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old as dirt

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Sun Feb 12, 2023, 01:22 PM Feb 2023

Should assault rifle lapel pins be allowed on the House floor? [View all]

House Republicans' Assault-Weapon Pins Aren't Just a Taunt


It should be clear by now that the pins’ wearers don’t intend them merely as a smirking “own the libs” gesture but as a threat. As Second Amendment ultras often make clear both explicitly and implicitly, they claim the right to shoot and kill not just rampaging criminals or wild varmints but any agents of “tyrannical government” — presumably cops and soldiers. The idea of violent revolution is at the heart of every claim that the right to bear arms is the right that protects all others. It’s the chain of logic that leads people from resisting all gun regulation to echoing NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre’s famous reference to ATF agents as “jack-booted thugs.”

The assault-weapon lapel pin, then, isn’t just a taunt, and it certainly isn’t a joke. It’s a message to the rest of America that guns are the wearers’ ultimate weapon of choice against democracy, if it comes to that.


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31 (57%)
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What an ugly statement Easterncedar Feb 2023 #1
This is the only life they advocate for: CrispyQ Feb 2023 #5
Too right. This needs to be everywhere Easterncedar Feb 2023 #34
Yeah, I like this one, too, as a reminder that pro-life extends beyond the womb. CrispyQ Feb 2023 #39
Should peace signs? Crosses? Pink ribbons? Effete Snob Feb 2023 #2
The House can set their own rules, can't they? Elessar Zappa Feb 2023 #3
A dress code is not content-dependent Effete Snob Feb 2023 #10
I'm not saying I'm for a ban. Elessar Zappa Feb 2023 #14
My wife wears a crucifix. old as dirt Feb 2023 #15
Wearing a symbol doesn't violate anyone's rights Effete Snob Feb 2023 #20
The main difference between these assault rifle lapel pins and... old as dirt Feb 2023 #37
Oh, yeah? Effete Snob Feb 2023 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author old as dirt Feb 2023 #44
Do you have anything besides bigotry? old as dirt Feb 2023 #86
How bizarre Effete Snob Feb 2023 #87
Crazy people? The KKK? old as dirt Feb 2023 #88
Whataboutism. old as dirt Feb 2023 #13
That's not whatsboutism Effete Snob Feb 2023 #17
If we try to fight back, they might take away our rainbows. old as dirt Feb 2023 #52
WTF? Effete Snob Feb 2023 #53
This is a lie. old as dirt Feb 2023 #109
Keep digging. MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #61
well... markie Feb 2023 #4
YES TigressDem Feb 2023 #6
If there's no free speech on the house floor, there's no free speech anywhere. bluedigger Feb 2023 #7
The poll result in the OP is impressive Effete Snob Feb 2023 #25
Unless the pins shoot real tiny bullets, why not let the assholes label themselves as such? Silent3 Feb 2023 #8
LOL! Great minds! CrispyQ Feb 2023 #11
Really! RobinA Feb 2023 #120
It says "I'm a loser asshole whose identity is tied to my gun." CrispyQ Feb 2023 #9
Yes, accompanied with randr Feb 2023 #12
Unless you going to convince the Alito court that these pins are not speech or debate... Thomas Hurt Feb 2023 #16
If Alito doesn't like me questioning it here on DU, ... old as dirt Feb 2023 #22
The point was not that you shoudn't question it. Thomas Hurt Feb 2023 #45
They said the same thing about gay marriage, especially after Bowers v Hardwick (1986) old as dirt Feb 2023 #47
Not sure what gay marriage has to do with your fantasies of illegally suppressing speech? tritsofme Feb 2023 #49
Yes, and hopefully media cameras will zoom in on them during meetings & campaigns Jrose Feb 2023 #18
The 1st Amendment is not intended sarisataka Feb 2023 #19
Clearly a minority view Effete Snob Feb 2023 #28
Yes, which is truly disappointing. N/T Jedi Guy Feb 2023 #50
+1 Kaleva Feb 2023 #35
+100. nt MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #38
Cocks, Not Glocks old as dirt Feb 2023 #55
Are you perchance a Calculus teacher in Iowa? MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #62
Are you a stalker? old as dirt Feb 2023 #63
Nope, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #65
Who's your friend? (nt) old as dirt Feb 2023 #68
You'll have to be more specific than that, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #71
You mentioned a particular friend who wanted to know personal information about me. (nt) old as dirt Feb 2023 #72
Oh, ok, now I get what you're talking about, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #75
You still haven't answered the question posed to you, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #78
This is NOT free speech. old as dirt Feb 2023 #57
How about this one? Effete Snob Feb 2023 #59
No context provided. old as dirt Feb 2023 #98
How about the post you replied to? old as dirt Feb 2023 #116
This message was self-deleted by its author old as dirt Mar 2023 #126
It's their way of proudly displaying how fucked up they are. Emile Feb 2023 #21
I voted yes because... patphil Feb 2023 #23
Hell no they shouldn't be banned Polybius Feb 2023 #24
1870 pins? Elessar Zappa Feb 2023 #26
. Effete Snob Feb 2023 #29
Thanks for the link! Elessar Zappa Feb 2023 #31
Where do I vote for HELL NO. 🤬 🤬 🤬 a kennedy Feb 2023 #27
The line for that... Effete Snob Feb 2023 #30
their bdamomma Feb 2023 #32
"Allowed" by whomst? WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2023 #33
Of course they should superpatriotman Feb 2023 #36
Of course they should, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #40
I'm tempted to insist that you withdraw your vote! old as dirt Feb 2023 #48
You can insist all you want, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #58
You gave this poll your vote of confidence by voting in it. old as dirt Feb 2023 #67
Wrong again, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #69
Laughter makes me feel good. old as dirt Feb 2023 #70
As it should. nt MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #76
The devil makes me laugh. old as dirt Feb 2023 #91
Post removed Post removed Feb 2023 #94
Yeah, it's narrower than a lot of folks think Effete Snob Feb 2023 #96
LMFAO. MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #100
Free speech. Elessar Zappa Feb 2023 #41
Allowed? What kind of authoritarian nonsense is this? tritsofme Feb 2023 #42
Isn't it honesty about sponsors? Model35mech Feb 2023 #123
I see an assault rifle pin the same way I see someone wearing an assault rifle in puplic. Biophilic Feb 2023 #46
Better To Know The Bad Guys ProfessorGAC Feb 2023 #51
They absolutely should jmowreader Feb 2023 #54
Someone should point out that the AK 47 is on the flag LeftInTX Feb 2023 #56
This message was self-deleted by its author Prairie_Seagull Feb 2023 #60
Yeah. People are threatened by religious headgear too Effete Snob Feb 2023 #73
This message was self-deleted by its author Prairie_Seagull Feb 2023 #79
It isn't called the Bill of Rights I'm OK With Sympthsical Feb 2023 #64
I agree 100% nt WarGamer Feb 2023 #74
Yep Effete Snob Feb 2023 #77
Not sure what "boomer culture" is, actually. old as dirt Feb 2023 #80
Here's a free speech boomer from Des Moines (Mary Beth Tinker) old as dirt Feb 2023 #85
Mary Beth Tinker is an activist onenote Feb 2023 #99
Here in Iowa, Tinker v Des Moines is considered an important case. old as dirt Feb 2023 #102
How you come to the conclusion that I don't regard Tinker as important onenote Feb 2023 #103
I'm guessing that you didn't read my post. old as dirt Feb 2023 #104
You attempt to be disingenuous. But you're not very good at it. onenote Feb 2023 #105
I suppose that... old as dirt Feb 2023 #107
BTW, not everybody... old as dirt Feb 2023 #106
I disagree only about the "pro-censorship attitude creeping all over everything." Scrivener7 Feb 2023 #92
Republicans should not be allowed on the House floor milestogo Feb 2023 #66
I wonder if the NRA pays these guys to wear the pin. panader0 Feb 2023 #81
Wouldn't surprise me a bit (nt) old as dirt Feb 2023 #101
Ya know, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #110
Please stop stalking me. old as dirt Feb 2023 #112
Welcome back. MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #113
This message was self-deleted by its author old as dirt Feb 2023 #119
Am I BlueManDude? MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #121
Yes. As others have said, it easily clearly identifies the stupid ones! Owl Feb 2023 #82
Yes edbermac Feb 2023 #83
Perfect answer. MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2023 #84
Of course they should be allowed. SYFROYH Feb 2023 #89
Oh, jeez. Not this shit again. Scrivener7 Feb 2023 #90
"here's your sign." Or, as I say, "It is handy when idiots self-identify." niyad Feb 2023 #93
Just ask them if they're allegience is to Mozambique LeftInTX Feb 2023 #95
When it comes to the rubber meeting the road, the AR-15 style rifle is the majority/plurality prefer keithbvadu2 Feb 2023 #97
Between this poll the confederate flag thread, and the 2d Amendment t-shirt thread hardluck Feb 2023 #108
Yep Effete Snob Feb 2023 #114
What do you find most depressing about people speaking freely? old as dirt Feb 2023 #115
I've enjoyed your performance art in these threads hardluck Feb 2023 #117
It's so sad Zeitghost Feb 2023 #118
67% don't think about repercussions Polybius Feb 2023 #111
Is this their way of owning the libs? Bet they get a big chuckle out of it. Emile Feb 2023 #122
Yes. They should wear whatever accessories they want. It says more about their morals than anything Autumn Feb 2023 #124
It's a useful ornament to identify those who I would not shake hands with. And, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2023 #125
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