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Tue Feb 28, 2023, 10:52 AM Feb 2023

Anti-LGBTQ+ hysteria comes to my town. ☹😖😬 [View all]

An event promoting the same kind of anti-LGBTQ+ and book banning hysteria that's been going on in many parts of the US has taken place in my backyard (figuratively speaking), and I am really upset about it.

I knew this kind of insanity has been happening in lots of places, especially in red states. We all know it; you can't spend 5 minutes at DU these days without being smacked in the face with stories about places where this stuff is going on. But I somehow (naively, I guess) was NOT expecting anything like this so close to home.

I guess I should have known better. This is not a red state, but my county is purple, rather than solid blue, and some parts are redder than others. What really has me kicking myself was that I didn't find about it in time to take part in protesting this event that was organized by a conservative pac for what appears to be the purpose of getting parents riled up about children supposedly being "sexualized" by the presence of books on LGBTQ+ issues in schools.

At least I think that's what the main thrust of the event was, reading between the lines of dog whistle verbiage like “rescuing children from government-run schools that are ruining America’s future." The article was rather poorly written and very confusing, imo. I did my best to snip out parts that made things relatively clear.


Charlie Kirk event in Crystal Lake sparks protest, shouting match
Both those in favor and against the event Saturday said children and schols are the priority

Crystal Lake resident Joyce Sheridan said she’s worried about her grandchildren. It was a sentiment shared by both protesters and attendees of an event Saturday at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake, featuring prominent conservative activist and radio host Charlie Kirk.


Kirk’s address was organized by the McHenry County GOPac, a local conservative political action commitee. The event was titled “EXPOSING Radicals’ War on Kids” and was advertised as a summit aimed at “rescuing children from government-run schools that are ruining America’s future.”


Ahead of Kirk’s event on Saturday morning, a protest took place on the outskirts of the Holiday Inn parking lot. It drew about 30 people and featured chants calling for Kirk to go away and for the community to protect transgender children.


Lisa Arvanites with the McHenry County National Organization for Women, helped organize the protest. After attempts to get the hotel to cancel the event, she said she hoped the protest would show the hotel that community did not support it. She said she felt the event was promoting “an undeniably hateful message” and was censoring teachers.

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