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40. Feels much more like the spring of 1974 to me.
Thu Feb 16, 2023, 03:23 PM
Feb 2023

Play a strain or two of Hooked on a Feeling and I just may go Pinto shopping again.

This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Feb 2023 #1
"But Jack will save the day." BannonsLiver Feb 2023 #2
What do you hope to accomplish with this post? ZZenith Feb 2023 #3
My question, too. hlthe2b Feb 2023 #8
It's an observation. Sneederbunk Feb 2023 #11
This is an opinion site and his opinion(s) and posting are as good as anybody else, republianmushroom Feb 2023 #16
... BlackSkimmer Feb 2023 #43
Lots of posts would never be posted here if they all had to BlackSkimmer Feb 2023 #54
The OP accomplished posting their opinion. Same as you are. Message boards are for discussing... Autumn Feb 2023 #57
I'm aware of that, thanks. ZZenith Feb 2023 #64
So it was a rhetorical question? Autumn Feb 2023 #65
No, I was truly curious what the person I was asking the question of hoped to accomplish ZZenith Feb 2023 #70
This message was self-deleted by its author Autumn Feb 2023 #71
Where did I call the OP a troll? ZZenith Feb 2023 #72
My apologies, I deleted that post. That post was meant for a poster down thread. Autumn Feb 2023 #73
expressing the frustration a lot of people feel Skittles Feb 2023 #74
What do you hope to accomplish by questioning it? Baltimike Feb 2023 #76
Answer my question and I will answer yours. ZZenith Feb 2023 #80
No thank you. Take care. Baltimike Feb 2023 #81
And we all remember how that turned out. Meadowoak Feb 2023 #4
That we Did!!! katmondoo Feb 2023 #5
Please explain what Fitzmas is. blue neen Feb 2023 #6
OK gab13by13 Feb 2023 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Feb 2023 #12
Raygun sold out the hostages. kairos12 Feb 2023 #32
Thank you for your explanation. blue neen Feb 2023 #13
It definitely applies as an example on the long-standing precedent... Silent3 Feb 2023 #15
the 'nothing will happen' crowd has a much harder burden bigtree Feb 2023 #20
"with so much actually happening right in front of us" Silent3 Feb 2023 #36
I'm more than sure bigtree Feb 2023 #39
What is it that you imagine I've missed? Silent3 Feb 2023 #42
agree totally on the deterrence value effect. Meowmee Feb 2023 #60
Well said. nt BlackSkimmer Feb 2023 #45
And everyone knows there no difference between Democratic and Republican DOJs? brooklynite Feb 2023 #31
Some difference, but not as dramatic as you seem to think Silent3 Feb 2023 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Feb 2023 #26
What is outdated is waste of money investigations. Hyped up air balls JanMichael Feb 2023 #55
Funny, you weren't even here for that. nt Tommy Carcetti Feb 2023 #7
interesting bigtree Feb 2023 #19
Fitzmas was a meme from Daily Kos Sympthsical Feb 2023 #29
but, it's so much more than that bigtree Feb 2023 #33
I don't see mocking. I do see pushback Sympthsical Feb 2023 #41
Exactly. BlackSkimmer Feb 2023 #46
Yes agree Meowmee Feb 2023 #59
Well said Bettie Feb 2023 #75
THIS, and thank you for it. nt Baltimike Feb 2023 #79
It's cute that you think that was just a DU thing. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 2023 #28
A lot of people weren't here for things and they know all the details. Autumn Feb 2023 #58
Actually, I was. nt Baltimike Feb 2023 #77
Indictments coming in 24 business hours!! madinmaryland Feb 2023 #9
what's the basis for ragging on Fani Willis? bigtree Feb 2023 #18
In no way is this a shot at her, but a comment madinmaryland Feb 2023 #22
in the context of this post bigtree Feb 2023 #27
I don't take that as any sort of mocking of Willis. BlackSkimmer Feb 2023 #48
just say you don't care about the investigations bigtree Feb 2023 #14
Or I'll just say it's beginning to look a lot like FITZMAS Baltimike Feb 2023 #78
24 months and counting republianmushroom Feb 2023 #17
Any day now! You'll see! BannonsLiver Feb 2023 #21
sure and hell hope so. But I'm not counting on it any longer. republianmushroom Feb 2023 #23
One would have to be an idiot to count on it. BannonsLiver Feb 2023 #24
totally agree republianmushroom Feb 2023 #30
Remind us how long it took to indict the Senior WH staff for Watergate? brooklynite Feb 2023 #35
Did they have the technology that we have now today , at that time ? republianmushroom Feb 2023 #38
No they did not. And the culprets were not all over Twitter, TV and every other social media Autumn Feb 2023 #61
4,410 substance free rubber stamps and counting! Nt Fiendish Thingy Feb 2023 #53
Yep, and will continue to count. republianmushroom Feb 2023 #56
Bookmark this crap for later. Kingofalldems Feb 2023 #25
I sleep easy at night knowing Biden is in charge Kaleva Feb 2023 #37
Feels much more like the spring of 1974 to me. Torchlight Feb 2023 #40
So with Nixon resigning in August of 1974 BannonsLiver Feb 2023 #44
I don't know what we can or cannot expect, earliest or latest Torchlight Feb 2023 #47
Ah, that's the closest I've seen anyone come to predicting a timeline. BlackSkimmer Feb 2023 #49
Just my guess, little better than saying heads or tails. Torchlight Feb 2023 #51
Wow jimfields33 Feb 2024 #85
No Catherine Vincent Feb 2023 #50
Certainty in the face of Uncertainty... Fiendish Thingy Feb 2023 #52
ayup. progressoid Feb 2023 #62
This post serves nothing more than to troll. Chakaconcarne Feb 2023 #63
So does your opinion serve nothing more than to troll? Autumn Feb 2023 #66
Yes. BlackSkimmer Feb 2023 #67
So prove the poster wrong GusBob Feb 2023 #69
I too, will believe it when I see it Bettie Feb 2023 #68
I remember Fitzmas. And I fear you are correct. gldstwmn Feb 2023 #82
Its alwasy Fitzmas and its never fitzmas brettdale Feb 2023 #83
It's not just TFG...it's any con with privilege Baltimike Feb 2023 #84
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