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Animals GGoss Feb 2023 #1
Dogs Fullduplexxx Feb 2023 #3
LOL GuppyGal Feb 2023 #43
She aint wrong! jcgoldie Feb 2023 #2
Yup, remember David played Live Aid, and Waters stayed home Johonny Feb 2023 #9
I always came down on Gilmour's side of the feud, now I remember why. catbyte Feb 2023 #4
Roger has always been my man... Ferrets are Cool Feb 2023 #5
I agree underpants Feb 2023 #6
It sucks when an entertainer crosses that line into something you can't respect jcgoldie Feb 2023 #8
Yep, Clapton is another right wing asshole. lark Feb 2023 #14
Yeah, Clapton. ... Sigh. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #24
Yeah I had hoped he had learned jcgoldie Feb 2023 #33
Yeah, I lost all respect for Clapton. Ferrets are Cool Feb 2023 #27
I love his past song writing, but disdain and can't stand the man he has become. lark Feb 2023 #12
There are several musicians like that for me. yardwork Feb 2023 #26
Ditto Ferrets are Cool Feb 2023 #28
lip synching, not that GusBob Feb 2023 #7
His voice is shot Zambero Feb 2023 #10
I dunno, some of his pandemic videos he still sounded pretty good for his age Hugh_Lebowski Feb 2023 #17
Those video's were fantastic...especially his two backup singers. Ferrets are Cool Feb 2023 #21
Gilmour and Wright were the better vocalists Zambero Feb 2023 #23
Bazinga. lark Feb 2023 #13
I've always liked Pink Floyd, but Waters is a dick. Definitely with Gilmour on this. themaguffin Feb 2023 #11
Sigh... (More Here): GGoss Feb 2023 #15
I don't ForgedCrank Feb 2023 #16
I don't have a huge problem with Water's prickly nature myself Hugh_Lebowski Feb 2023 #18
Remember this thread from last spring - highplainsdem Feb 2023 #20
I do remember it ... Hugh_Lebowski Feb 2023 #29
I could not have stated it better. Ferrets are Cool Feb 2023 #22
Totally agree with your assessment, H_L. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #25
Well said. Every word of it. Earth-shine Feb 2023 #31
I had generally assumed he chose Putin's version of events because Gilmour Johonny Feb 2023 #34
Prickly nature, eh? EX500rider Feb 2023 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Feb 2023 #19
Roger Waters flew pig balloons with Stars of David Danmel Feb 2023 #30
Lyrics to Waiting for the Worm not exactly Jewish friendly Johonny Feb 2023 #35
uh.....I think you missed the context of The Wall cbdo2007 Feb 2023 #37
Exactly ... side 4 of the album (and esp. in the movie) has Pink portrayed as a drugged-out fascist Hugh_Lebowski Feb 2023 #39
Not really Johonny Feb 2023 #41
I would tend to read it as he has problems with how Israel as a country conducts business Hugh_Lebowski Feb 2023 #40
Yeah, it may have been.. anyone who Cha Feb 2023 #32
Zappa called it. He jammed with them once in 1969 then claimed to forget ever happened. tirebiter Feb 2023 #36
Good for her. Behind the Aegis Feb 2023 #42
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