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10. It's the broken hero's cycle
Sat Feb 25, 2023, 08:33 AM
Feb 2023

We are supposed to transition from the innocence of youth through rites of passage to the awareness of corruption in the world and the commitment of our newfound adult powers to protecting the innocent from that corruption so the cycle can begin anew. If we pass the awareness stage without answering the call to heroism, either because we fear sacrifice or have no confidence in our powers, this broken instinct must be mitigated by fantasies in which we are pantomime heroes easily fighting the made-up corruptions invented by abusive parental figures who only acquire power by keeping their followers in a permanent twilight of childhood. This broken cycle has been the primary cause of human misery since the dawn of humankind, even though myth and literature, from Gilgamesh to Skywalker, keeps telling us how the whole thing is supposed to work.

Hey, I live among the Magats in central Pa. gab13by13 Feb 2023 #1
There's a Poud Boys chapter in Harrisburg. Lasher Feb 2023 #13
Believe it or NOt homegirl Feb 2023 #40
Then come vist my neck of the woods. Philly! The Jungle 1 Feb 2023 #15
It's Philly. Of course they ran. paleotn Feb 2023 #26
Well, there is that Santa story. The Jungle 1 Feb 2023 #37
Never gets old. paleotn Feb 2023 #45
How exactly does that disprove the OPs point? paleotn Feb 2023 #28
Your post indicates you seem to think the OP is a fool. What orifice Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2023 #49
Well that's the thing about being delusional vlyons Feb 2023 #2
Living among them it didn't take me long to figure that out gab13by13 Feb 2023 #6
It's a dead giveaway when adult members cyclonefence Feb 2023 #3
Yikes!! You just reminded me about those yellow skirts! Mind bleach, quick! niyad Feb 2023 #4
Start with gamers, Larpers, and cosplay... FalloutShelter Feb 2023 #16
Hey, a lot of people into gaming, larping, and cosplay... Silent3 Feb 2023 #46
As I said, and I have personally seen it turn the corner- FalloutShelter Feb 2023 #47
Back in '86, I met two displaced young men from Idaho who were no_hypocrisy Feb 2023 #5
Revenge fantasies. That's why Donald Trump had so much appeal for them. tanyev Feb 2023 #7
+1. That makes sense. Back during the early part of 2016 CNN was at a rally Hotler Feb 2023 #19
--- inability to distinguish between cosplay 3Hotdogs Feb 2023 #8
There's this guy I know... Archae Feb 2023 #9
It's the broken hero's cycle nuxvomica Feb 2023 #10
I cannot tell you how much I love this. Brilliant. Scrivener7 Feb 2023 #12
It's an idea I've been working with since that old post nuxvomica Feb 2023 #34
It really does explain all the things that make no sense. And it tells us one of the meanings Scrivener7 Feb 2023 #43
yes Locrian Feb 2023 #14
Not to mention the effect of the MSM, gab13by13 Feb 2023 #22
Such an insightful explanation--thanks. Timeflyer Feb 2023 #18
Good post. fightforfreedom Feb 2023 #25
Thank you for sharing that remarkable insight. KPN Feb 2023 #35
They probably thought they were protecting you nuxvomica Feb 2023 #44
They must have been raised in a barn vlyons Feb 2023 #11
Well, that's what Fred Trump was like with his family. wnylib Feb 2023 #29
When 1/6 was going down I thought well this is Fort Sumter. The Jungle 1 Feb 2023 #17
For a brief moment I thought I was watching a new episode of the Walking Dead. fightforfreedom Feb 2023 #27
The Walking Dead, now that is funny The Jungle 1 Feb 2023 #39
Great post, fightforfreedom! Martin Eden Feb 2023 #20
I spent almost two years impersonating a sheriff, Ptah Feb 2023 #21
That is profound. gab13by13 Feb 2023 #23
Lol! fightforfreedom Feb 2023 #30
Lol. Sums it up in a nutshell! KPN Feb 2023 #36
Adults committing sedition. spanone Feb 2023 #24
No, they are dangerous, radicalized adults EleanorR Feb 2023 #31
K&R, Isolated info sources and an echo chamber can make anything look normal uponit7771 Feb 2023 #32
they do it by not growing up, barbtries Feb 2023 #33
"It's a revolution" she says. Poor baby got maced. keithbvadu2 Feb 2023 #38
Hitler spent time in prison in the 1920's for his child like fantasies. We know how that ended. jalan48 Feb 2023 #41
Living in a very rightwing area left me with the feeling that the far right started snowballing Chainfire Feb 2023 #42
As if a couple hundred nuts can create a race war and a real revolution. Self-aggrandizement Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2023 #48
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