wake cycle,” said lead author Dr. M. Adeel Rishi, a pulmonology, sleep medicine and critical care specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and vice chair of the AASM Public Safety Committee. “Daylight saving time results in more darkness in the morning and more light in the evening, disrupting the body’s natural rhythm.”

The position statement, published online as an accepted paper in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, outlines the acute effects of daylight saving time, which range from increased risk of stroke and hospital admissions to sleep loss and increased production of inflammatory markers, one of the body’s responses to stress. In addition, studies show that traffic fatalities have increased as much as six percent in the first few days following the change to daylight saving time, and a recently published research abstract found an 18 percent increase in adverse medical events related to human error in the week after switching to daylight saving time.

“There is ample evidence of the negative, short-term consequences of the annual change to daylight saving time in the spring,” said AASM President Dr. Kannan Ramar. “Because the adoption of permanent standard time would be beneficial for public health and safety, the AASM will be advocating at the federal level for this legislative change.”

In July, an AASM survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults found that 63 percent support the elimination of seasonal time changes in favor of a national, fixed, year-round time, and only 11 percent oppose it. Additionally, a 2019 survey by the AASM found that 55 percent of adults feel extremely or somewhat tired after the spring change to daylight saving time.

The AASM position statement on daylight saving time has been endorsed by the following organizations

ASM found that 55 percent of adults feel extremely or somewhat tired after the spring change to daylight saving time.

The AASM position statement on daylight saving time has been endorsed by the following organizations:

American Academy of Cardiovascular Sleep Medicine
American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
American Association of Sleep Technologists
American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST)
American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
California Sleep Society
Dakotas Sleep Society
Kentucky Sleep Society
Maryland Sleep Society
Michigan Academy of Sleep Medicine
Missouri Sleep Society
National PTA
National Safety Council
Society for Research on Biological Rhythms
Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine
Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine
Southern Sleep Society
Start School Later
Tennessee Sleep Society
Wisconsin Sleep Society
World Sleep Society.

Here in AZ we don't use it. Coventina Mar 2023 #1
Approx 4pm darkness sucks the big one. I hate it. boston bean Mar 2023 #2
Come to Sweden and feel the 2 PM darkness starting here in Stockholm, when standard time starts Celerity Mar 2023 #55
I always get confused on which is which. W_HAMILTON Mar 2023 #3
Honestly... I don't care... Ohio Joe Mar 2023 #4
Same here Bettie Mar 2023 #47
Would "Do away with it.." keep the time change starting next Sunday? If so, yes!!! nt Carlitos Brigante Mar 2023 #5
Not to me it doesn't. That means don't make the change this year... Wounded Bear Mar 2023 #14
I see. I changed my vote then. Nothing worse than those cold ass, shorter days in Chicago. nt Carlitos Brigante Mar 2023 #18
Same Rebl2 Mar 2023 #24
I suspect there is a geographical facet of this argument... Wounded Bear Mar 2023 #37
It's weird to want it to get dark an hour earlier in the Summer Polybius Mar 2023 #48
Also better than a 4:15am sunrise. Ace Rothstein Mar 2023 #50
The first two options are essentially the same. Ms. Toad Mar 2023 #6
When standard time comes here, it is horrid, as the darkness in Stockholm (and it is even worse Celerity Mar 2023 #54
One way or the other.. just get it done Deuxcents Mar 2023 #7
I would like it to stay light later all year. louis-t Mar 2023 #8
Another survey keithbvadu2 Mar 2023 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Silent3 Mar 2023 #10
If we do anything, science argues for keeping STANDARD time year-round, not DST. hlthe2b Mar 2023 #11
please provide link to said scientific arguments jcgoldie Mar 2023 #12
I am working and it isn't hard to find via google. However, from Sleep experts: hlthe2b Mar 2023 #15
Seems to be focusing on the effects immediately following the change, not the entire period of DST. Gidney N Cloyd Mar 2023 #17
Unfortunately a simple google search as you recommend... jcgoldie Mar 2023 #22
You're welcome. I took the time to provide you a summary presented to the CO state legislature hlthe2b Mar 2023 #29
My point was simply that there is no scientific consensus jcgoldie Mar 2023 #31
Unless I'm misreading it, the AASM is focused on eliminating seasonal times - Ms. Toad Mar 2023 #39
I intended the "do away with it" option to mean keeping standard time year round. 11 Bravo Mar 2023 #13
Okay... That is the recomendation of health/sleep experts. hlthe2b Mar 2023 #16
I like DST. It's just a clock though. Humans can be odd. twodogsbarking Mar 2023 #19
I think daylight savings as we have it now more closely aligns with the natural rhythms Blues Heron Mar 2023 #20
Daylight Saving Time is a pain in the neck for phylny Mar 2023 #21
I think Rebl2 Mar 2023 #26
I prefer Rebl2 Mar 2023 #23
Not a fan of DST canetoad Mar 2023 #25
I'm the opposite Polybius Mar 2023 #49
I 🧡 love DLS. Didn't choose bc my inclination is for Permanent DLS but I've seen posters talking... electric_blue68 Mar 2023 #27
I'm not a morning person, so I'm just fine with having more daylight after supper. patphil Mar 2023 #28
we in california have tried to get rid of dst via initiative votes but that seemed to get no where AllaN01Bear Mar 2023 #30
It can go to hell. hunter Mar 2023 #32
I hate it. 👎 nt Raine Mar 2023 #33
Don't care what you call it: just normalize one time system for the whole year Hekate Mar 2023 #34
I say--- Grey Mar 2023 #35
I have thought of that as a compromise. electric_blue68 Mar 2023 #41
Some locations are 30 mins different. Renew Deal Mar 2023 #43
THAT would be the very best compromise. 👍 nt Raine Mar 2023 #52
The switch Zeitghost Mar 2023 #36
Just pick one and stop the biannual clock-changing. Golden Raisin Mar 2023 #38
Only reason for Daylight Savings is to add an hour for shopping and tourism. haele Mar 2023 #40
I appreciate the extra time in the evening to do outside work Kaleva Mar 2023 #57
I'm not as motivated by this as other people Renew Deal Mar 2023 #42
When I moved from western Michigan to Chicago in 1968 Silver Swan Mar 2023 #44
Here's another thought llmart Mar 2023 #45
Continue with how it's always been Polybius Mar 2023 #46
It is always a hard adjustment for me...it messes me up every year Meowmee Mar 2023 #51
Like it, don't like waking up at 4:30 a.m. in summer to full daylight and heat. betsuni Mar 2023 #53
I can get more outside work done in the evening Kaleva Mar 2023 #56
Howz bout Conjuay Mar 2023 #58
Just do away with it! Emile Mar 2023 #59
Definitely not a fan of DST. area51 Mar 2023 #60
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