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Thu Nov 8, 2012, 07:20 PM

Conservative RAGE on Facebook After Obama Wins [View all]

As many of you may, or may not know, that I am sixteen, and I oftentimes find myself getting into heated arguments over politics with teachers and friends. One of my conservative friends, whose name is David, from California had this to say after Obama won re-election on Tuesday:

God DAMN it America. You re-elected this idiot who is going to put us over 20 trillion in debt?! What the HELL is wrong with you! Too lazy to get a job? Too lazy to work for a living so you steal it from others? Well congratulations, you just ruined the God damned lives of so many more people. Have fun paying insane taxes and losing all of our God damned defenses, now we're an open target, now every military family will suffer, all because of YOU. I hope you can look back at all the suffering there is to come and see the mistake you have made in your blind looks at this moron who you just put back in the Oval Office. It should be by POPULAR VOTE!

Now, many of you can obviously see the inaccuracies and idiocy laced in this posting, but I guessed I was warned as my best friend (who speaks to David more than I do) told me that he was becoming angry over my anti-conservative postings on Facebook. Well, my belligerent self couldn't let this go by. Here was my response (I was responding to the original post and his eventual assertion that Bush added only $80 billion to the debt and PBO added $16 trillion).

Really? Bush put us $80 billion in debt? So, how was it that Bush comes in with a surplus and leaves with $11 trillion in debt? Yes, Obama has added $5 trillion to the debt but that was through stimulus (which works by the way, unlike Austerity), bailing out the banks and the auto industry. Plus, Republicans love to call Obama a "socialist," this man bailed out Wall Street. He, in a sense, saved the Capitalist system, and he let the banks use the bailout money as they pleased. So, since he wants to raise taxes 3% on upper income people, he becomes a socialist. Reality check, taxes were above 70% under Eisenhower and 50% under Reagan.

Also, on the defense point, Thomas Jefferson, a huge proponent of small government, cut military spending and closed foreign embassies in order to cut the federal debt.

Here's the rest of the discussion:

David: Ohhhhh OK Aaron, magically 11 trillion shows up, no, 15.2 trillion came when Obama came up. Stop believing every picture you see on Facebook and google search, open your damned eyes and see what the Hell is happening to this country.

Me: Let me quote Bill Clinton, "It's arithmetic."

David: Oh yeah Clinton was REAAALLL great. Charts made on facebook are not arithmetic.

Me: From PolitiFact: "$10.63 trillion debt Obama inherited when he came into office January 19, 2009."

David: Oh, because the internet is all true Aaron.

One of his friends interjected to say: "The economy was at a surplus with Clinton. Are you high David? lol"

Me: Yes, because Fox is true.

David: 99% of media is all bull, and you're a blind fool for believing it all.

Me: I guess the Romney campaign won't be dictated by fact checkers. Have fun in alternate reality land. Time to watch Mr. Romney's concession speech.

David: Popular vote is how an election should be won.

Me: So, Gore should have been elected in 2000?


Then, there was some random idiot saying that our votes don't count, we'll call him Philly.

Philly: A candidate must receive an absolute majority of electoral votes (currently 270) to win the Presidency... Your vote dosnt mean shit A candidate must receive an absolute majority of electoral votes (currently 270) to win the Presidency... Your vote doesnt and never mattered.. The number of electors is 538, based on the total voting membership of the United States Congress (435 Representatives and 100 Senators).. Check your 12th and 23rd amendments .. - from the words of madude mike speakin the truth..but hey at least yall got stickers and buttons and bumper stickers..#blindedneanderthals

Me: I've know that for some time, but your vote, in a sense, does matter since the electors pledge to vote for the candidate who won their state. Now, yes, there are 'faithless electors' who will vote for another candidate but it is generally one vote which has never swayed an election in the other candidate's favor. By the way, ask Mr. Gore if the vote of the people didn't matter. #537

Also, the Electoral College existed before the 12th Amendment, that amendment simply made it that the electors voted for the President/VP ticket instead of individually voting for both, which resulting in the Adams/Jefferson administration from 1796-1800, and the 23rd simply gave DC the ability to send 3 electors to vote. Once again, the Electoral College had existed before that, since it was established in the Constitution (article 2, section 1, clause 2). How about you read up on these things before you post them on Facebook.


Idiocy at its finest...

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