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Just A Box Of Rain

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14. I have not been Nazi concentration camp in person.
Fri Jan 27, 2023, 06:38 PM
Jan 2023

I do remember (very vividly) seeing films--gruesome films--of the death camps when I was 10 years old and my father was editing a documentary for television called the Rise and Fall Of The Third Reich that was based of William Shirer's books of the same name.

The films he was reviewing were far too ghastly to be aired on network television at that time (or likely now). I remember my Dad being somewhat uncomfortable--as these images were not appropriate for children--and him asking if I really wanted to witness this evil? I remember saying, "I don't want to, but I need to." He understood.

I'd grown up in Los Angeles, and was blessed to live in a neighborhood with a significant Jewish community (and I still do). These were (and are) friends and family, people I loved and people I love. At 10, I was well aware of the Shoah, but these films seared the reality of the Holocaust into my mind in a different way.

I remember in that moment making a commitment to myself: That I would give my life--if need be-- to prevent such a thing from ever happening again. To Jews, or to anyone.

Over the years, as a documentary filmmaker, I have had the honor to meet many Survivors, and have worked on many films and video projects telling their stories.

Some of these were major projects (including an Academy nominated documentary film) and many were small projects that were only seen by small numbers of people.

I always said yes, if the opportunity arose to document what happened. Including doing interviews with the Shoah Project, so the life-stories of Survivors would be preserved on tape.

I'm struggling a bit emotionally today. Thinking of the Survivors who I've been blessed to know, who are now of memory.

I cried today listening to Dachau Leid (Dachau Song) which was a song of protest and resistance to Naziism that spread to a number of death camps. It written by the Austrian Jewish playwright Jura Soyfer, who died in Buchenwald and set to music by the Viennese composer Herbert Zipper, who was a friend of Jura Soyfer before they were both interned first and Dachau, and then Buchenwald.

I had the honor to know Dr Zipper, who passed at 102 here in Los Angeles.

This has been an emotionally difficult day. I suppose that's fitting.

A recording of Dr Zipper conducting Dachau Lied here:


I went to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Does that count applegrove Jan 2023 #1
Yes, I would count it. Behind the Aegis Jan 2023 #2
Okay then. Only one I've been to. applegrove Jan 2023 #3
Yes I've been there as well. Initech Jan 2023 #11
Also stopped at Anne's house. moondust Jan 2023 #25
There is a Holocaust museum in Naples, about 50 miles south of me Deuxcents Jan 2023 #4
Florida or Italy...or somewhere else? Behind the Aegis Jan 2023 #5
O, sorry...Florida Deuxcents Jan 2023 #7
Museum & Survivors Ohio Joe Jan 2023 #6
Visited the Rwanda memorial burial grounds museum Demovictory9 Jan 2023 #8
I worked with two doctors where I live, the Geldner's, that met in a concentration camp, Greybnk48 Jan 2023 #9
How about yes to one of the choices? wryter2000 Jan 2023 #10
Then choose that one. Behind the Aegis Jan 2023 #20
Got it wryter2000 Jan 2023 #29
I went to a Holocaust exhibition/museum Elessar Zappa Jan 2023 #12
My friends mom Conjuay Jan 2023 #13
The option that you met a survivor doesn't indicate number. It is not needed. Behind the Aegis Jan 2023 #21
I have not been Nazi concentration camp in person. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #14
All four apply to me Victor_c3 Jan 2023 #15
Dachau in 2018 BannonsLiver Jan 2023 #16
I can add having an uncle sarisataka Jan 2023 #17
Have you been to either of those camps? Behind the Aegis Jan 2023 #22
So far I have not sarisataka Jan 2023 #23
My 95 year old Aunt is a Holocaust survivor Jrose Jan 2023 #18
Welcome to DU wryter2000 Jan 2023 #30
Thank you for the warm hello wave, wryter! Jrose Jan 2023 #34
Knew several survivors. Never felt the need to go to a museum. n/t Pete Ross Junior Jan 2023 #19
I can't recall taking anything but a virtual tour of a Holocaust Ilsa Jan 2023 #24
K&R Solly Mack Jan 2023 #26
My father was a Holocaust survivor Danmel Jan 2023 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author Danmel Jan 2023 #28
I was just talking about Herbie last night. herding cats Jan 2023 #31
I am a relative of survivors, those who did not leave Meowmee Jan 2023 #32
From 7 to 17 ('61- '71) I in a 2/3rds Jewish neighborhood a mix of ... electric_blue68 Jan 2023 #33
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