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5. They praised the GOP court letting dark money into elections
Sun Feb 19, 2023, 11:16 AM
Feb 2023

Soon after the dark money owned the party. That was fine with them when it was people like the Koch brothers or Rupert Murdoch. However, social media changed things in ways they couldn't imagine when Citizen United passed. With little or no party structure, and a global reach with social media. They have no way to prevent nuts from running or Russian and China taking over their party. They were helpless to deal with Trump. There's no fixing it. The national party of the GOP simply doesn't have any power in their own party anymore. In many places in the country they don't really exist. I have no idea who the sad sack who ran as GOP candidate for Governor of California the last three election cycles and I live in California. The California GOP as a state wide party doesn't exist outside the minds owned by social media. They couldn't even boot MTG from the party when she was just am annoying nobody because she was so good at social media.

The result is obvious. It's a party of grandstanders and social media influencers. Most care more about their likes and follows than legislating. Most will back anything that gets them attention. Not even the Kochs seem to have enough influence and power to stop it. The result should be a cluster * of a 2024 presidential cycle. Who knows, MTG could probably win the nomination in that party. They're that broken.

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